Empire EFI v 1.085 is out

Behold , I’ve released the new Empire EFI which is far better then any of its predecessors. However it comes along with new changes which should help both of us , you and me and everyone else. Thus making an easier installation. I’ve taken previous constructive comments and criticism and integrated it to my new Empire EFI v 1.085. Think of it as the first few steps that I’ve taken towards moving to Empire EFI v.109. these are some of the minor changes as I am moving it towards a new direction. I am planning to include more documentation which covers more and more aspect of the operating system

I am also looking for translators who are willing to help me to translate some of the documentations to other languages so that a lot of people could understand the jargons which are commonly associated with osx86

New Empire EFI Menu
New Empire EFI Menu - Its classic , sleek and elegant


  • Updated Chameleon to RC4 + Backported couple of patches such as this one
  • Included New Essential Kexts (Drivers) Folder and documentation on how to install essential kext which gives you Sound Card (provided by VodoooHDA) , Battery Indicator (VodoooBattery) and Power Management (SpeedStep) (VodoooPower) , Injectors for graphics cards
  • New Theme  (its easier on the eyes , black on white) – A lot of people have complained that they did not able to read , so there you go !
  • Boot Wait is enabled by default which means that you can get to see the reason why its unable to boot instead of having an instant reboot. Makes it easier for you to troubleshoot
  • Added Couple of Networking Drivers such as Intel 82566MM , variety of Realtek Ethernet cards , Attansic Ethernet , and Marvell too. This means that most of you who have complained before that they were unable to get to the internet to download kexts and all , should be able to do so by now.
  • Improved P55 Chipset support (i.e Intel Core i5/Core i7) (Core i3 is not supported yet)
  • Removed 1GB memory limitation
  • New AMD Version (for AMD processors with SSE3) (It works with Core i3 as well and other legacy Intel processors with SSE3) (New in R2 – Improved AMD Support)
  • (Added in R2) Support for Intel GMA (Onboard Video cards) such as GMA 950/945 GMA 965/X3100 and few others as well and fixed black screen issue on laptops with Intel onboard video card
  • Added support for Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5/i7 (Mobile variants) with onboard graphics (It should not panic)
  • (Added in R2) – Support for more NVIDIA Graphics Card (such as GTX 240M , GTX 260M and GTX 285)

Known Issues & Workarounds

  • Empire EFI will not work with problematic systems and graphics card. Common ones are like SONY laptops (some may work and some may not. Depending on your luck) , ATI Mobility Radeon HD series (i.e 3xxx , 4xxx and 5xxx series). Mobility HD Reason will not be supported. Few other odd hardware because of the way how it works
  • You may encounter Black Screens after booting or it may just hang in there , if so you’re recommended to try an earlier build or special version of Empire EFI which may help you to boot your retail disc. You may get them from here
  • There are few unresolved known issues from previous version of Empire EFI  as well
  • Empire EFI may or may not work with SLi/CrossFire graphics card. Its recommended for you to disconnect the additional card when you’re about to install OSX
  • Empire EFI WILL NOT WORK with Mac OS X discs that comes along with a mac (i.e recovery disc). You must be using a retail $29 Snow Leopard Disc
  • For those who are using NVIDIA GTX 2xx series , please make sure to type GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=0 or GraphicsEnabler=Y PCiRoot=1 (its case-sensitive)
  • For those with Intel Graphics , i.e GMA 950/X3100 , kindly use Empire EFI V.1085 R2 and please be sure to type GraphicsEnabler=Y if you’re having any issues (such as blank screen). If the issue still persist , try connecting your laptop to an external display

Before you download , you must understand that Empire EFI v 1.085 only works with the following CPUs and chipset combination only. If you dont have a match or if you’re using AMD or older Intel processors , you may want to check out my full Empire EFI patch , here
Empire EFI will work on these following processors :- Intel Atom Processors , Intel Core Duo , Intel Core Solo , Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Solo , Intel Core 2 Quad , Intel Celeron Dual Core , Intel Pentium E xxx processors , Intel Core i7 , Intel Core i5
Empire EFI prefers Intel chipset with AHCI enabled (please be sure to enable AHCI for SATA operation in your BIOS). Its recommended that its to be installed on a motherboard which uses Intel 945P/945G chipset or higher . Empire EFI  v1.085 may also work with Intel-nForce based motherboards (such as ION).
EmpireEFI does not work with Clardale CPUs (i.e certain variant of Core i5 and Core i3) which has onboard GPU on the CPU itself. I am looking into this issue and hopefully as things progress , we can find a solution for these folks ! (Added support for Core i3 and Core i-series for laptop in the newest Empire EFI V.1085 R2)
You must also have 1GB of minimum RAM installed , Empire EFI v1.085 cease to work with anything lower then 1023MB of RAM
There are two flavours of Empire EFI V1.085. Each flavour contains two ISOs. One which is known as EmpireEFI.iso and LegacyEmpireEFI.iso. One must use EmpireEFI.iso before trying out LegacyEmpireEFI.iso as the legacy version is meant for problematic motherboards or if you’re getting errrors about memory and other things.
Download Empire EFI v.1085 for Intel P55 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and i7 8xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series  (Contains both EmpireEFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)
Download Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (contains both Empire EFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)
Download Empire EFI V.1085 (Experimental for AMD Phenom and Athlon X2 , X3 , X4 and for Intel Core i3/Pentium D/Pentiu m 4 6xx series)
Download Empire EFI V.1085 R2 (Experimental Support for AMD Phenom , Athlon and Sempron with SSE3 , and as well as Intel Core i3 , Core i5-M , Core i3-M , Core i7M)
Download Empire EFI V1.085 R2 (For Intel laptops with Intel onboard graphics card such as GMA 950 , GMA X3100 and as well as for desktop computers with problematic nvidia graphics card (i.e 2xx series) and ATI graphics card)
Download Empire EFI V.1085 (Based upon on Version 1.00) – Meant for Intel Graphics 950 , 965 (X3100 Users) who’ve tried another version which has resulted in kernel panic or white screen. (Credit : goes to the folks who’ve uploaded and e-mailed me with their copies of empire EFI v1.00 )
Help & Support and Other Stuff
Do check out over at the original Empire EFI Thread for details

467 thoughts to “Empire EFI v 1.085 is out”

  1. The MediaFire Database went through some upgrades and are now down completely. The main site is down. The site said earlier that maintenance was between 12:00-3:00CST
    I guess they need to check their upgrades 🙂

  2. Hi, 1.085 works perfectly for installing a basic system (which I will have to tweek) but I have an odd issue once installed.
    If I boot from the CD the mouse & keyboard work fine.
    If I boot from the HDD they don’t.
    This is after I have applied MyHack.

  3. This one won’t install. I get memory errors. I tried Legacy install as well and same memory issues. But thehe 1.08 installs fine. I wanted to the updated Chameleon due to I cannot get My Quadro 3600 to use Q/E and memory is only showing up at 1Gig instead of the 16GIGs.
    I like the updates and potential. I have to try to get it to work correctly.
    Quad Core Extreme 2.8Ghz

  4. I’ll be posting another post on management (after installation and stuff) with Empire EFI. Give me some days. As I’ve said if it did not work go with an older version
    Once you’ve installed OSX , you gotta install chameleon to your hdd and you shouldn’t be booting to OSX via the disc anymore unless you can’t get it to boot

  5. Pradeesh I would like to say a BIG thank you for all your effort and progress! After of 2 days of reading your blog and solve all the issues (waiting for root device, memory allocation etc) I have now a bootable PC with mac 10.6.2 Snow Leopard and Windows 7 thanks to you!!
    Keep Walking!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  6. I tried it on my thinkpad T61 with integrated intel (965) graphics. The machine seems to boot up correctly, after some time of displaying boot-text the screen goes gray for a moment, as if the graphics were starting and then turns black, nothing happens anymore. Could this be a problem with the graphics card? Is there a solution to booting on intel graphics?

  7. hey prasys, great work, thank you to make this all possible .. if you like i can do some translations to german for you …

  8. I am very love your Empire EFI, i am trying to test it now.. but one thing, I would like to know will i have any chance run on the i7 notebook? because right now i only can do on the cpus=1, that is fast but can’t use all the core ..

  9. This won’t work for me. After booting with the Empire EFI v 1.085 disk and then swap the disk to SL
    the kernel gets loaded and the other drivers.
    After the firewire detection it says: “still waiting for root device” I have an Asus P6TD Deluxe motherboard. SATA mode is set to AHCI.
    Is there an incompatibility with the sata driver?
    Please advice what I have to do for installing SL successfuly.

    1. Tom – Well , I hope your DVD Drive isn’t IDE as OSX prefers SATA over IDE. Anyway I’ll be taking a look on why it doesn’t quite work right on ASUS. Is this one of the P55 boards or X58 ?

  10. awsome prasys, thanks for simplifying the process of installing osx. I just remembered installing tiger in late 2005 eartly 2006 on my hack and how many procedures was endured. wow how things have changed.

  11. Hi, i’ve a P45 motherboard with a Core2 cpu.
    both two images match my config:
    Empire EFI v.1085 for Intel P55 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and i7 8xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series
    Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series
    Which one is best for a P45 boad with Core2 cpu?

  12. Hi,
    I am a newbie so please don’t get irritated if my question is dumb.
    I am trying to install SL with the latest empireEFI (v1085) both normal and legacy but after I insert the retail SL DVD all the command lines running for about 3-5 mins. than the screen turns white no apple logo no nothing. I have waited for a long time but nothing. The DVD drive spins down and stopps. That’s it. 🙁
    PC: factory TOSHIBA SATELLITE a135
    Please tell me what do I do wrong.

  13. @ sysco:
    You seem to be encountering the same problem as mme (cf. post 11). What graphics card do you have in your laptop? Intel 965?

  14. Great Job! I’ve got my d975xbx v305 up and running a vanilla kernel in 64bit!
    I had a weird encounter with the memory allocation error though. There is a work around though, simply create an extra partition with a Snow Leo image on it. Then just use Empire to boot that instead of attempting the swap disk.
    Funny thing is though, the first couple of nights a messed with it the swap function worked properly.
    Awesome job Prasys. I can’t thank you enough for all your work. Sure plenty of people have decided to go with a new board instead of using their old hardware to make the move to Snow Leopard… but there is plenty of life left in my ol girl IMHO.

  15. HI Prasys
    thanks for good work. However i have a question, do you have a list of recommended mainboards working fine with your emipre efi release ?
    i know there is a wiki but this seems to be more general than specific to your release.
    regards, Franz

  16. Hello. Thanks for Empire. I heave GTX 285. I know, installer Mac does not support DVI on this series. Whether will help kext for this video card from iDeneb? If yes, tell, how it to make. Thanks!

  17. prasys, many many thanks for your work! I have an HP P6220 with CPU Q8300 and Chipset G41, installation of SL is OK but there is noway to reboot it, do you have any suggestions? thanks and bye

  18. Pawel :Hello. Thanks for Empire. I heave GTX 285. I know, installer Mac does not support DVI on this series. Whether will help kext for this video card from iDeneb? If yes, tell, how it to make. Thanks!

    Did you try to update your graphic card driver with the one on EVGA website and then install the nvidia injector by Netkas? I believe this will give you the best performance.

  19. Hi, i tried it on my GA-EP35 DS3 – Kernel Panic in AHCI….kext !
    Native SATA + AHCI , 3 SATA drives (connected on ICH 9)

  20. elis lasop :Pradeesh I would like to say a BIG thank you for all your effort and progress! After of 2 days of reading your blog and solve all the issues (waiting for root device, memory allocation etc) I have now a bootable PC with mac 10.6.2 Snow Leopard and Windows 7 thanks to you!! Keep Walking!!! Happy New Year!!

    Hey Can you tell me how you managed to do an empire efi install of SL while keeping windows intact? Did you do the install on a “clean” GUID or some other method, are you running it all on one disk with 2 partitions? I have installed kalyway 10.5.2 and still have the disk as well…if it makes it easier!
    Please let me know!

  21. First, many thanks to your efforts…
    My build is i5 650 Clardale 3.2ghz with GA P55M-ud2 and ATI 4850
    I’m trying now but when the efi loads everything after it recognized my Snow Leopard 10.6.0 DVD with bootflag -x, it says:
    “No DSDT found, suing 0 as uid value.
    “efi_inject_get_devprop_string Null trying stringdata.
    “Loaded HFS+ file: [Extra/smbios.plist] 416 bytes from 42521f0.
    “Patched DMI table.
    “No dsdt replacement find. Leaving ACPI dsdt as is.
    “Starting Darwin x86
    “Press any key to continue…
    Then, when I hit any key, it just reboots again.
    I tried both 10.8.5, legacy version.
    Any thought on issue?
    I believe this issue is coming from Clardale CPUs unlike i5 750, it has a graphic core.

    1. @JP , thanks for letting me know. I’ll put a note that it will not work with these new i5 CPUs. I am guessing its because of their new 32nm technology + onboard GPU on the CPU !

  22. i got sl installed from retail dvd on an asrock p55 pro, i needed to upgrade bios to v.2.20 first to get ahci working properly, but now i try to boot with the cd into the hd install and it stops saying appleintelcpupowermanagment times out. graphics card is a hd5750. why did it boot the retail but not the hd? any suggestions where to start looking?

  23. Booting the SL disc is just fine. I get into the installation – get into Disk Utility: and I can’t see my Hard Drives! I tries formatting them in windows to FAT32 or HFS+ (with MacDrive) and it didn’t help. Can’t see any hdd. Help! Thanks.

  24. thnx man 4 the awesome work as usual
    i wanna ask u about Multibootin on GPT ( i know it is off the topic but i am really confused )
    Here is My attempt
    1- Format the whole HDD to GPT with GParted Live cd
    2 – then created partitions as follow
    one for snow as hfs+
    one for win 7 as NTFS
    one for data as hfs+
    when i use win install dvd it said win 7 can’t be installed is this disk as it use GPT ( i read that win 7 and vista support GPT ) , Do i need to make ahyprid mbr ( i thouht that when i create NTFS while partitioning it will make it hyprid ) ? can GPTsync Make win 7 be intalled on GPT ?
    As U can see , i really don’t know what to do so any idea will be Great

  25. Hey there, great work man!
    Need some help here, the intallation works like a charm, but once i reboot i dont see my hdd in the efi menu, just the empire efi boot cd.
    any ideas?
    thanks in advance.

