Hp mini 100 and wifi issues

Heh , lately  (i should be working on Empire EFI) ,  the folks over at HPmini wanted their help . So I am going to help them out to see if they can get their wifi to work. Dumping the SSPROM would be critical especially for HP mini 100 users as currently there is no way to determine whats the exact variant of Broadcom card HP uses. OSX wants the id to match with the firmware and it loads the correct stuff. This is something new with Snow Leopard. However for Leopard , its not as fussy as Snow Leopard. As long it sees a compatible broadcom card it loads
Atheros is completely different , I was told by another guy that some of the HP Mini 100 comes with Atheros WiFi card which works great with 10.6.2. However I can’t help much without a proper rom dump. So far , my best buddy – Neonkola tried dumping from his Mini 100 – everytime he does it and bam the entire laptop hangs. It seems that HP is preventing that from happening. Alas , I’ll find another method to get it working or at least find on how to get it started.

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  1. Hi! Are there any progress in solving this problem?
    I have a Compaq (HP) mini 311c. Wi-fi is Broadcom BCM4312 (14e4:4315). DSDT fix doesn’t work 🙁 (on another laptop the card with the same chipset is work perfectly in 64-bit with DSDT fix).

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