Say hello to pay-extra-broadband by Maxis

Its hardly surprising at all. That Maxis Malaysia has done something again. At first they came up with renewable contract which automagically renews every 18 months. After battling with that , and now they are coming up with this instead – no its far worst then contract. Its disconnection once you’ve hit your limit. That’s right , as we do know that Maxis Broadband sells broadband based on Volume (data transfer) . Now once you’ve reached your limit , you’ll be greeted by this page. You could only surf Maxis Site (ugh) and do Google Searches only – which is pretty crippled Before this (and in fact other providers) do allow you to continue to use the service but at a downgraded speed (i.e 64kbps) once you’ve reached the limit. A good example of this would be Celcom. Maxis was doing something like this before , but then I guess that it would be better just to say goodbye to their customers who are using ample of bandwidth and charge them more instead.

Whoops I've hit the limit , honey and now I can't surf
Whoops I've hit the limit , honey and now I can't surf

Now let us analyze this  , shall we. First of all , in a way I applaud Maxis’ decision on this. It seems to be the best way to punish bandwidth hoggers ,no doubt . TM should follow their footsteps but in a right direction. The approch that Maxis is  correct however the way the implement is it wrong . Why do I say so ?. Look at their packages , notice that for a low-entry package – you get 3GB of data for you to use before you get it. 3GB in 2010 is not enough , especially when we are all are blogging , youtubing , chatting , Facebooking , Twittering , Skypeing. Clearly that’s not enough , the minimum should be 20GB at least (0r 15GB). Next up is the price that they charge is absolutely ridiculous. RM 28 for 1GB. Wow tha’s bloody expensive. At least do have an option of say paying RM 28 but getting throttled at a slower speed or RM 28 for 6GB of data. Now thats fairer.
What Maxis should be doing is that giving its customers more bandwidth or at least put a note saying that our broadband is not meant for heavy users such as downloaders instead of saying that we have plans for everyone including gamers. The problem is when they do that , especially those who play MMORPG or FPS online for instance via steam , you’ll be using more data. Its because from time to time you’ll have to download new patches for the game , not only that voice chat becomes an important role too. 12GB a month for gamers is not enough  , honestly its suitable for those facebook gamers or those who play a lot of flash-based games.
My plea you ask – Its simple , I just want Maxis to know that its going to cause a lot of people to say goodbye to your service and its going to damage their reputation even more. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and one should not underestimate them. So , I guess they are digging their own graves , unless they do something about it -i.e (redefining their broadband packages or increasing quota) then its dead. I hope to get scamboy’s attention on this matter as well. Oh if you want to check out Maxis’ Data Cap Page , you may do so by clicking here. If you want to vent and find other fellow maxis broadband users , the best place would be here

14 thoughts to “Say hello to pay-extra-broadband by Maxis”

  1. i’ve lodge report about this..
    agree with u all.nowdays people use internet a lot for macam2 purpose..
    only maxis implement this kind of policy..
    tak reasonable betul terus deny access. kalo slow down the speed tu ok la jugak..

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  6. seriously..3gb limit is not enough.. but its stable and fast :).. 3gb Is really not least 10gb maybe?lol….. i told my friend i cant suft that much because it is limited to 3gb..
    He told me ” place 1 month limit 30gb i also not enough.. you 1 month 3gb? seriously?”
    ..well my friend is from uk though

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