  26. Hello!
    Thanks, this works great!
    I have Snow Leopard installed and updated everything working great. The only problem is I cannot seem to get the MyHack or Chamelon installed to the hard drive method to boot up, (always a kernel panic).
    It boots great using Version 1.08 Empire Boot CD, I”d be happy to just use my install with the CD however I would like to have dual cores and full RAM enabled.
    How can I edit the Empire boot iso image to include a modified preboot.dmg which has both cores and full memory enabled?
    Much Thanks,

  27. Hello, I Have an Asus p5q se2 with intel ich10 p45 chipset, when im booting the snow Lepard dvd, it hangs, and when it do goes tru, when it gets to the screen to select your language it just hangs, i was sucessfull with the legacy 1.8 but once installed, after reboot the mouse and keyboard will not work, im using and apple keyboard and mouse. anyone has any idea, thanks

  28. Carlos :Hello, I Have an Asus p5q se2 with intel ich10 p45 chipset, when im booting the snow Lepard dvd, it hangs, and when it do goes tru, when it gets to the screen to select your language it just hangs, i was sucessfull with the legacy 1.8 but once installed, after reboot the mouse and keyboard will not work, im using and apple keyboard and mouse. anyone has any idea, thanks

    After booting i waited about a minute then i was able to use the mouse, i then installed some ktext for my nvidia and some others and after reboot it worked great.

  29. hi…
    Empire EFI 1.085 i7 not install….
    gtx285 + foxconn bloodrage + apple cinema 30″….
    10.6 retail dvd install black screen…

  30. Hi, has anyone else KP with an EP35/P35 Board (ICH9) ?
    KP very early at boot in AHCI Part.
    I have SATA native DVD and 3 SATA native HDs (connected to ICH SATA slots, not the GA JM Slots). Can it be that KP because > 2 SATA devices (DVD+3 HDs) ?
    I dont have KPs with same HW config in Leo + Snow Leo.

  31. Hey.
    Installed SL on hdd.
    Booted the hdd with SL with Empire EFI.
    It Starts. All the white letters.
    Every line comes after a minute.
    It takes like 15 minutes to start SL.
    and then SL acts the slowest ever. unimaginably slow.
    Maybe I can boot it into 32bit mode instead of 64?
    What is the problem?

  32. i tried refit but still no luck
    if u know how to dual boot win 7 and snow on Gpt , coukld u tell me how ?
    p.s i don’t ask for tutorial just the concept

  33. I tried to use the Post-Install myHack located on the i7 920 version of Empire (2nd link),
    but it is still showing up as using Chameleon RC3 instead of RC4.
    Was wondering if that was a cosmetic issue or it wasnt updated on that disc?

  34. hey prasys thanks for all, I have a issue with my two notebook with intel 950 gma, sl boot, but after recognized the vga white screen no apple image,it’s therea are a solution??

  35. Pradeesh :Tom – Well , I hope your DVD Drive isn’t IDE as OSX prefers SATA over IDE. Anyway I’ll be taking a look on why it doesn’t quite work right on ASUS. Is this one of the P55 boards or X58 ?

    hi prasys, did you got a chance to look at “still waiting for root device” issue? I’m using Sony Vaio Z11 with Matshita DVD-RAM as my IDE DVD rom.

  36. I’d pass root device problem by changing DVDROM to SCSI in VMWARE. Now I’d dropped the existing 40gb defined for the experimental vmx and recreated my own. I need a smaller hdd size. However Mac OS not recognize the partition I just created. So I have no HDD to choose to install the OS. Any idea?

  37. @ Andreas
    I have an ich7 and I had to select ACHIPortinjector, AppleIntelPIIXATA & IOATAFamily kexts or else I would get a KP at the ACHI port as well. BTW Sleepenabler can cause KP after update.

  38. apple apple :@ Andreas I have an ich7 and I had to select ACHIPortinjector, AppleIntelPIIXATA & IOATAFamily kexts or else I would get a KP at the ACHI port as well. BTW Sleepenabler can cause KP after update.

    Thanks !
    But what has AppleIntelPIIXATA & IOATAFamily kexts to do with native AHCI ? I dont have any IDE (JM) active and not using JM SATA. I thought that both of those kext are only used for PATA, not ICHx SATA native.
    How do you “select” those kext with EFI Empire – ist an ready to build .iso and not changable.
    Would be fine anyway to get an short how to for changing the i.co content (adding own DSDT or changing some .kext in preboot.img)
    PS: I have 4 SATA (ICH9) ports and 2 SATA (JM) i dont use.
    Can it also be that Using more than Port 0+1 of ICH9 SATA can cause problems (bugs in Apple drivers) ?
    And last but not least, i am not sure if my Snow Leo DVD is 29Euro or an Restore DVD. How can i check that? What excat happens at boottime with such an DVD ?

  39. @ Andreas
    I duno, but I used to have have a KP at boot without them. As for selecting the kext, after the retail install of SL open up the Empire EFI disk on the desktop, go to the the post install folder and run the Myhack installer. Select a different small partition for the install (not the one you used for the retail install) and select the custom tab. From there you should be able to select the above kexts.

  40. Hey – I’ve got a Gateway 838GM that has a core solo, and 1.5 gigs of RAM.
    I’ve been burning different flavors of EFI to cdr and trying them – but all of them are giving me some kind of checksum error when I try to boot from them — not sure what I’m doing wrong…?

  41. @ apple apple
    The problem for me is, that i get the ACHI Kernel Panic at boot time when booting from the SL DVD.
    I will try now to boot with only 2 SATA devices (1 HD , 1 DVD) insted of 4.
    Whats funny is , that i didnt have any excotic patches running SL 10.6.2. Only AHCIPort injector (like EFI Empire use also). In my case , SATA AHCI only, your commented .kext AppleIntelPIIXATA & IOATAFamily / are not loaded (because not needed) when i use SL (which i have already installed )

  42. OK – got Empire to boot, through the install disk in, and it said there was no DSDT.aml…?
    I’m sorry, should I install DSDT.aml FIRST!?
    I’ve got two SATA drives attached – one has 10.5.6, the other is empty awaiting to pucker up to Snow Leopard… didn’t get far enough to install it via Empire.
    Do I even need Empire in this case? Could I not do the install from the other drive way? I got so far as to get a kernel panic into boot with the 32bit mach_kernel installed…. wiped the drive and thought I’d go with Empire…

  43. At first – thank you very much for empireEFI 1.085 – with this version I have managed to install OSX onto my rather new PC:
    motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E, CPU i7-860, graphic card ATI Radeon 5750 (Club 3D)
    With 1.08 I had the problem that the installation failed with the error
    “kext org.voodo.driver.VoodooHDA – library kext com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily not found. can’t load kext org.voodoo.VoodooHDA
    Still waiting for root device..”
    Furthermore, with 1.08 I could see the messages only if I used the DVI2VGA adapter.
    With EFI 1.085 I have the same error for VoodooHDA, but the installation runs further, so that I could install the OSX. Another surprise – I need no DVI2VGA adapter more, I see all messages on the DVI Monitor.
    But there are two things, that I would like to rid.
    The first – every time when the Snow Leopard starts and comes the user interface with background picture, the menu bar and the Dock, I have to wait approximately 4 minutes before I can work. I can move the mouse pointer, but I cannot start anything, all icons are inactive for this time. After about 4 minutes (timeout?) all icons become suddenly active and I can do everything without problems.
    The second question – the only resolution of my monitor is 1024×768. It is the only option in the monitor configuration window. I do not know, whether this resolution is set from OSX, because it does not know the graphic card and sets the resolution to the default value, or it is the value, that is set from empire EFI (as I already said, I can use DVI now, with 1.08 I could not, because of this I assume that EFI affects the graphical settings). Does somebody have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.

  44. @ grimmwerks
    This is a GUESS- you could try to make a DSDT patch using a tool like DSDT patcher by fassl. Then edit the Preboot.dmg (located on the Empire EFI image) by putting the DSDT in the Extra folder. Burn the Empire EFI image again, and give it a shot.
    I had no problem remotely like this, so it may not work at all. Just taking a stab at it.

  45. “@ Andreas
    just wonderind, are you using 4 gigs of ram or more? If so try removing a stick. You can have it back later.”
    I tried to shrink the memoty to 2 GB by kernel flag maxmem=2048 – same AHCI KP. Must be an other thing. Also for my knowledge the >=4GB KP is only if you use PATA , which i didnt use.

  46. Hi,
    I have the following setup
    GUID partition table
    Partition – 2 – MacOSx (installed on physical partition via VMWare and runs fine via VMware inside Linux)
    Partition – 3 – Ubuntu Linux.
    Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop, with intel core i7 and ATI 4670 graphics card
    I tried booting physical partition via EEFI, it crashes while loading AppleATIX2000.kext (the name may be wrong but it is somewhat similar).
    Please add support to new ATI cards ….
    Thanks for putting it together inthe form of Empire EFI

  47. You are the BEST! Snow Leopard booting right now from my XPS 9000 i7-920, 2.66g. I tried other methods but this booted my retail SL DVD in mere minutes.

  48. @ Andreas
    OK, I’m stumped. Take a look at this thread “http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184367” May be able to gleen some information

  49. dear all,
    I have ab acer Aspire 5672WLMi
    -Intel Core Duo processor T2300
    -15,4″ WXGA CristalBrite LCD
    -ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
    -100GB SATA HDD
    -2GB DDR2
    Is this ok to install OSX this was?
    What download I have to use?
    Is it also possible to make dual boot with win7 with Empire?
    Thanks for your help.

  50. @ Zirus69
    It might. It has a intel processor and uses a 945 chipset. You may have to use a specific kext to get graphics support (google your graphics). Nothing is for sure, but give it a shot.

  51. Scratch my last.. I mean, you’re still awesome but I get to the end of the SL OSX install and the installer tells me that I can’t boot from my HD.. crappy 🙁 any ideas?

  52. hahaha thanks man, but its been gone for a while now. I had to use the x58 specific version of the EFI. Worked like a charm. Now I’m just sorting out the kinks.

  53. Hey thats a great post.. Now here its the big question.. If u can help me out if i can install leopard 10.6.2 in my pc my pc has.. Asus p6t deluxe motherboard, intel i7 920, 4gb corsair XMS 1600ghz, graphic card BFG 295, Sony WR DL, and some hard drives..
    so well hope u guys could help me out if i wont have some problems with this hardware.. thanks a lot..

  54. i used 1.85, i want to know if this is normal at 10 min of the end of setup, error message
    ” setup don’ t find hdd for start ” not installation Ok with Green V

  55. Hi Pradeesh
    Perhaps my snow leo dvd is not ok , 10 min before end
    error message , reboot ok , snow leo ok
    update in 10.6.2 OK but problem with Preview = ok with pdf but nothing with jpg
    screen capture not ok too .
    I want to know if this 1.85 install , Snow leo setup finish with installation succesful with green V

  56. If you get “waiting for root device” error it could be you are using the wrong DVD drive. I had to use the master drive to get osx to install.

  57. Could you perhaps make a version of this that is capable of using the 64-bit kernel? Currently it appears that this will just enable 32-bit.
    Found in the com.apple.boot.plist file inside the extra folder of the Preboot.dmg:

    1. There is no need to use 64-bit kernel , real macs dont use it anyway. Real macs use 32-bit. Anyway 64-bit is enabled , check your applications , its 64-bit enabled. I’ll not enable 64-bit due to a lot of other reasons. If you want , install it and enable full 64bit kernel by yourself

  58. I just downloaded Empire EFI v. 1.085 and I have an Intel i7 860 CPU and an Intel P55 motherboard. I thought that this would work seamlessly, but after I use the Empire EFI to boot, I insert my Mac OSX original Snow leopard disc and it seems to load fine for about a minute then it always gets to the command line “SystemShutdown false” and then these barcode looking screens replace everything and I get no where……… I have set my BIOS to AHCI and I have no idea what to do! Please help!

  59. Thanks for the quick response Pradeesh, but the sad thing is…. I have already tried all of his iso’s!! I have used all of his core i7 and P55 boot iso’s….. Any other ideas? other than changing my intel p55 motherboard to AHCI I haven’t made any other changes…..Oh! and I do have an ATI Radeon HD 4670 card…..my motherboard doesn’t have onboard video out, so I have to use this to connect to a monitor…..Would me not having Nvidia affect this? Thanks again!

  60. My system specs are:
    Intel Core i7 Processor 860
    Intel Motherboard DP55WB
    4 GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
    Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16
    I am able to load the Empire EFI disc, then Mac OSX, starts to load fine, then after about a minute, it pauses at the “systemshutdown false” then scrolls a bit more and the final line of code is:
    “Warning- com.apple.driver.internalmodesupport declares no kernel dependencies; using com.apple.kernel 6.0.”
    Anyone have any idea as to what this means? Thanks in advance!

  61. P.S. to my last comment to be clear: After it reads the code :
    “Warning- com.apple.driver.internalmodesupport declares no kernel dependencies; using com.apple.kernel 6.0.”
    The screen goes all funky with barcode-like images with no code or words……any idea?

  62. I have :
    Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz HT
    MotherBoard : P4P800 -VM
    RAM : 1 GB
    On Board Graphics Card .
    Which one you recommend :
    empireEFI_V1085_for intel core processors
    I mean the first download link of the third ??
    I am totally new to Mac .. So please don’t be hard on me ..
    Regards ,

  63. Just installed Snow leopard! My ATI 4670 card was the problem! Put in a simple nVidia PCI card and it installed just fine! Got past the “barcode-like images” or the “garbaged” images.

  64. @ sdbinwiiexe
    My system (d975xbx rev305) runs 64bit flawlessly, but not all systems do. If you want to give it a try edit your com.apple.boot.plist. Where it says “arch=i386” change to “None”. But before you reboot you need to drop a dsdt.aml in your extra folder (fassl made a simple application that makes one)

  65. Hello ppl I’ve been referring this place i think it all started I mean after Rebel… just yesterday I tried to install MAC on my AMD PC… referring to AMD thread and following some tutorials… but I didnt find a Noob tutorial to do so I any how did not manage to port MAC on my PC It wud b gr8 if some 1 can make efforts for a Noob kinda tutorial who doent even know wat patching is n all… yeah My PC specs r here I hope some like me may need a Video tutorial kind of… plz some 1 take it ahead Specs. AMD 64X2 4200+ 2.21 G.Hz. 1 GB of RAM 128 MB gfx (onboard)

  66. prassy hi am from the Dominican Republic because of your application have
    managed to install OSX my laptop is a Dell XPS M1210 the only problem
    I’ve found is that I only charge a single processor would
    see if a solution would be grateful if you took many days trying
    to find the solution

  67. Hello Pradeesh, thanks for doing all this.
    I have a proble that is happening with 104 and 108 versions.
    I see the Darth Vader screen, I swap my dvds and once the system detects the Snow Leopard DVD, I select it and hit enter, so it goes to a balck screen with tons of reports, being one of the latest ones “MAC Framework succesfully installed” and “ACPI: system state S3” and it hangs there, it will not go anywhere.
    I have a Intel DG35EC with a Q6600 intel core 2 quad.
    Is there something wrong with my system?
    Thanks a lot again.

