Thats right folks. Its all about karma. Now just take a look at psystar’s site. Now they are virtually begging for donations so that they can continue to survive. Sad but its true , its not going to help them at all. The reason is simple , it dates back when psystar stole the great work of Hackint0sh team and then sold it for a profit.

Yes , thats' right. Even God is not going to help you now , pystar

Currently , what I would predict is that only those who are lost or currently clueless about whats going on in the OSX86 arena would help them. If you truly want to give someone something special , why don’t you donate to osx86 communities such as InsanelyMac , Chameleon , InfiniteMac or the great developers of osx86 (for instance you may want to donate to chameleon ,or to netkas for making it possible to get it up and running) instead of donating money to a corporation who in returns provides nothing new but steals stuff from open source things , rips it off and calls it its theirs. Some of  you may say , well they have made an open source portal , would that make them the nice guys. I would say certainly not , they have released their open source portal as a last resort. Before this they did not bother to release their “modified chameleon” source code but when in trouble they in fact did it.

I guess people do change and try to a lot of things when they are desperate. Sad but its true , there is always karma. I can’t run away from it , and so do you. One day , we’ll all (yes me , you , the guy who lives across the stress , hot chicks , Master Obi-Wan , Jonas Brothers , etc)  be facing ours sooner or later – its just matter of time. Moral of the story is that , do not cheat and do not try to steal something from the community. Even if you want to market it , at least beCourteous enough to put it up in a read me or some file on the original project that it was based upon. If the license wants you to release the source code , be sure to release it !

4 thoughts to “Karma”

  1. again you mock psystar and dont dare dont mention EFI-x,whats up with all the hate for psystar ???
    dont give me “they stole the community work” crap.
    be fair

  2. hey Paradeesh nothing personal man 🙂 i was happy to see someone with enough guts to go against apple thats why i support psystar,,and 50$ isnt much compared to the 280$ of efi-x, now not every one knows the osx86 magic that you and the rest do here and on the forms and not everyone want to read(i believe thats the problem) and thats where psystar steps in,and unlike efi-x they do give support and they dont sell you an item that well break after an update(and wont change it) and the other problem is that a lot of people are buying that efi-x crap!!!! can you believe it,and lets say psystar losses for good against apple i dont think they will let all their work go down the drain,who knows maybe they will make open-source(lets hope),but lets hope for the best 🙂

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