Fixed iStat Pro & Nano for HackBooks

Finally I’ve managed to fix the problem on why iStat Pro and iStat Nano would not work on HackBooks is that on Intel Macs , it checks for SMC controller to get information about battery. Our SMC data is not being populated for battery and not to mention that we are using a kernel-based driver to get our Battery Information (similar to how PowerBooks and iBooks do work , we’re using the same ol’ fashioned method from 10.4.x till today). Obviously we can opt to use SMC , but then we need to gather more data from our laptop Electronic Controller (the backbone of our laptop which is in charge of getting battery information , brightness information , spinning up the disk , spinning down , getting information about ac adapter , etc)
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Its not a feasible solution at all . Patching DSDT may not be everyones cup of tea nor having a perfect Electronic Controller . Anyhow I’ve patched both iStat Pro and Nano for HackBooks. This will get your battery indicator to work , ETA , its able to tell if the laptop is plugged or unplugged. However its not able to tell you the health of the battery nor the cycle counts of the battery. these information are provided by the SMC controller to the system. We don’t have our ACPI drivers probing for that. Its possible to fake it out or find a proper method to do it
Here is the picture that shows that it works (i am using it on my MSI Wind U100)
Screen shot 2009-12-13 at 11.25.11 PM
Here are the patched version of iStat Pro and iStat Nano. Source codes are included inside the istat.bundle , open it up. its inside there. You can’t miss it. I’ve commented on how I’ve changed. Again we gotta find a proper way to use FakeSMC to give istat the information its looking for , rather then patching istat !
Download iStat Pro
Download iStat Nano
No,  they aren’t going to put this patch in the official iStat and it will never happen as we are using ACPI , and real macs use SMC to probe details from battery 😛

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  1. Thanks for all, not only for this…your job with Hackintosh’s scene is amazing!!
    And also amazing your wallpaper….please where???!!!!!

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