  68. I can’t tell from reading whether any of the flavors is compatible with my processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5530 @ 2.40GHz
    Any advice? Thanks.

  69. Mobo: Gigabyte ga-ep43-ud3l
    Seagate 320gb HDD
    IDE cd/dvd r/w
    4gb Ram
    MSI Radeon 4670
    Core2Duo 2.93ghz
    I can’t even get the CD to boot, I burned the image at slowest speed (16x) and tried to boot from the CD. I don’t know if i have a troublesome motherboard, because I have little experience in this kind of thing.

  70. Hello, already I have everything formed with snow leopard 10.6.2 Only lacking me geforce forms the graphical card 8600m GT, the card wi-fi intel wm3945abg and the module bluetooth asus bt-183. Where can I obtain the files and (kext) and the steps of installation? 1 greeting and graces(thanks)

  71. would the sb600 chipset work with this because i can’t seem find the combination of both sb600 and hd4850 on the same empire efi. if i could how do i add a kext

  72. I have an Hp computer
    AMD phenom quad core processor
    8gigs of RAM
    ATI4350 graphics card
    Everything I press on SnowLeopard my screen goes blank and on legacy it freezes on chamaleon.
    Im assuming its graphics card related help!!

  73. I tried the new empire efi, non legacy version, booted, put my SL disc in waited a few hit F5, booted the SL disc it ran thru it course with the verbose white text for 2 to 3 mins, then the pc restarted, So why did that happen? my board is evga x58 sli classified E760, but not in sli mode! the cpu is core i7, thanks great job!

  74. I have a P5W DH Deluxe (intel 975x chipset). I turned on AHCI both for normal and Micron IDE.
    What is the difference between the two first download link? Which one is the recommended? Both seems to apply.
    I tried the second one (non-P55) and it booted the installation dvd fine, but it crash (reboot) upon entering the disk tool. Anything I could try?

  75. I actually tried to disable jMicron in the bios because the hard drive I want to install SL on is using the normal ide port. It still crash when entering disk tool.

  76. I found out certain threads about my motherboard. One said to buy your competitor’s EFI, because EmpireEFI have problems, but I don’t think it’s a good thing to do, and it’s out of business anyway.
    Another thread (in Polish) gives a pack called “Snow_Leopard_BootCD_for_P5W_DH_Deluxe_-_Beta_2.0” which is Boot123 with certain fix, but I can’t understand the Polish guide on how to use it clearly. Still, I used it for the BIOS settings.
    I updated to latest bios (3001) as proposed, set AHCI for IDE drives, Legacy USB, Execute Disable Function, Enhanced C1, HD Audio Non-Vista, and ACPI 2.0 enabled.
    jMicron drives actually got detected and worked both in Empire EFI and in SnowLeopard installation. Disk utility DIDN’T crash!. I managed to format my drive to GUID, and then started the installation on it. When I came back a few minutes later, my computer was endlessly rebooting (trying to boot on SL dvd). I tried to boot back in EmpireEFI, the Mac disk wasn’t visible. I tried to boot back in SL installation, and it rebooted when I pressed next just when it show the available drives.
    Is there any way to get this thing working? I’ve read a lot of place that my motherboard work flawlessly, but can’t seem to install any way I try. Please advice!

  77. Pradeesh,
    I feel bad that I haven’t thanked you before for your work and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. You are obviously a generous person & teacher. I see that Conti has a way on his web site to make donations. Do you accept them as well? I think many of us readers/learners owe you some support. I look forward to your response.
    Mike D

  78. I see that you’re trying to improve EmpireEFI and I appreciate it, but some people just want to use a Mac interface on a PC. Your bootloader does have some problems on certain components for Hackintoshes. It just depends on the components of the configuration. You might as well ask for donations or work on another group’s bootloader like Chameleon or PC EFI. The Internet can be both good and bad. It just depends on the users’ intentions.

  79. Hey can you add some support in 1.09 for ati 4350 and amd phenom
    Amd Phenom
    Ati Radeon 4350
    8gbs of ddr3 ram

  80. Dumb question, but for an E5200, I assume I need to choose
    Download Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (contains both Empire EFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)

  81. Hey Prasys,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful release. Installing OSX on a PC is for many people a dream, and with your software, not only is it possible, but is easy. Thanks you so much for putting time into this. You are very appreciated. Keep On!

  82. Thank you! Thank You!
    You are my hero!
    I appreciate all the hard work you put into making Empire work for us all.
    I owe you a shot 😉

  83. i have tried to install SL on my m15x alienware with 1600×900 screen, gt240m, i7 q720 and pm55 express chipset with empire EFI, current and previous versions. it starts the SL install but after langage choice page stop and displays that mac os cant be install on this machine. any tip would be very welcome.

    1. @tyua , open Disk Utitly , partition the disk as GPT and not as MBR . Empire EFI does work that means. Good to know
      @Martin – any release would do for you
      If anyone wants to donate , its on the side. Again its not required but if you think that it rocks or what-so-ever , go ahead and do it !

  84. I was wondering if theres a workaround for the Voodoo Hda volume control on 64 bit, i can get the volume control working only on 32 bit with an old kext from os 10.5, also track pad i have a compaq notebook i used empire efi 1.85 but the tap to click i cant get it to work, when i do get it to work, my keyboard goes crazy. THanks in Advance.

  85. @Pradeesh – macOS installation doesnt allow me to run the disk utility, do i need a mac to partition the disk as gpt ? or some tool to do this out of macOS installer ?

  86. @Pradeesh??
    This is regards to page two of my post, I’m still waiting on a answer, thanks
    yes that’s turned on, I did get the no DSDT.aml whatever that means could that be it?

  87. I have an HP Pavilion DV6000 you can find it on the hp website by searching for dv6226us. I updated my Bios because I dont have the ahci option and I still don’t I have an Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.6GHz 1GB of Memory and I have leopard 10.5.8 installed and windows 7.
    What do I need?

    Pradeesh :@puppet , most likely its related to some other settings .Did you make sure that AHCI is turned on and such ?

  88. i’m installing Snow Leopard with EmpireEFI now (1.85 intel atom, i7,core2duo) i succesfully went into the installer and installation seems fine…but when the end off installation an error approaching, it said “cannot start from disk”
    then i rebooted to my HD and see nothing..but when I used empireEFI disc and boot macintoshHD from empireEFI disc, i can get into the desktop and everything seems fine…what’s wrong with that?
    sorry for my english…regrads

  89. Hey Pradeesh..
    I have run into a problem trying to boot into SL using 1.085 and the R2 version as will.. I have an Asrock Conroe-1667 board with an on board GMA950..
    If I use the non-legacy disc I get only a white screen booting the EEFI, but at least the legacy gives me a boot screen. I put in my retail dvd and use the boot param “GraphicsEnabler=Y” minus the quotes and it goes along its way.. at the spot where it asks for a key to be pressed I see that it has found my video..
    I can see the following:
    Intel VGA Controller [8086:2772] : : PciRoot (0x0) … the rest is cutoff becaus of the E-EFI logo..
    I press any key and get the Black Screen of Frustration..
    I’ve tried a few versions so far all of them the same result..
    Any Ideas?? 10.5.7 is currently on this unit and all works fine..

  90. Parsys,
    I used your latest (1.085) bootloader to install SL on my Dell Studio 14z laptop. Everything installs fine, I reboot after the install, install the post install loader, which puts the Extras & such in, and after I reboot, my keyboard doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  91. Hi Pradeesh,
    I’d like to echo some of the comments above in that Empire EFI has made it possible for me as a complete Hackintosh noob to create a fantastic solution. I’m typing this on a Windows 7 system that boots quite happily as a result of your work on the boot loader allowing me simply install my Windows 7 on a separate disk and let Empire EFI do the rest. The Snow Leopard partition works like a dream and again I couldn’t have achieved this just by following some of the highly complex methods described elsewhere.
    The biggest problem for me is that if my Hackintosh now fails in some way, I’m buying a Mac, I’m sold.
    Sincere thanks for all your hard work and superb guidance notes.

  92. @ Tim
    try installing the voodoop2scontroller.kext
    There’s even an installer for it. Just google “voodoop2scontroller.kext” it’s the second link down

  93. I get KP in the Realtec LAN driver (must be within the 1085 R2 mkext). I have NO PROBLEM with orig. Apple 8169 LAn driver on my Gigabyte EP35-DS3.
    Why putting such problematic drivers (what isnt needed for the install!!) on an EFI boot cd ?
    Can you make an slimmed down .iso with much less .kext (the less the better!) on it ?
    With the before version i get KP in the AHCI. I have NO problems with snow leopard running from HD.

  94. Can I use this to install OSX Snow Leopard Server on a Dell Server with Xeon Processor? It has 3 Hard drives set in a RAID format. I have windows server 2003 running on a partition, another partition for data and yet another partition with about 30 GB set aside for a OSX installation. Will this work?

  95. Booted on my i5 m with the new r2. Looks like it completely installs osx then will not let me boot to it. Even going to startup disk it gives me an error and will not let me choose my hdd as the boot option

    1. @adam , I’ll be looking into this
      @Tim as apple apple pointed you you’ll be needing appleps2 kexts , obtain it from myhack or from a site such as xnu-voodoo @ project google
      @jjj , if its based on Core series , then yes. It will work
      @Andreas , if the older verisons do work. Stick with it. I am looking into the issues

  96. Hi,
    My System:
    Main: EVGA X58 3XSLI
    Grafik: EVGA GTX260 SSC
    Empire EFI 1.085 R2 legacy + non legacy boots but i get an black screen befor the mac inst. setup starts…. =(

  97. thanks for the update, sorry to hear that you may need to down the tools. especially sorry to hear you are not getting the appreciation that you deserved. i remember when you helped me with a custom ISO from my ASUS P5E-VM HDMI board. I never got it working (damn waiting for root device error), but it wasn’t for the lack of assistance on your side. All the best.

  98. Works great.
    I cannot get the sound to work on my gateway laptop core2duo and it wont wake up from sleep.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  99. Hey all.. just a note on my problem.. The black screen of frustration as I call it was caused by a cpu not supported by the stock kernel.. if you get this issue, check your kernel..

  100. Hi..Ive got a HP Proliant ML!!) G3 sever that i use as a desktop.
    I used 1 of our bootdiskd ( darwin x86 v5.0.132, Cham v2-rc3,pcefi 10.4 bootcd maker) Sw loaded up and started (after the install failed screen) with the cd and everything worked including internet and updates:) except sound (old sb card)..installed the my hack patch, rebooted, but it wont boot up (just sits there with the ihack screen), when i use the cd to boot up again, install cham v2, but the same result and the ethernet port no longer works (no Internet after reboot regardless of anything being installed) but everything else is good…
    would anyone have any idea how to get the ethernet port working again

  101. Just like to a big thank you for this program. Had tried serveral other recommended pieces of software but none of them worked. i was gonna give up but found yours purely by accident and must say its BRILLIANT. It got me up and running first time. Thanks again I’m sure we all appreciate your great work,

  102. When I try to install it shows during loading of the installation : Waiting for root device. What go’s wrong? I tried to set the cddrive and harddisk to master and slave and vice versa. Does anyone know what I do wrong?
    Richard (have an amd machine with an nvidia nforce 520a chipset.)

  103. during boot from retail dvd 10.6 stuck at line:
    waitforservice ResourceMatching (appleintelcpupowermanagement) timed out
    Motherboard: gigabyte ga-ex58-ud4p, core i7 920.

  104. Thank you very much for putting all of this together! I’ve been building hackintoshes for my self and friends for a couple years, and I know how much work is required to put something this great together. You’ve built an awesome and easy installer, and I just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  105. First of all Thank you for your work. Few questions:
    1. All fine, but I have a black screen while i booting. Monitor just power off (
    2. If i typing before boot GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=1 after initialization of ethernet card, the screen is blue and nothing going on ( What i can do to install the SL?
    MB gigabyte p55 chipset ud3
    CPU core i5
    video geforce gtx 260
    If i try another efi (for gtx2XX) the screen freezing after Patching dmi….

  106. Got my video card to run after installing Empire EFI, but I have noticed that the video (only DVD playback and movies in iTunes) playback twice as fast as normal. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  107. hi..I solved my problem of no sound..i got a usb card card and it wells 🙂 and the ethernet problem is the 10,6,2 update…if i dont install and set my network manually every thing work from boot up…still cant boot without the cd in 🙁
    You’ve have done a great job..this is the easiest way i have come across to install osx without to much drama 🙂
    thx mate

  108. Hi Pradeesh…
    Do you think is it possible to install on my pc with this hardware:
    Cpu: AMD Phenom X4 965
    Motherboard: Asus M4A78 pro with AMD 780G / AMD SB700 chipset
    Ram: 6 gb @ 800 Mhz
    Gpu: nVidia 8800gts 512 pci-xpress
    Audio integrated: VIA VT1708S
    AHCI mode HDs
    I tried several times but when i put retail SL only black screen appear.
    Thanks and thanks 4 all your great work.

  109. Hi, I´m writing you cause I don´t know what else to do I´m trying to install snow leopard on a intel dg41ty and no look at all, I have updated bios, tried enabling and disabling all the possibilities but no luck. I´m not a newbie at all i have also a intel dg35ec running fine SL just no ALC888s audio but everithing is ok, so i really dont know what to do with this dg41ty.
    Thank you for any help on this.

  110. Hey Pradeesh. Thanks so much for your website and all of your hard work. I was able to get a fully functional Snow Leo install on my Intel Pentium D system which I have been using for quite a while now without problems.
    I inherited a Dell XPS 410 tower with:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    Intel 945 chipset
    Nvidia graphics
    For the life of me I cannot get the installer to recognize SATA. Your empire EFI sees the hard drive attached but not after I have booted to the OS X installer. I have tried 2 versions of the myHack on a USB stick to no avail (and that works like a charm) with many different kext options. It’s so strange because I have the same chipset on my current motherboard and when I installes Snow on it the only problem I had was kernel stuff. SATA was never an issue. I’ve tried both HD controller settings on the Dell bios as well (updated to latest BIOS version).
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would love to switch over to a core 2 duo 64bit system.

    1. Well regrading Dell , I would be needing more details on XPS 410. Have you set the sata mode to AHCI ? I am quite sure that the dell bios has a switch to set it to either AHCI or IDE. If it did not work with AHCI , could you at least test it out with IDE and let me know about it

  111. The Dell XPS 410 has Intel chipset, southbridge, CPU and ethernet.
    945 chipset, ICH8, Core 2 Duo E6600
    In the BIOS you can set the SATA controller to RAID ON (AHCI) or AUTO/RAID OFF (IDE). I’ve tried both many times, no difference.
    There is no IDE or ps2 on the motherboard. The video is not onboard. Every boot loader I have used will see the hard drive attached, but once I boot to the install CD or USB no SATA.

  112. Hi Pradeesh,
    1st of all, thank you so much for you contributions to Empire EFI thus far.
    I tried using your both versions for i7 9xx but got the following error –
    Error: Firewire unable to determine security mode; defaulting to full-secure
    After a few seconds later, the following message appeared –
    Still waiting for root device
    I highly suspect that it’s my graphics card that’s giving me problems. If you could modify another Empire EFI based on the following configurations i’ll be eternally grateful. I’m currently using
    Asus P6T SE (Green) X58 w/1394/GBE/Sound
    Asus EAH5750 1GB DDR5 HDMI
    Memory DDR3 Kingston PC3 2000MHz CL9 3GB

  113. Pradeesh, I am really interested in getting Snow Leopard up and running on my Dell 8400 (Pentium 4 processor).
    Here’s my dilemma, I can’t get the computer to find the CD. I have tried going into the Boot Menu thing and directly choosing CD-ROM and I have also changed the launching order in the BIOS.
    No matter what I have tried the thing cannot find my install CD.
    Thanks for your help!
    PS- I installed the version that was available for the pentium 4 to the CD.

  114. Hi Pradeesh,
    Tnx for your work,
    I have a notebook Dell Studio XPS 1640
    ICH9 , 6G RAM, ATI HD RAD MOB 3670
    Fixed HDD WDC WD3200BJKT-75F4T0-(S2) AHCI/ATA set in bios mode
    Broadcom BCM5784M
    Intel WiFi 5100
    i do have problems with some empire efi iso
    still waiting for root device, when it goes well
    on Leopard it has AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext that recognize the harddrive, on snow leopard
    whick empire efi has this kext for boot or what boot cd do you recomand?

  115. I kind of got it working with the “noskill VMWare” except that it appears the VMWare image is very very slow on my Turion 64×2 laptop + Win7-64 + VMWare Workstation 7 (4GB Ram) for any serious work to be done on it. I suspect it was because the original image was using the Empire EFI that is limited to 1GB RAM addressing?
    I tried the legacy and bootcd that comes with v1085 and 1085R2 to see if the relaxing of RAM addressing helps. I ran into a major problem though: the mouse never responded once I switched to the newer EFI ISOs.
    If you’re still looking for a tester, count me in.

  116. tnx, i did try with empire-efi-v-1-085 and it install fine i had to remove all ATI for removing kernell panics, no audio, no ethernet, no wireless just have to try for those.

  117. Many thanks to you Pradeesh, your work is greatly valued to us and especially myself.
    Before I Upgraded my AMD 939 sytem, both Leo4All and Kaylway were my distos of choice. Since then a couple of months back I have moved my system up to the following:
    i7 920 @ 4.2
    6GB HyperX 2000mhz currently @ 1600
    8800 gts
    and the installation drive for X is a wd raptor.
    I just downloaded your new release and haven’t as of yet tested it. The previous versions of empireEfi-the standerd release and the special x58- haven’t worked for me in the past as X reported a failure to install. I am not sure if it is attributed to the efi setup or if it was my downloaded copy of leo 10.6. To test this new copy of Empire I will purchase a copy of X and make another attempt to which I will greatly report back to all here and over at insanely mac under gamerr3d. Thank you for your work and I look forward to testing the new update. I have been really waiting for it.
    Again Thank you.

  118. I just tried this version.
    I have a Gigabyte EP45-UD3p MB
    2 SATA drives (1 winvista, 1 OS/x 10.5)
    I wanted to upgrade to 10.6, snowleopard.
    I receive an error when I insert the SL DVD and press F5.
    It can’t load kext ex.osx86.driver.EvOreboot.
    Failed to resolve library dependencies
    “unable to find driver for this platform \'”ACPI\”…etc
    not sure what to try next

  119. update.
    It seems that it isn’t recognizing when in swap my Empire-EFI cd with the Snow Leopard install dvd. Chameleon still identifies it as Empire-efi.

  120. another update:
    I was able get by this problem by forcing chameleon to rescan the drives. by hitting F-10. Then the icon changed, and I was able to proceed a lot further. Unfortunately now, it ends up at a grey screen, with a mouse cursor. I can move the cursor around, but that’s it. the install just stops and I have to reboot.

    1. @dkbest and alvin – It semes to be related to ATA. Have you tried Empire EFI 1.00 , or an earlier verison. Give that a go and let me know
      @Dan – whats your CPU. I need details about your CPU and video card. More details please , thank you

  121. Hi Pradeesh
    i also got a installation failure but fortunately when i try to boot using your Empire EFI V1.085, i have now both the Empire and the Apple option to open Snow Leopard. and i have an internet connection. amazing!
    however, i cant boot if the Empire cd is not on the drive and no sound yet when im logged in
    can i fix this?
    here’s my specs:
    asus p5q se2 motherboard
    core2duo processor
    2gb ram
    nvidia 9500 1gb videocard

  122. Hi Pradeesh,
    thanks a lot for reply, version efi empire v 1.00 run but I have a notebook with gma 950,and when boot sl cd the screen is white,it’s possible have efi empire v 1.00 with last fix for gma 950 injection?
    Thanks you very much

  123. Pradash, I have a Psystar machine (attempting an upgrade to 10.6).
    Its a gigabyte P45-UD3P motherboard.
    The video card is GForce 8600.
    It has core2quad CPU, with 8 gig ram.
    It has 2 SATA drives. 1 with 10.5, and one with Vista. I disconnected the Vista drive, but that had no affect.
    There is a Dlink Xtreme wfi card in it as well.
    When I get a grey screen. I also get a mouse pointer, which I can move around. but it looks like my keyboard is locked up. The scrolllock doesn’t toggle.

  124. Hola es posible utilizar el vga de la asus p5kpl-am actualmente tengo una 8600 xfx y no tengo problema pero me gustaria utilizar el video de la placa base, un saludo.

  125. @pradeesh, when im using empire-efi 1.0 im only getting white texts for 2 seconds and i cant read them because the background is white. and then my pc hangs.

  126. Pradash, I give you more detail of my notebook:
    x86 ACPI (Mobile)
    CPU:Mobile DualCore Intel Core Duo T2450, 2000 MHz (15 x 133)
    Chipset mainboard:
    Mobile Intel Calistoga-GM i945GM
    DIMM1: Kingston 9905293-040.A00LF 1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) BIOS AMI (05/11/07)
    VGA: Adattatore video Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (256 MB)
    Adattatore video Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (256 MB)
    Acceleratore 3D Intel GMA 950
    Periferica audio Realtek ALC660 @ Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M – High Definition Audio Controller [B-0]
    Controller IDE Intel(R) – controller di archiviazione ATA seriale 82801GBM/GHM (famiglia ICH7-M) – 27C4
    Controller IDE Intel(R) – controller di archiviazione ATA Ultra 82801G (famiglia ICH7) – 27DF
    ST9160821AS ATA Device (160 GB, 5400 RPM, SATA)
    DVD RW AD-5540A ATA Device (DVD+R9:4x, DVD-R9:4x, DVD+RW:8x/8x, DVD-RW:8x/6x, DVD-ROM:8x, CD:24x/24x/24x DVD+RW/DVD-RW)
    Please help with efi 1.0 run but I don’t boot sl blank screen for gma 950.Sorry or my bad english

  127. Hi Pradeesh…
    Do you think is it possible to install on my pc with this hardware:
    Cpu: TripleCore AMD Phenom II X3 710, 2600 MHz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 (2 PCI, 4 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)
    Ram: 4 gb @ 800 Mhz
    Gpu:NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 (512 MB) pci-xpress
    Audio integrated:Realtek ALC888/1200 @ ATI SB700 – High Definition Audio Controller
    HD: 1 500gb y 1 320gb SATA II
    Thank you thank you very much for sharing your wisdom

  128. update:
    I was finally able to get a snowleopard install done, but I had to use the lifehacker solution, which required another drive. I also had to delete my existing leopard install.

  129. Hi Pradeesh can you help me, post 20 please,it’s possible build efi 1.0 with last injection for gma 950 notebook(efi 1.85).

  130. Man, please don’t stop the updates to EmpireEFI.
    This was one of the best discoveries I ever (you!) made =D
    Won’t say that I would die without it. But would be very very sad if you stop =s
    Thanks for everything until now. And hope that you don’t stop!

  131. im using empire efi , i got a kernel panic just after loading vodoobatery kext , could it be related to the kext (),
    or its a bootloader problem
    the backtrace doesnt say anything about battery

  132. I am trying to install on my Studio XPS 435.
    Partway through the install I get an error message “could not retrieve essentials package”. Has anyone gotten this error? I have installed SL on this computer once before with zero problems but this time I cannot get past this error. Leopard installs fine.

  133. I have sucessfully install 10.6 on my HP dv9020tx latop using your EmpireEFI to boot and install. Graphic card is working except no sound,wfii and webcam. Need to tweak believe will get it to work eventually.
    Need your help how do I configure it to dual boot . I have window 7 on disk 0 and 10.6 on disk1. At the moment I aways need to boot from your EmpireEFI through the CD ROM.

  134. Running the “noskill” vm very nicely on my AMD Phenom II. Got choppy but working sound and full 1680×1050 res using the VMsvga2 installers here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmsvga2/files/
    Limited to 1GB of RAM which is a bit sad. I’m using the “EmpireEFI4AMD.iso” included with the “noskill” vm, which is apparenly an older build. But everything else works with it so I can’t complain.
    I gave the new “EmpireEFI1085_AMD” a shot, and like the poster above, I could use more than 1GB of RAM, but my mouse no longer worked. So I guess it’s back to the older EmpireEFI for now. Anxiously awaiting the next release!

    1. @Dave T – I am looking into the rest , could you give more details
      @DK – I was surprised myself that you got it to work. Dont worry as more effort is being put on for AMD users !

  135. Hello Pradeesh … to install MAC with EFI 1.085, has dvd of mac to be the original one?
    It can be the Snow_Leopard_Client_Server_10.6.2_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_AMD_by_Hazard Because I have not been lucky.
    The following mistake goes out for me.
    rtclock_init: taking bus ratio path3(AMD)
    rtclock_init:Phenom msr 0xc0010071 Phenom) returned: 0x30b400933800240a
    tsc: verification of clock speed passed
    TSC: frecuency:20612.4357MHZ FSBFrecuency: 100.464706MHZ
    Local APIC version not 0x14 as experted
    ACPI CA 20021117[debug level = 0 layer=0 enable=0]
    COPYRIGHT (C) 1982,86,89,91,93
    mac framework successfully initialized
    using 16384 buffer headers and 7096 cluster IO buffer heades
    IRQ 22,BM 0XFB08
    Reading in forums, averigue that can be the disc IDE has to put it in AHCI, but modifying this option it(he,she) continues with the same thing.
    From already thank you very much

  136. Pradessh,
    Attached my lspci configuration for hp dv9020xt
    00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945GT Express Memory Controller Hub [8086:27a0] (rev 03)
    00:01.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945GT Express PCI Express Root Port [8086:27a1] (rev 03)
    00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller [8086:27d8] (rev 02)
    00:1c.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) PCI Express Port 1 [8086:27d0] (rev 02)
    00:1c.1 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) PCI Express Port 2 [8086:27d2] (rev 02)
    00:1c.2 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) PCI Express Port 3 [8086:27d4] (rev 02)
    00:1d.0 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB UHCI Controller #1 [8086:27c8] (rev 02)
    00:1d.1 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB UHCI Controller #2 [8086:27c9] (rev 02)
    00:1d.2 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB UHCI Controller #3 [8086:27ca] (rev 02)
    00:1d.3 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 [8086:27cb] (rev 02)
    00:1d.7 USB Controller [0c03]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB2 EHCI Controller [8086:27cc] (rev 02)
    00:1e.0 PCI bridge [0604]: Intel Corporation 82801 Mobile PCI Bridge [8086:2448] (rev e2)
    00:1f.0 ISA bridge [0601]: Intel Corporation 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Bridge [8086:27b9] (rev 02)
    00:1f.2 IDE interface [0101]: Intel Corporation 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7 Family) SATA IDE Controller [8086:27c4] (rev 02)
    00:1f.3 SMBus [0c05]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) SMBus Controller [8086:27da] (rev 02)
    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce Go 7600] [10de:0398] (rev a1)
    02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection [8086:4222] (rev 02)
    05:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller [8086:109a]
    07:05.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394) [0c00]: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C832 IEEE 1394 Controller [1180:0832]
    07:05.1 SD Host controller [0805]: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro Host Adapter [1180:0822] (rev 19)
    07:05.2 System peripheral [0880]: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C843 MMC Host Controller [1180:0843] (rev 01)
    07:05.3 System peripheral [0880]: Ricoh Co Ltd R5C592 Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter [1180:0592] (rev 0a)
    07:05.4 System peripheral [0880]: Ricoh Co Ltd xD-Picture Card Controller [1180:0852] (rev 05)
    all working except wireless network and HP webcam. Must use your EmpireEFI to boot the install snow leopard 10.6. Tried install my_hack package but didnt work. Panic and crashes on start-up

  137. Hi Prasys,
    im going to install Leo with Empire Efi 1.85 RC2 on my Gigabyte GA33M DSR2 and im wondering if i need to install any kexts afterwards or is this combination working “out of the box” ?
    Any information are highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  138. I was very disappointed to read that you feel unappreciated. You have changed so many lives for the positive. Opening a door that allowed some truly viable alternatives to being locked into Apple hardware has allowed creative, interested people to learn about much less expensive alternatives and how fun it can be to dig into the guts of a computer.

  139. Coiffio :I was very disappointed to read that you feel unappreciated. You have changed so many lives for the positive. Opening a door that allowed some truly viable alternatives to being locked into Apple hardware has allowed creative, interested people to learn about much less expensive alternatives and how fun it can be to dig into the guts of a computer.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you.

  140. Hi Pradeesh, I really appreciate what you are doing here! This is the first time I’m installing SL10.62 on a desktop.
    So I attempted to install SL10.62 using EFI Empire 1.85RC2 and the x58-patched version 1.06. I’ve tabbed after detecting the disk, and added GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=0 on the 1.85, and also tried -pci0 with the 1.06 x58-patched. However both disks gives me the same results. I also enabled AHCI.
    At the end, I get an error message stating:
    “Patched DMI Table
    ACPI Table not Found: DSDT.aml
    Starting Darwin x86
    Press any Key to Continue….”
    Upon pressing that I get to a screen..
    It would be great if you could help me!
    EVGA x58 SLI
    Intel i7 920
    EVGA GTX260

  141. Hey there Pradeesh,
    Totally envious of your work. I am having the same problem as post # 46 and post # 13.
    I am installing on a Latitude D630 with Intel GMA x3100 graphics.
    I have tried on AHCI and IDE, no difference
    I have tried disabling 1 core, no difference
    When booting to Empire EFI, I hit tab and type GraphicsEnabler=Y per your instructions, but it results in the following panic:
    System specs:
    2GHz Core 2 Duo
    2GB DDR2
    Intel 965 Chipset / GMA X3100 Graphics
    CD/DVD Burner
    80GB SATA HD (Seagate)
    Intel ICH8M
    Intel 3945ABG WiFi
    Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit NIC
    Please let me know if you can help! Thanks again for all your hard work on this project, it’s truly amazing.

    1. @shanlon , you could give empire efi v1.0 a try. I am currently working on improving the old version by including fixes for Intel GMA Users. For now you may want to try that
      @Paul , thank you
      @shanlon and jul9000, thanks for reporting. I am aware of this and I am working on it as well

  142. To add to my above post, I have tried previous versions of EmpireEFI. It gets to the Apple loading screen and the LCD on my laptop completely shuts off. When I hook it up to an external monitor, I can see the default SL backround and can move the curour, but nothing more comes up.

  143. thanks Pradeesh! the only problem is that the link to empire efi v1.0 doesn’t work (some copyright issues). can anyone fix that or upload the file somewhere else?

  144. forgot to mention, that im also using a laptop with intel gma (dell d430), so my case is very similar to shanlon’s. can’t wait for the improved version! 🙂 thx again Pradeesh!

  145. Hi Pradeesh,
    Thanks a lot for this version of Empire EFI. With this I was able to install Snow Leopard from the original DVD and install all the apple updates as well on my HP Pavilion Elite m9080. The only thing I had to do is google to get sound working. But that was also successful.
    So thank you very much and keep up the good work…
    Greetz Rene

  146. I can successfully boot to empire EFI, swap to retail Snow Leopard, but when it goes to launch the installer for Snow Leopard I immediatly get Kernel Panics and it does not load. I have and Intel core2 quad processor.

  147. Hey prasys. Remember me from the IRC? Well anyway, I remember what you said about the myHack thing to install on the drive once I get Snow Leopard on it. Well, my parents have a Mac so I can install it but where do I get it? Thanks!

  148. For those of you getting the black screen while trying to install SL using a GTX260, type (without quotes) ‘GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=0? before hitting enter on the OSX install disk. works like a charm

  149. I seem to get the “root” message when attempting to install on my EVGA 680i SLI motherboard, i’ve tried my hard drive in every SATA port i’ve got.

  150. hi Pradeesh
    i tried to update SL but after reboot it crashed
    so i had to reinstall again
    still have no audio and has generic resolution as well
    thanks man

  151. Even with R2 couldn’t get to install. End up with a black screen (display going to sleep) with my GTX260, Core2Quad and Abit IP35 motherboard. GraphicsEnabler didn’t seem to help, tried PciRoot=0 and 1 too.
    Do you think if I use the EFI String I used on OSX Leopard and added it to the Empire Efi boot image it would work?

  152. @kasakka- what version of empireEFI are you using? I used the last one on the list and it worked. The one that says “For laptops with intel boards…….” Also, don’t know if it makes a difference, I had to upgrade the bios on my board – ASUS P5QL-E.

  153. Having a hard time getting this to work. I tried both EmpireEFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085. Both versions produced similar results. “Still waiting for root device” is what I get in a loop. Is there another version I should try?
    The only thing I can change around in bios is SATA Mode Selection…which is properly set to AHCI. Legacy USB Support, which I have set to enabled. I tried disabling this, same root device message. Wireless Lan Support set to Enabled. That’s pretty much it.
    I’m able to get iAtkos v7 to work on this machine. However, I have a problem getting the video card to work properly. Doesn’t refresh properly when I drag windows around and I can’t seem to install the kext for this without getting a blank screen upon bootup. So, I was hoping a Vanilla install with 10.6 / EFI hack would do the trick. Hope you can help.
    My specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo processor T6600 (2.20GHz 800MHz 2MBL2)
    Operating system: Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth
    System Graphics: nVidia Geforce G 240M graphic card with 1GB memory
    Display type: 15.6″ HD WLED Glossy, with 1.3MP integrated Camera
    Total memory: 4 GB DDR3 (2 Dimms)
    Hard drive: 320GB Hard Disk Drive with two partitions (one for windows, one for mac), 5400rpm
    Optical device: SuperMulti DVD Recordable (Tray type)
    Integrated WiFi wireless LAN adapters: Intel WiFi Link 500 x2 (AGN) WLAN
    Battery: 6 Cell Lithium-Ion 2.6Ah

  154. I’m going to try that last link for laptops. HA…I can’t believe I missed that description. Hope it works.

  155. hello
    I try to install Snow Leo on my PC: nForce 630 chipset, Intel Pentium DualCode E2160 CPU, ATI HD2600XT video. I’ve donloaded this version of Empire EFI – http://www.mediafire.com/?r2muyitoyqc (for intel laptops, nvidia and ati graphics cards). After I replace empire efi CD with Snow Leo DVD and try to boot it I receive an error: Can’t find mach_kernel… What is wrong?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  156. Hello prasys, i have a problem with your software, when i try to boot the CD it charge all files and when the charachter of charge similar a slash turn, my laptop blocks.
    My laptop is an AMD Hp pavilion and it has a Ati graphic card. I tryed too the Legacy iso file, but the computer says that is not verified the checksum and it go to fail the boot.
    What can i do??

  157. Geek93 :Hello prasys, i have a problem with your software, when i try to boot the CD it charge all files and when the charachter of charge similar a slash turn, my laptop blocks. My laptop is an AMD Hp pavilion and it has a Ati graphic card. I tryed too the Legacy iso file, but the computer says that is not verified the checksum and it go to fail the boot. What can i do??

    And for information for be more helpfully i downloaded the two AMD experimental e the file for Ati Graphics card

  158. Has anyone had any joy using an Abit P35 motherboard? I have tired all the versions on the site with different bios settings and tried each sata port for the HDD and each time after the DVD boots it hangs at “waiting for root device”.
    I know it has a JMicron onboard but that it controlling the IDE cdroms.
    Any help would be great, thank you

  159. it was my mistake – forgotten to hit F5 after inserting Leo DVD. But I have another problem now – installation hangs up after NVEthernet messge about “link is present and active”. it just stops and don’t say anything. if I press any key on keyboard DVD starts reading something for some seconds but nothing happens. After resetting my PC I can’t open the DVD tray to remove disk – it is nessesary to shut the power down and switch it on again to remove the disk. Do you have any ideas? I’ve also tried to disable some onboard hardware like audio, COM, LPT and so on – but this did not help me at all

  160. I have a dell inspiron 6400 WITH ATI x1400 mobilty.
    Which bootcd i have to use? Laptop one?
    Pls answer before friday…

  161. Greeting again Pradeesh, I’m back and as I posted a couple weeks ago I purchased a retail copy to test you latest Empire update. Before I begin though I went about testing in vmware- http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/12/install-snow-leopard-in-vmware-7-windows-edition/ this is linked to your blog – So to cut to the chase everything worked excellently; modification to the boot.plist file was need for full wide-screen resolution and I downloaded the EnsoniqAudioPCI drivers for audio via safari and ran the install to fix audio. I wasn’t happy with having to disconnect the XtremeGamer just to use the onboard audio on the X58 LE but it works both in windows and the vmware installation perfectly.
    So with that said the problem as of now wasn’t your EmpireEFI and the X58 LE, it was the image of Leopard that I downloaded and burned with the DMG option in poweriso. So once I back up my array I’ll install via EMPIREEFI 1.85 with the retail Leopard and let all know how it goes.
    I thank you again for your great work.

  162. Prasys- thanks a ton. Great piece of software you got here. This allowed me to not only get my BadAxe running snow leopard, but also get my inlaw’s Asrock conroexfire esata2 working as well.
    This is a great tool, but guys… seriously… there is no replacement for research and effort. Prasys, thank you again. Works great.

  163. BIG THANKS. Successfully and painlessly installed Snow Leopard on G31M-S2L + 9800GT + TrendNet TEG-PCITXR Nic ($9) + USB Speakers. Too easy. Everything works with upgrade to 10.6.2. (Audio is not recognized, sound works through USB speakers though)
    I used 1.085R2 laptop image. I used myHack 1.0 RC 5.2 instead of the one on the image since newer fixes a 10.6.2 issue which caused me to reinstall. I unchecked IONetworkingFamily. SL recognizes this Nic 🙂
    Really appreciated. BTW, I also tried this on Abit IP35 without much luck in reply to a post here.

  164. neoxjr :@kasakka- what version of empireEFI are you using? I used the last one on the list and it worked. The one that says “For laptops with intel boards…….” Also, don’t know if it makes a difference, I had to upgrade the bios on my board – ASUS P5QL-E.

    I used the same one, but no luck. No chance of bios updates either because Abit no longer makes motherboards. I have gotten Leopard working with the board so it shouldn’t be that, but then I installed with a 8800GT but now only have the GTX260.

  165. Smorjug :I have a dell inspiron 6400 WITH ATI x1400 mobilty.Which bootcd i have to use? Laptop one?Pls answer before friday…

    You can use V1.085. I have the same laptop with X1300 mobility. It worked fine to get it installed. You are going to have a heck of a time getting full resolution and QE support. I’m still stuck at 1024×768 on my 1680×1050 screen.

  166. I got this to work good with my EVGA X58 Motherboard & Intel i7 920 CPU costume made computer. However, I get no sound. Wondering what sound drivers/kexts I need and how to install the onboard sound.
    Also, I’m still trying to figure out how to get my Lenovo Y550 to work (see above comments). Stuck on waiting on root device loops message. Wondering if I need to get the MAC OSX on a thumb drive.

  167. Hi Pradeesh,
    I have install 10.6 snow leopard on my HP dv9000tx and is partially working. ONLY
    wireless and webcam not working so far.
    I always have to boot from the EmpireEFI 1.085
    (on DVD ) then boot snow partition. Installing both version of my hack in the EmpireEFI DVD dont seem to boot having Power on restart icon appears on the PC.
    Is there a way to install the entire EmpireEFI 1.085 image on a hard disk partition so that I dont need to have my DVD on the drive always when I need to boot snow. I.e is boot EmpireEFI 1.085 on hard disk partition to boot snow and window7

  168. Seeing as my IDE is on Jmicron I decided to try and make a USB bootable version. All goes well until restoring the Max OS X Install DVD to the USB, it stays on Copying Blocks for ages with no time then starts at 3hrs and goes up to 5-6hrs. About half way it will bring an error and stop.
    Just can’t win 🙁

  169. Got an actual retail disc this time. Works on my Lenovo Y550 laptop now. However, when I try to install it it’s asking me to repartition the whole disk. I don’t want to do this since I have Windows 7 on my first partition. Didn’t have to do this when I used iAtkos v7. Hope there’s a way around this. Anyone know a work around?

  170. Greetings again Paradeesh,
    I return to you with much success, at a mino cost. Please comment on the following.
    As previously stated I ditched the windows made snow leo for a retail copy 10.6 to install on the following:
    Evga X58 Sli Le
    i7 920 (for those who overclock no worry restoring processor to default settings; I installed while at 4.0+HT and memory at 2000mhz)
    Kingston HyperX 6GB
    I saw that there were some issues with the gtx 2xx series so an 8800 gts was used
    I first attempted the install with the new 1.085, which unlike windows made Leo DVD installation went through to the end ant which it said there was an error with the install. A different message from the windows made Leo.
    So I tried the older 1.8 for X58 boards and Snow Leopard installed and restarted. Since the Snow Dvd was in it booted with the no boot disk error of course; I’m pointing this out with the following question in mind: Does an empire efi install need he disk to boot each time? Or does it like Kalyway and others off it’s own boot option with out the disk, or do you have to install a bootloader once in Snow Leopard?
    Either way I used the empire efi x58 disk to select the Leo drive and boot. All went well I saw the pretty video and then I was halted due to a keyboard not being connected. If iths is because Leo doesn’t recognize serial keyboards cool. I’ve upgraded every part of my comp except for a new keyboard. I will get a USB Keyboard to solve that problem.
    Other than that you x58 disk works like a charm I how use a USB keyboard helps. Will let all k ow what happenes next.
    Thank you again for your work in OSX86

  171. Hi again, I switched keyboards and I’m in! She’s running real smooth. No audio, and video is pretty damn good. Dual monitors show up,. I will be connecting a second 22 panel soon.
    I’m now researching patching audio and attempting leopard update.
    Any help with audio and advise on updating would be greatful

  172. So I realize that MBR isn’t compatible with GPT now and that there is a way to do a hybrid boot record. Anyone know of a good / straight forward tutorial on how to do this? Hoping I can achieve this without losing all my contents in Windows 7.

  173. Hey Pradeesh, have 3 questions for you, hope you can help me out.
    1: Do you know any netbook or notebook entirely compatible with Empire EFI and MacOSX SL?
    2: (That is a triple question) Do you know any USB Bluetooth, USB Wireless and USB Webcam compatible with hackintosh MacOSX SL?
    3: My Hackintosh is a QuadCore Intel MoBo DG31PRBR and sometimes ( a lot of times ) it does give an error at the boot screen telling me to power off my computer and turn it on again. It looks like an official screen from MacOS. It has a dark gray background with an Power icon behind.
    After some attempts it works, but is very frustrating… I’m afraid to burnout my hardware because sometimes I have to restart like 5 times to get it working. The video card is an XFX G220.
    Ow and more one thing… My MacOS SL is only working with the VGA output… DVI and HDMI only work in Windows… that can be solved to?
    Thanks a lot!! I appreciate your work a lot.

  174. hello Prasys,
    thanks for your great job ! I just install mac os X snow on my P5KPL-AM : great ! ( ..exept some kext to find, graphic, Lan, Sound … )
    Merci à toi ;o), you are the boss !

  175. @ Kpol hi man in addition to te above post a friend of mind has you board and is trying struggling with a retail snow installation smillar to what I used for mine. We used both 1.085 amd 1.8 disks to no avail. Could you briefly point out the steps you took fr your board please. And as for your audio issue I have a simillar problem except just with audio. I believer it has something to do with DSDT and modifying the alm file. To use the legacy drivers. However all the guide I’ve read so far a a bit vague and inconsistant as to the editing. Still reading of anyone has imput on that please aid is with the steps after patching DSDT
    thanks again.

  176. [URL=http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f297/lincolndragon/?action=view&current=Screenshot2010-03-06at72117PM.png][IMG]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f297/lincolndragon/th_Screenshot2010-03-06at72117PM.png[/IMG][/URL]
    In an attempt to fix audio I edited the dsdt file however, the final step requires you to drag the edited.dsl file and drag it to the iaslMe icon. This does not work as the curser changes to stop telling you you cannot put it here. I can’t figure for the life of me how iaslMe is used. The included with the Empire Efi cd on execution produces the folling terminal window
    And dragging the .dsl file to it of course produces the same result of no action.
    Can someone point out how to compile to dsdt?

  177. Sorry about the above
    First pic:
    Second Pic:

  178. hello R3D
    here my config :
    mb : asus P5KPL-AM
    ram : 1 Go
    graph : GeForce 7300 GS
    ( I am not sure if onboard vga will work .. )
    I use *normal* Empire Efi ( no legacy etc .. ), and simply install these pkg 😉 !
    Here you go :
    Audio : http://rapidshare.com/files/360261218/Audio.rar.html
    Lan : http://rapidshare.com/files/360261219/Lan.rar.html
    Graphic : http://rapidshare.com/files/360261220/Graph_Nvidia.rar.html
    –> Don’t update your system ! I did it and it wont start after reboot !
    Hope it help.

  179. Shakthi :

    shanlon :Pradeesh,I downloaded Empire EFI v1.0, burned at the lowest speed, and still got a panic. Here’s the panic I got:http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y167/morazl/photo-31.jpgAny clues? I was able to load Empire EFI perfectly on my D820 about a week ago

    something is screwed up with your ata drivers if you can, try removing them.

    How did you come to this conclusion? There are no drivers to remove, I am booting from Empire EFI and trying to install from a retail SL disk. Please elaborate..

  180. Hey, Pradesh!
    Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this. The fact that there are geeks like you who do it for free for dummies like us is most amazing. I am a hard core Windows guy but I am following what Apple is doing and I ran Snow Leopard in a VMware Workstation environment. I am absolutely new to UNIX. I will definitely try your solution on laptop and provide feedback once I am done.
    I have 2 suggestions:
    1) I know you are doing it for free but still your time and effort do have value and I would encourage you to set up a way for many willing of us to make a donation; it will be voluntary but I am sure some little cash will help you get by during long evenings;
    2) It would be good to maintain a list of hardware, which people successfully tried. I will send you the specs on of my laptop once I am done trying. If all people do it we can have a clear picture of what is working and what not.
    That’s all.
    Thank you very much indeed!

  181. Hi, Pradesh!
    Thx for the best OX86 installer ever made!!!
    This works great for me on Aspire 5720.
    Do you have some solution for the Ethernet Broadcom 5787 card?

  182. Sorry guys I’m not sure whats up with photobucket. Just realized that the links were with error. Will repost once I get back to windows.

  183. First of all, Thanks for your precious effort 🙂
    I have a Xeon system (Nocona 2.8Ghz, ASUS NCCH-DL)
    I downloaded the legacy CD for this system.
    I’ve succeeded booting with external USB HDD(which has been already installed with SL) but I can’t find my Internal HDD and ODD. I found some fixes to solve this problem on Insanelymac.com. But the thing is I don’t know how to apply the fixes to the booting CD. 🙁
    I think, I need to modify the preboot.dmg to make the southbridge chipset recognized (it’s 6300ESB)
    Can you tell me how to do that?
    It’d be appreciated. 🙂

  184. Works perfectly. Been struggling with this for a long time. Snow leopard working as it should on a Lenovo D10 workstation. Makes a perfect hackintosh.
    Is there anyway to migrate from the boot CD to a Memory key or transfer to a second partition to free the CD drive

  185. [quote]Is there anyway to migrate from the boot CD to a Memory key or transfer to a second partition to free the CD drive[/quote]
    … hard stuff … 🙁

  186. Hi,
    I’d tried to install OSX with Empire Ef 1.085 ; Legacy Empire Efi ; { System uptime in nanoseconds }
    Also I’d tried with this one ,BootCD-10-11-12h45 { The PC restarts after he wrote some text over the Darth Vader background }
    I already changed some Bios settings so what can I try as next.
    What can I do
    Intel I 7 920
    ATI Radeon 4870
    Gigabyte UD5 / X58

  187. Now I getting this ->
    1. I load default settings for bios ver.7, then set SATA to AHCI, enable HPET and set to 64bit, and I also must enable usb support for mouse and keyboard.
    Should I change anything else?
    virtual bool IOHIDeventSystemUserClient:: initWithTask (task*, void*, UInt32): Client task not privileged to open IOHIDSystem for mapping memory

  188. Thanks for the awesome work. I dont know much about tweaking hackintoshs so your work has made it possible for me. I would like to give back in the only way I know (SPANISH) Let me know if I can help translate to spanish.

  189. Hello,
    I am trying to install Mac OS X 10.6 to an AMD PC. My motherboard is the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe. While the Mac OS X 10.6 DVD loading, i am getting a message that there is no DSDT found and i am getting a kernel panic. What i must do? Thank you very much!
    Best regards.

  190. from what i understand if you want to install on a i7 laptop 4gb ram nvidia graphics card. pc is HP Pavilion dv7-3040ev (VX153EA)
    you have to download?
    Empire EFI V.1085 R2 (Experimental Support for AMD Phenom , Athlon and Sempron with SSE3 , and as well as Intel Core i3 , Core i5-M , Core i3-M , Core i7M)
    or should download the
    EFI v.1085 for Intel P55 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and i7 8xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (Contains both EmpireEFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)
    thank you very much you did a very good job
    thanks again

  191. Dear Pradeesh,
    I also give the command cpus=1 -v -f.
    My computer have the following:
    AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
    ASUS M4A79T Deluxe
    8 GB Super Talent DDR3 1600
    2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green
    ATI Radeon HD 4350
    If there is anything more you need please tell me to add them. Thank you very much!!

  192. dear prasys,
    just used your patched empire-efi for my old pc (pentium 4, sse2). booting empire-efi without any problems. also start booting from my retil snow leo dvd. but after a few seconds my harddrive spin down (power-off) and everything stops. also no message showing up a certail error in verbose mode. i assume it depends on the ata kext (ich5). do u have any idea?

  193. Dear Pradeesh,
    I am getting the following message (with the help of the latest Empire EFI 1085 R2 for AMD boot CD and the command cpus=1 -v -f):
    No DSDT found, using 0 as uid value.
    efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdata
    Loaded HFS+ file: [Extra/smbios.plist] 416 bytes from 42521f0.
    Patched DMI Table.
    No DSDT replacement found. Leaving ACPI data as is
    Starting Darwin x86
    Press any key to continue…
    And then i am getting a Kernel panic.

  194. Hello,
    I’m getting this with an eeepc 900. When I hit F5 after putting the snow leopard dvd:
    Resetting BIOS device efh
    Failed to find boot signature on BIOS device efh
    what can I do?

  195. Oh sorry, this message disapeared, but now during the installation I have “VoodooBattery.kext: Warning Battery 0 has no remaining capacity reported” again and again and again. I tried to install without my battery plugged and then it doest work at all.
    I am confused : /

  196. hello
    nice work 🙂
    but my snow leopard dvd hang on ‘still waiting for rroot device”
    in 10.6.2 hazard i must put the “IOATAFamily.kext_10.6.1_Universal_x32_x64” in extension to bbot properly
    this kext is not include on empire efi?
    my motherboard: dfi x48 t2rs with ich9

  197. Hi, I get a checksum error when booting any of the images I have downloaded.
    I have an AMD Phenom II 955 CPU, ATI RAdeon HD 4870 and Gigabyte GA-790xt-UD4 Motherboard.
    I know AMD support is experimental, but I was hoping to actually get beyond the isolinux load screen.
    Thank you for all the hard work.

  198. ok i need help i have a p5q pro turbo with quad core chip and when i load up empire efi i go through the f5 thing and press enter on the drive i want to install and then i get kernal panics about the unable to find acpi drivers and something about 4 cpu arcs and i dont know what to do please help and when i try to use legacy empire efi it come up with a boot fail of the empire efi cd

  199. Hi Pradesh, I just tried the 1.085 version for i7 9x CPU and Empire hangs at this message.
    com_chucko_realtekr1000:ethernet address 00:24:id:cc:4f:28
    So I went back to just 1.08 version and I can get OSX to install but I dont get any keyboard or mouse support.
    Any ideas or help when you have time would be appreciated. Keep up the great work

  200. Hi Pradesh!
    I have a HP Compaq 6715b (AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 CPU, ATI chipset) laptop.
    Can You please tell me which version of Empire EFI should I download to try to install Snow Leo?
    Thank You

  201. Quick question for any one in the know. I saw on previous version that this would only work with less than 4 GB of RAM… is this still true and I misread or will I be making another post shortly with bigger issues.

  202. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts. I was one of the suckers who bought Rebel EFI (only to see Psystar vanish about a month later). I came across Empire EFI and never looked back! You did one hell of a job and I sincerely thank you for it.

  203. Empire Efi seems to be missing SATA drivers for Intel Q35 Chipsets
    My Motherboard a Intel DQ35J0 needs AppleVIAATA_x64.kext.zip to avoid the root not found error can this be included?

  204. Somebody knows if any empire efi version can work with NVIDIA gts 3xxM graphic cards? If not, I will wait, sorry for my english.
    This is an excelent work man!

  205. Having some issues on my new hackintosh.
    Asus P6T
    Intel Core i7 920
    Zotac 9500GT
    2 320 Hitachi HD
    Asus 3.0 USB and SATA 2 Expansion card
    Can get Empire to boot properly and start initial loading of OSX. Made sure AHCPI is turned on, and the first drive is partitioned as Journaled (GUID). Installer will get to about 80 percent then say failed because OSX could not make the drive a startup disk. I tried to manually make it a startup disk using the startup tool. It said it could not bless. Any ideas? Thanks!

  206. What’s up again guys, been gone for awhile but now I’m back to to get this install right.
    @ Kpol or Paradeesh has anyone got some advise on successfully compiling DSTD with iaslme or something else.
    Dragging doesn’t work as illustrated in the link. I’ve gotten this far just need to get my own DSDT produced.
    I’ve posted multiple links not sure which will work. What I usually use doesn’t seem to appear on this site.

  207. This is by far the most effective and intuitive installer I have used since the beginning of pcefi…works without a hitch. I think we all appreciate your work more than you realize: what would it take to keep you in the business of updating Empire EFI?

  208. Thank you very much for your awesome work!! It worked with the following flags: -force64 busratio=20. My system specs:
    AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
    MSI 790FX-GD70
    8 GB Super Talent DDR3 1600
    2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green SATA
    ATI Radeon HD 4650
    Sony/NEC Optiarc DVD-RW SATA

  209. erineos :Thank you very much for your awesome work!! It worked with the following flags: -force64 busratio=20. My system specs:AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition MSI 790FX-GD70 8 GB Super Talent DDR3 1600 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green SATA ATI Radeon HD 4650 Sony/NEC Optiarc DVD-RW SATA

    which efi have you used? can you give me a link i have about the same specs..
    kind regard wIm

  210. Good day Prasys. I followed your guide on installing retail Snow Leopard on my PC with the following specs
    ASUS AT3N7A-I ION Motherboard (Dual Core Atom N330 + NVIDIA 9400GM)
    2 x 1 GB Corsair Dominator Memory
    320GB WD Scorpio HDD
    My hopes were high because I thought the installation would proceed however I encountered this kernel panic twice:
    Should Have Two Cores But only Found 1 for die.
    Here are the screenshots
    Can you please tell me how to fix this?
    Thank you so much and more power

  211. Alright, I’m having an issue trying to get my AMD system up and running if anyone is willing to toss me a few pointers.
    Of all the different EFI’s I’ve tried, I either get the “waiting for input” issue, a blank screen with a blinking cursor after trying to boot to the install DVD, or my system restarts over and over again.
    With the new EFI release I’ve gotten slightly further, I now get an issue that there is no DSDT found, and when I press a key to continue, like it asks, I get a kernel panic, which can be seen here: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z57/Sacrosanctt/IMG_0412.jpg
    So I started looking into older versions of EFI.
    Using v108 AMD2, I do not get kernel panics, I make it to the grey screen with the chameleon on it and a spinning gear. My dvd drive works for a few minutes and I get excited as though something is about to happen, and then nothing actually happens. I’ve let it sit for over an hour just to be sure. It can be seen here: http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z57/Sacrosanctt/IMG_0413.jpg
    Here is my build:
    AMD Phenom X4 9600 Black Edition, Socket AM2+
    ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe, chipset AMD, SB ATI
    Bios: American Megatrends v0801
    RAM: 4x 2GB OCZ 5-5-5 Dual Channel DDR2
    4x Radeon HD 4870 1GB RAM 900Mhz
    2x 1TB SATA HDD, no RAIDs
    LG DL DVD-RW PATA drive
    The following hardware has been removed for testing purposes to avoid other hardware issues.
    3x ATI 4870 Display Adapters
    2x 2GB DDR2 RAM
    I am trying to install 10.6 onto a USB 2.0 External 250GB HDD, so I can’t forsee any AHCI problems at this point.
    Any help would be very helpful 😀

  212. R3D :This should work, sorry about the above.[IMG]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f297/lincolndragon/Screenshot2010-03-06at72117PM.png[/IMG]http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f297/lincolndragon/?action=view&current=Screenshot2010-03-06at72117PM.png

    maztrr :I have Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.50GHz Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset Is their any support for that. I was getting http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y167/morazl/photo-31.jpg this error before it even got to the installer.

    Hi i got the same error in a DG41Y and i got to work disabling the CPU Max speed limit in bios settings.
    Hope to work for you.

  213. @Javier Thanks for your reply man. I’ll use this info as soon as I can with in the next couple days and get back to all.

  214. @javier I posted without reading your reply. However, just checked it out and my problem isn’t what you were having. Glad you found a fix though.
    I’m still looking for a solution to the above post.

  215. THANK YOU Very much for all the hardwork you have put in to make it so much easier for the rest of the morts like me.
    I was able to create a bootable DVD from the ISO and get to inserting my $29/ SnowL disc. The hard drive is missing from the list on the screen to select the disk to install OSX. Are there any tools in Empire ISO, that will allow me to convert my existing windows vista formatted drive to Mac format so that the drive shows up in the Mac installation screen? Is there any other way I can make the drive a “Mac” drive?

  216. I installed SL using Empire EFI v 1.085 on my Alienware M15x i7 q720 PC. Everything is working except sleep. Well sleep works if I enable Legacy USB in BIOS but it won’t wake. If Legacy USB is disabled it goes to sleep and wakes up 10 seconds later. Another issue is when i restart my computer it restarts twice and then boots. If anyone knows how to resolve these issue I’d appreciate it. Also I updated to SL 10.6.3 with no problem.

  217. Hello Pradeesh, greetings from Spain !
    Which Empire EFI should I use for an “Intel® Celeron® M Processor ULV 723 (1M Cache, 1.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)” with a “Mobile Intel® GS40 Express Chipset” ?
    Thank you very much for your work !

  218. @premier511 I probably have an older Alienware. Bought about 3 years ago. Did you use the $29 OSX install disk or the full retail version?

  219. Hey I really like empire EFI! I had some issues with 0xdeadbeef and thought it was my motherboard but it turned out to be something else! I have an external USB hard drive with an apple software mirror RAID on it, and just having the device ON during boot (or any other time for that matter) causes it to crash with the 0xdeadbeef error (or KP in the OS itself). I don’t know if this is because it’s an apple raid volume, or a hardware issue, but the device is an ICY BOX. I’ll be happy to give you any details you need to overcome this pesky problem!

  220. The instructions for 1.085 include this:
    “For those who are using NVIDIA GTX 2xx series , please make sure to type GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=0 or GraphicsEnabler=Y PCiRoot=1 (its case-sensitive)”
    But WHERE do I type this? I boot with EmpireEFI, replace it with the OSX disc, hit F5 and installation continues until a black screen. I don’t see where to type anything. Thanks for any help!

  221. After you press F5 to load the other image start typing…
    anyway this dosent work for me … monitor still enters standby mode

  222. Hi Prasys,
    I want to modify preboot.dmg to make it works perfectly on my laptop (ASUS – U80V).
    So how can i know what exactly kexts i need in Extras, kernel flag, …
    // I’m using latest EE and SL retail (extracted to my HDD to boot)

  223. I’m also have a i7 and a GTX 285.
    You must enter the boot flags when you bootet from the empire efi and pressed F5 and see the Mac OS Install DVD.
    Put there the text in. For help for German People = 02.12.andreas«googlemail.com

  224. Prasys – thanks for this precious little piece of code – helped me a lot already!!
    Just one (probably terribly n00bish 😉 ) question:
    is it possible to run Empire EFI from a USB stick instead of CD?
    Couldn’t find any info on that on your site or in the comments.
    Maybe I am missing a point, but it certainly would help me to get my Acer Revo up with SL without access to an external CD/DVD…

  225. Prasys, I have a Dell Vostro 1400 with integrated Intel video (x3100). I am another person who also gets the blank video issue. I am trying to install a retail Snow Leopard (10.6.3) booting from your Empire EFI 1.085 RC2 for Intel Laptops Disc. From what I understand Snow Leopard 10.6.3 does not support 64 bit X3100, but does support 32 bit.
    What boot params should I be using to force a 32 bit install with Empire EFI? -x32? -arch=i386? or is this available?

  226. @MooTheKoo:
    u can boot empire EFI from USB stick 🙂
    just “burn” the iso into ur USB stick and boot from it.

  227. Would Empire EFI work on a laptop that has a Intel Core i7 820 QM 1.73 GHz Quad core Mobile processor and a NVIDIA GT230M Graphic card with 1GB shared vram?

  228. Efi runtime returned 0
    MSI 790GX-G65 (MS-7576)
    Athlon 2 x4 630
    DDR3 1333
    I have tried some isos. Still cant run. How much should i pay to fix this issue?

  229. erineos :Thank you very much for your awesome work!! It worked with the following flags: -force64 busratio=20. My system specs:AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition MSI 790FX-GD70 8 GB Super Talent DDR3 1600 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green SATA ATI Radeon HD 4650 Sony/NEC Optiarc DVD-RW SATA

    Hi, erineos, i have same spec as you what EFI did you use and what other boot command did u put please help me.. thank you in advance!!

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  231. Will the P55 version work on P35 motherboards as well? I have an ASUS P5KC (P35/ICH9) crossflashed to P5KR (P35/ICH9R) for AHCI support. I did manage to install w/ iBoot (by tonymacx86), but I had to install from a partition rather than directly from the DVD media.
    I’m looking for a nice solution that can be assembled without a Mac, so I can write about it on makeuseof.com. It seems like your boot ISOs are ideal. Another alternative I’m considering for the article is to simply write the boot0 and boot1h to USB with dd.exe for Windows, and then copy the boot to the root of the USB drive.

  232. Hey mate, just want to thank you for doing this. Many hackintosh users have an easy way of installing and using mac os x on their PC because of you. Thanks again *thumbs up*

  233. Hi Prasys, I think i’ve manage to use the correct EFI for my system EFI 1085 for AMD not the R2 version. i boot it with -v and im seeing a lot of codes and stuff then after that my screen goes to standby, i know i’d made it to the installer screen cause whenever i press enter a few times my CD Drive is getting active.. but my problem is i cant see it cause my monitor is on standby. I tried the GrapchicsEnabler=Y and PciRoot=0 or 1 and switch DVI1 to DVI2 but still no luck.. i think my graphic card wasn’t detected.
    Here are my specs:
    AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition
    MSI-790FX GD70
    4GB Patriot 1600mhz DD3 RAM
    Maxtor 200GB SATA 2 (AHCI mode in Bios)
    EVGA Geforce GTX260 896MB SSE
    hope you can fix this specs in EFI 1.9 cause i see there is a of guys here have almost the same specs as me that wanted to install OSX SL in their PC’s. i will make a donation for you can maintain this site and help us out in our OSX86 thing. Thank You Very Much in advance!

  234. Robert :EP35-DS3L & gtx 260not work. My Monitor enter the standby mode

    Did you try GraphicsEnabler=Y PciRoot=1 or GraphicsEnabler-Y PciRoot=0 if not try it it might work for you.. Me i tried that but it didnt work for me, I use AMD i think i have a more complicated Spec than you, but i see we have same Graphic Card hope, prasys make a fix for this..

  235. Hello Prasys,
    I have a ASUS P6T with i7 920. Am trying v1.085. I can’t find where in BIOS to set SATA to AHCI, have looked carefully. EmpireEFI does ok, but when I try to load the SLep disk(bought from AppleStore) I get errors. 1st screen error is :
    ACPI Table not found : DSDT.aml
    2nd screen errors begin with :
    Kext org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA – library kext com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily not found.
    Can’t load kext.org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA – failed to resolve library dependancies.
    then some more errors about voodoo then
    USBF: 0.763 Apple USBUHCI[0X582F000]::start unable to initialize UIM
    waiting for boot volume with UUID CB66A6CF-2854-343C-B21A-7D4D24850308
    and finally
    “Still waiting for root device” over and over again….

  236. Well, unfortunately I haven’t had any luck. 🙁 It behaves the same as iBoot when I try booting the OS X DVD (10.6.3). I get:
    EBIOS Read error: Error 0x09
    Block 0x18a96a
    several times, and then the same error with Block 0x1b8b38. The disk itself is fine, because when putting the contents onto a partition/USB drive, it installed just fine. I tried it with an IDE drive connected to the JMicron adapter, as well as a SATA DVD drive, but I haven’t had any luck.
    Any thoughts as to what the problem might be?

  237. Hi,
    is there any problem with using a recent Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD, or do I have to buy a “old” 10.6 one?

  238. Success on Toshiba Satellite A100 (upgraded with 4GB RAM memory and 400GB SATA drive) using Empire EFI v.1.085 R2 with the retail Snow Leopard disc 10.6.
    Required option “GraphicsEnabler=Yes” while booting from Empire EFI disc.
    I run “myHack” according to instructions and fixed trackpad, sleep option and graphics (added gfx string).
    After I managed to get the sound working by installing Apple Azalia Audio (throwing out AppleHDA.kext).
    VoodooPower, VoodooBattery and AppleACPIThermal kexts = perfect power and fan management !
    I also upgraded to 10.6.3 with apple combo update with no problems (replacing the SleepEnabler.kext with the new one for 10.6.3 before rebooting).
    The last issue was the build-in bluetooth and intel wireless 3945.
    That was solved using the ToshibaBluetooth.kext and VoodooIntel3945.kext.
    So at the end I do not have any problems (unless there is something I do not know about ;-)).
    Thank you Prasys for the guide and Empire EFI !!!

  239. Hi,
    first of all thank you for your asskicking goodness!
    I have a problem with my HP dv9 laptop on which i’ve installed a retail 10.6.3 dvd that I got at the apple store.
    I used the latest empireEFI. The install is more or less succesful (need to get some kexts in but ok for a first install). I have had several distro’s before but I wanted to go vanilla now.
    Problem is: the laptop has 2 hard disk drives in it. At first I couldn’t boot any of the empire iso’s untill I took the second hard drive out, Then the install went fine.
    But now I still can’t boot SL with the second drive installed – the bootloader just hangs at the spinning cursor…
    I have never had this problem before on leopard or tiger… Don’t really know what to do.

  240. I’ve tested all the versions I could download for EFI 1.085 and all of them stops at a shell prompt.
    Any suggestion?
    I’ve got an AMDx2 with an ATI4800 graphic card, 3 GB of Ram.

  241. Forgot to say. All the zip files I’ve downoloaded have a “Boot.iso” and a “LegacyBoot.iso” file in them.
    No trace of the “EmpireEFI.iso” and “LegacyEmpireEFI.iso” mentioned in the instructions

  242. Hi there, thank you for all of your VERY fine work!
    I have a new Sony VAIO VPCF115FM laptop I am trying to find the best Boot CD for. I am downloading your newest R2 (EmpireEFI_v1085_R2.zip, the one for “Intel” based laptops), but I notice in your graphic at the top of this page shows it having ‘R4’ Chameleon, but .ISO actually has ‘R3’. Which “specific” .ZIP file should I get?
    Thank you

  243. For those of you getting a “black screen” or “going into stand-by mode”, I think the video is being routed to an external video out. On my Sony VAIO VPCF115FM I connect my HDTV to my HDMI connector and then I have output. Of course, we want it to work on our laptop display (or primary display for desktops), but this is where we are. For mine, this happens when I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes PciRoot=0.
    I hope this helps someone.

  244. Got past the shell (my fault, it was a Virtualbox stuff)
    Now the problem is that when I press F5 nothing happens. The CD drive light flash a little and then I get a series of “Block read error”.
    The DVD is an original Snow Leopard 1.6.3 that seems to work fine elsewhere. 🙁

  245. Made another little progress! Now a list of messages appear: “Loading ….” for two or three pages, then it says “Starting darwin x86” and “Press any key”.
    But after then, nothing happens again 🙁

  246. I’m using the latest one (the second AMD version on the page) and a 10.6 retail install DVD on a Phenom II X4 940, with 8gb of RAM. I’m getting a kernel panic. EmpireEFI works fine but when I put my disk in and boot it up it goes to a kernel panic without any kind of graphical screen. Here’s a picture of the screen (phone camera, sorry). What can I do?

  247. I also have a phenom II 940 with 4gb of ram. I tried the r2 version and it does the same as Katori. I have a gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H base on the amd 780g chipset.

  248. Hello
    I have a problem when copying the installation CD and insert it into the computer an error that says: image checksum error would have a solution for this error.
    thank you very much
    I have two computer I can install the following components in the two snow leopard?
    Intel Pentium D processor
    512 ram
    intel motherboard d945gnt
    and the other
    intel core 2 duo quad
    2 gb ram
    Radeon X1550 64 bit 1 GB
    DG33BU motherboard

  249. Hi Prasys.
    First of all say thanks a lot. I have Snow Leo in my Pc working properly with empire efi. I only have a little problem: “bootmgr is missing” press Ctrl+alt+supr to restart. This message appears when I try to start with w7 in the loader. I´m going to get crazy. I make a format, but no solution. (The W7 is in a diferent HDD). Thanks

  250. Hello again.
    Problem solved! I installed the another bootloader that appears in the post-instalation folder and.. running perfect.
    Thanks again

  251. System Manufacturer NVIDIA
    System Model NFORCE 680i SLI
    System Type x64-based PC
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz, 2666 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    Graphics Card Geforce 8800
    BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 9/28/2007
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB
    I was wondering if i could get OSX to work on this computer? I have tried but Maybe i have been doing things wrong? or is it just not supported yet?

  252. Hello,
    very nice job Pradeesh.
    Installed OSX on a HP Pavillion Elite Core-i7, Nvidia GTX260, 4GB ram. Works like a charm. Will customize DTDS the next days to get full resolution.
    I am still looking for a good solution to dual boot W7 and OS X on two separate disks.

  253. So,with this great Iso if you will use OsX on your normal pc.
    You din´t need a Efi hardware module to plugin your mainboard?.

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  255. ello guys i just want to know if posible to install mac os 10.5.2 leopard on my laptop Packard Bell Easynote NJ65
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4300
    Clock Speed: 2Ghz, 800Mhz, 1MB Cache
    Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home
    Chipset: Intel GS45 Express
    RAM: 3GB Memory
    Optical Drive: 8x DVD+/-RW
    Graphics Processor: Intel GMA 4500MHD (Integrated)
    Display Size: 14 inches High Contrast Glossy, resolution 1366×768
    Hard Disk: 320GB, 5400 rpm
    Wireless: 802.11n Wireless LAN Card
    Webcam: 1.3 mega pixel
    Connectivity: HDMI & VGA
    Weight: 2.33kg
    Dimensions: 342×241×37.5mm
    Card Reader: 5-in-1 (SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD)
    Other: 3xUSB, Ethernet
    Up to 4 hours battery life

  256. pls help me and i just want to know what version of MAC can i install on my my pacakard bell nj LP..and what version of emipreefi can i download..and how to do it..pls help thanx guys…

  257. Thanks for creating Empire EFI. I have successfully used it to install Snow Leopard on Virtual Box running on Win7.
    Do you make the source code available for anyone to rebuild the ISO you provide? As you might appreciate, I’m concerned that malware could have crept into the ISO, and in order to feel reassured that the ISO is clean it would help if I could rebuild it entirely from source.
    Thanks again for your work.

  258. Hey,
    So i tried to install Mac OS X 10.6 on this machine:
    Core 2 DuoE8400 3 GHz 6 MB Cache
    MSI 7360 P35 Neo-F (Intel P35 Chipset)
    4 GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz
    2 x 500 GB HDD 7200 RPM SATA
    Geforce GTX260 896 MB PCIe
    Sound Blaster X-Fu Music PCIe
    Is there a chance to get it started?
    I tried with V1.85 + R2 but i never had the chance to install Mac Os because after changing the disc and pressing F5 a gray or a black data screen appears but nothing happend…

  259. Hi!
    Just for practice and understanding of the process, I try to use the EFI-1.085 Legacy for Pentium version on my VMWare Fusion (a virtual Windows) and all seems to work up to the point where the green Chamelion after a few minutes ceases to access the DVD and the grey wheel keeps rolling forever.
    Will this ever work?
    Should I use a different EFI version?

  260. Bengt :Hi!Just for practice and understanding of the process, I try to use the EFI-1.085 Legacy for Pentium version on my VMWare Fusion (a virtual Windows) on my MacPro and all seems to work up to the point where the green Chamelion after a few minutes ceases to access the DVD and the grey wheel keeps rolling forever.Will this ever work? Should I use a different EFI version?-B

  261. Download Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (contains both Empire EFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)
    The Downloade Link is wrong

  262. iMac :Download Empire EFI v1.085 for Intel Atom , Intel Core i7 9xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (contains both Empire EFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)The Downloade Link is wrong

    No luck with the above. Both reset after “Starting Darwin x86/Press any key to continue…”
    However, the one with Pentium support got me thru to OSX installer if I used SCSI disk instead of IDE. But the mouse didn’t move so I could not proceed.

  263. VMWare Fusion Help says its virtual machine has:
    Chip Set
    ?Intel 440BX-based motherboard
    ?NS338 SIO
    ?82093AA IOAPIC
    ?PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6 with VESA BIOS
    It says nothing about processors, but the Mac itself says quad core Xeon. How this translates in to the virtual machine I have no idea.

  264. Ok, I scrapped the VMWare project for the moment.
    Now I am trying to install the latest EFI 1.085on a Intel DP55SB motherboard with P55 Express chipset, a quad core i5 processor and 4GB memory. Booting from CD and installation of the SL-DVD was ok, but the post-install trashed everything. I see the Snow Leopard image and after pressing Return to boot, for a fraction of a second I see a grey apple before the screen gets black and the board resets.
    1) Is it possible to do anything to recover or do I have to install again from scratch to continue;
    2) If I do install again, what other post-install variants can I do to make this work?
    3) Anyone seen or solved this before?

  265. Hi there!
    I’m having a very hard time trying to set up Mac OSx86 on VirtualBox 3.2.4…
    I have followed the instructions provided by Takwing (http://www.takwing.idv.hk/tech/virtual/vb320_leopard/index.html) using iAtkos_v7…
    Since it did not work, they suggested me to try and boot the installed OS using Empire EFI.
    I downloaded Empire EFI V.1085 (Experimental for AMD Phenom and Athlon X2 , X3 , X4 and for Intel Core i3/Pentium D/Pentiu m 4 6xx series), but all I’m able to obtain is this screen: http://yfrog.com/mtefij
    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Did I choose the wrong EFI?
    My system specs are:
    * CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 630
    * Mainboard: ECS Elitegroup GF8100VM-M5
    * Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 8100
    * Host OS: Windows XP
    * Virtualizing sw: VirtualBox 3.2.4
    Thank you very much…

  266. Tried the latest EFI1085 called “for intel core processors”, both regular and legacy. This time, apparently the postinstall was applied automatically, so the SL screen and the grey apple and the subsequent reset came immidiately. Should I abandon this project?

  267. I’m using Acer 4741G i5-450M GT330M 4GB 500GB 14″HD ,during installation i partition into 4 drive , think is 2 Fat and 2 (can’t remember but is for Mac installation) everything was fine although the installation take hours, until about the last 20% and failed. any body know what is the problem?

  268. Hello, i tried Empire efi on my amd atlhon 64 x2, it manage to get to the install screen, butmuy keyboard and mouse wont work.. i think it’s the usb ports… what cn i do? i cannot get going in my installation because i cant click and i cant use the keyboard

  269. First of all thank you for all your hard work with Empire EFI.
    I have a Toshiba T135D:
    AMD Turion Neo x2
    M780G Chipset
    4 GB DDR2
    320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive
    I have attempted both the Boot CD and the Legacy CD but neither complete the process. It will load, however once I try to install Snow Leopard it runs through the process but freezes prior to installing it.
    Any run into this and found a solution?

  270. Hopefully, I’m not off the topic. This is my 1st time to build Hackintosh. I use Empire Efi V1.085 and the retail Snow Leopard DVD to build my Hackintosh at the first place. Everything is fine and install myHack to make it boot native. After, I find it can’t awake after sleep (that I need to find out the solution) so I install the ACPI kext in Efi (I should search through to find the right kext) and I find my Hackintosh can’t boot at all as I mean that need to force shutdown. Anyway, I try to reinstall the whole thing again as I use GParted to remove any partitions I have and start again. Damn, I start the same procedure what I have done but I keep getting a memory allocation error. WTF!!!! I use both original and copy of retail disk, change video card (I try Nvidia, ATI, intel on board) and all still not work. So, I reverse my memory what I have done. Oh! Yes, it may be something work with GParted. I use the GParted to boot up the box and there is still no partition but the partition table type is gpt……… what the hell is it. (Actual, it is GUID_Partition_Table.) Anyway, I use GParted to “Create Partition Table” with type as “msdos”. Thank God!!!! All come back again and I can start the installation again!!!! Hopefully, it could be a small note for everyone! Happy hacking.

  271. PciRoot=0 or GraphicsEnabler=Y PCiRoot=1 (its case-sensitive)
    Somehow i think the case on one of these is incorrect. Thanks for your work on empire efi

  272. I am using an AMD Phenom II 940, with a ATI Radeon HD 4850; I’v e got a Kernel Panic during the boot up of the mac osx disc with the latest version of empire efi;

  273. Gil :Hello,I’m getting this with an eeepc 900. When I hit F5 after putting the snow leopard dvd:Resetting BIOS device efh Failed to find boot signature on BIOS device efhwhat can I do?

    what is your solution ? 🙁 Failed to find boot signature on BIOS device efh ?

  274. I managed to load the Install disc for OS X 10.6.3, but it will not use any USB devices. I am running a Gigabyte P55-USB3 mobo, and I only have one PS/2 port. I can use the keyboard, but that means I cannot click on utilities to create a partition. It will not use my USB mouse, and it will not use my PS/2 mouse either. Any suggestions on formatting the drive without the mouse, or how to make the mouse work?

  275. Hi,
    I’ve installed EmpireEFI 1.085 on my Core Duo E8600 with GA-EP43-DS3 and GeForce GT 9800.
    When I boot on my 10.6 Retail DVD I can’t move my mouse during few minits.
    Finaly I instal SL and boot it.
    Time to time my usb keaboard and/or my usb mouse doen’t respond when I first boot.
    I reboot the pc and everything goes fine.

  276. Just wanna say that your hard work is very much appreciated a lot of us would not be able to enjoy OSX without your hard work

  277. Fantastic work, the only dependable solution for my Asus P55 i7 laptop.
    Question – how can I use Empire Efi on my hard drive to boot rather than having to keep the CD in the drive?
    I tried installing Chameleon RC4 on my computer and using the content of the EFi CD in my extra folder and placing the boot file at the root of my OSX drive but Chameleon crashes as soon as the Apple logo tries to appear on the gray startup screen

  278. Dear Prasys,
    I’ve try all your EFI versions on my M11x R2 but all failed. Some make my system reboot, some make it panic. With 1085 R2 for core i3,i5,i7M I have problem with the Firewire:
    Firewire GUID ffffffffffffff is invalid!
    that line keep show like forever 😀 can u give me some advice for this machine?
    Thanks in advance!

  279. every time i try to boot the snow leo disc with empire efi it stays on the loading screen with the chameleon i left it on all night and it was still loading how can i fix this

  280. Hi guys, I have this PC :
    AMD Phenom II X6-1055T,
    4 GB DDR3 – 1333 MHz RAM
    ASUS M4N68T-M Mainboard (Chipset:NVIDIA nForce 630a)
    EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX465 Overclocked Edition
    1,5 TB S-ATA II HDD
    VIA VT1708S Support 8-Channel High Definition Audio
    Please give me some hint how i can get the latest Mac Os on my PC. I can’t figure this out because i’m not a tech expert. Please help.

  281. Hey i have empire efi installed on my pc. everything was working all fine, AND THEN!! i installed itunes 10, and now when i got to boot up i get a panic, version mismatch between kernel and cpu…
    Ah can some one please help me. i think i have efi version 1.08 installed.
    Please help..

  282. Hi All,
    Is there way to start Empire Efi in a headless configuration.
    Suppose I have a link on my desktop with following command:
    “vmrun start /full/path/to/MAC.OS.vmx nogui”
    It will boot up using Empire Efi and will stop on the screen with “Message Press any key” after pressing any key I’m getting screen where you
    normally have to select either loading Empire Efi or Getting into MAC-OS.
    So my question is how to automate this selection ?

  283. Im trying to install retail 10.6.0 On a netbook, id like to know where should i start. Is there a way to get a list of hardware that compatible or that kext. might run with or full proof way to get the system to install without panics and later fix kext. Here are my sepcs in case someone might have competed this OSx86
    Thank you ,
    AMD Athlon™ Neo Processor MV-40
    Front-side Bus
    System Bus Speed 1600 MHz
    Operating System
    Mystic Black
    1366 x 768
    Chipset AMD RS690 + SB600
    GRAPHICS GPU ATI Radeon X1250
    Video Memory Shared
    2GB Memory
    HDD Capacity
    HDD Interface
    10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
    Built-in 802.11b/g/n WLAN Card
    Card Reader 4-in-1 Card Reader (XD/SD/MMC/MS)
    1.3 MP Webcam
    I/O PORT
    USB2.0 X 3
    Video Port
    VGA (15-pin, D-Sub) x 1
    Audio Port
    Mic-in x 1, Headphone Output x 1

  284. I got an ERROR “No HPETs available…CPU(s) configured incorrectly … AppleIntelCPUPowerManageme
    This is my configuration:
    Asus P5G41C-M LX motherboard
    – dual core E5400
    – 2GB DD3 RAM installed
    – PCI Express ATI 4650
    – one asus DVD RW SATA
    – iATOKOS v7

  285. After reading this:
    Empire EFI will not work with problematic systems and graphics card. Common ones are like SONY laptops (some may work and some may not. Depending on your luck) , ATI Mobility Radeon HD series (i.e 3xxx , 4xxx and 5xxx series).
    Does this mean that a normal ATI 4870 will work ?

    1. SONY Laptops are no go to be honest with you Alberto…They may or may not work . Its soo hard to get those laptops to work. Honestly , a lot of people gave up and moved on. Although there are some still trying to get the lcd to play nice

  286. Pingback: Intel DG45ID
  287. Hey,
    I was reading around and heard that anything over 4gb of ram can be problematic with this install. Why is this so, what are the problems, and is it possible to remove the ram and install it and then put back in the ram and have it compatible with snow leopard?

  288. what is legacy empire efi??
    and whats the use of it????
    which should i use for my intel core 2 duo pc???
    normal version or legacy version???
    Whats the difference???

  289. Hi,
    So I’ve tried all the 1.085 versions and the only one that works for me is the AMD Phenom X2 etc Expermental variant.
    It works great to a point. I can get to install SL and happily run the myHack 1.0 RC5. Trouble is when I restart the system just hangs on a black screen. I don’t think it’s a graphics problem because when I install AppleNForceATA.kext everything boots. The problem is it is very slow, very slow.
    I’ve tried many versions including SuperNForceATA and it’s always the same slowness. What confuses me is that the Empire EFI dvd works fine and the hdd installed SL works fine when I boot from the DVD so it must be the kext i’m using.
    Is it possible to use the NForceATA kext that is on the Empire EFI dvd? I can’t find one on there? Also, for AMD do I HAVE to use the chocolate kernel or does the Empire EFI kernel install one that is compatible?
    Asus Crosshair – NFORCE MCP55
    NForce Gigabit Ethernet
    AMD Athlon X2 X64 6400+
    SATAII Velociraptor 150GB HDD

  290. I have a similar problem. When pressing F5 the following message appears “failed to find boot signature on BIOS device”. It’s very disappointing for me since I’ ve tried several different EFI versions with no luck.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards!

    Nick Parck :Hey,So i tried to install Mac OS X 10.6 on this machine:Core 2 DuoE8400 3 GHz 6 MB Cache MSI 7360 P35 Neo-F (Intel P35 Chipset) 4 GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz 2 x 500 GB HDD 7200 RPM SATA Geforce GTX260 896 MB PCIe Sound Blaster X-Fu Music PCIeIs there a chance to get it started? I tried with V1.85 + R2 but i never had the chance to install Mac Os because after changing the disc and pressing F5 a gray or a black data screen appears but nothing happend…

  291. Neither Synaptics nor Optical Mouse works in all both EFI Empire 1085 during instalation (my PC is a Dell Vostro 3500-Nvidia 310m- i5 560M). Hackboot installs perfectly but there is no bootloaders working well (Chamaleon or iHack). They reboots infinitely. I\m waiting a new release. Thanks a lot for your wonderful work.

  292. Is Empire EFI 1.085 supports AMD Turion || Ultra M600?
    I want to try Mac on my Gateway NV53 with AMD Turion.
    I know on Gateway NV53 with AMD Athlon it is possible.

  293. I uses the Empire 1.085. Everything boots up great. I did an update from 10.6 to 10.6.3. My problem is that I have USB problems,when I reboot my computer it takes my Keyboard and mouse about 5mins to work. Also when I tried to install pro tools 9 it say I don’t have enough memory ,and I have 8 gigs of memory. When I go to “about this mac” it only sees 1gig of memory. I have an Asus M4A88T-M AM3 motherboard,My RAM is G.SKILL Value Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ,my CPU is an AMD Phantom II X4 840 3.2G AM3. Any Ideas…I need help please… Thanks hope to hear from you soon. have a great day…

  294. dear Pradesh,
    i am new here and want to install SL on my pc. Hope you could help.
    My spec.
    gigabyte mother board GAH55N USB3
    i5 650 processor
    4 gb ram
    nvidia 8400 gs 512 mb ( graphic card)
    Any luck on this spec.

  295. hello kinda noobish on this osx86 thing but i have a stock everything acer 3515 and works great using the kalyway but i still have problems using your cd everytime i try to install any version of mac osx its goes into a kernel panic

  296. Well my girl friend’s notebook is an i3 380M, while mine is an i7 2630QM, which ones should we use respectively? Thanks for your help

  297. i’m stocked at 10.6.4, it doesn’t let me to update 10.6.5 or later
    i am using
    Pentium D 935 3.2Ghz
    4GB DDR3 RAM

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  300. Download Empire EFI v.1085 for Intel P55 Chipset and Intel Core i5 and i7 8xx series , Intel Core 2 series , Intel Core series (Contains both EmpireEFI v1.085 and LegacyEmpireEFI v1.085)
    link broken

  301. Download-Links:
    Invalid or Deleted File.
    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.
    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

  302. How about mine ?
    ===Main : GA-945GCM S2C
    ===CPU : Intel Dual Core E2200 2.2Ghz
    ===Ram : 1024MB x 2
    ===HDD : MAXTOR SATA (250GB)
    ===VGA : ASUS ATI EAX1550 256MB Silent (DEV 715F)

  303. Over 30 pages of how to and nowhere on the entire Internet can you find this f’in file!! Every damn link people post goes nowhere. How can a bootloader be in violation of anything? They’re not illegal!! Why!?!?!!?!?!?

  304. You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I’ve been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you’re an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!

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