"Freedom" via the Internet

Isn’t it great to find everything that you want via your computer , handheld , phones ?. I mean the Internet that is. You could get the latest quotes on house prices , stock prices , and even the latest news all via the Internet. I’m astounded by the Internet , at first I took it for granted , but then when you to take a look at it there are some parts in this world – whereby the Internet is being censored. A good example of it would be China. I am sure that you’ve heard that China blocks popular websites such as Facebook , Twitter , Blogspot , etc. Well , I’ve managed to ask  a chinese friend of mine who is in Mainland China (P.R.C) and he told me he does not care about the whole Internet censorship thingy as for hm , he can get most of his content from his own country. Now for that I agree – I mean you speak Chinese and you’re in China and gaming server , news portal sites , etc are all in China. Why you would want to visit foreign websites anyway.

Now in the same context , imagine Malaysia. I mean if our Internet is being censored , chances are people would express themselves in a different manner (perhaps more violent , we may never know what runs through one’s thought – and we do not want that ). We dont have content here in Malaysia. I mean lets take a look , big-sites such as Google are not locally hosted , instead its hosted in Singapore. Even YouTube servers are in Hong Kong for instance. Internet censorship would only want to make Investors to run. Gaming servers are hosted in USA , UK , EU , etc .
Some may think that even with all the heavy censorship in China , Investors are still pouring in – well the main reason because is that labour is cheap in China. Again you can check it out for yourself over at US Deparment of Labour – but if it were to be a country say for instance Malaysia. Its bad for our economy , I mean what will happen to Vision 2020 ? Will Malaysia be a developed country if there aren’t any FDIs ? I don’t think so.
Anyhow lets get back to the story. Thankfully there is not any form of Internet censorship . Kudos to the Malaysian government. The reason why some of us are worried is that the Internet especially blogging is a very powerful tool (which is pretty valid) . I mean you can post something rubbish and yet people would still fall for it (no not all , but there would be some that would think that whatever its on the Internet , it has to be real) .
For me its ultimately up to each individual. Yes everyday , I visit tons of sites which varies on different topic of interests – right from politics to art. When I read something (especially articles which is written by individuals , i.e bloggers) – I do always take it with “a pinch of salt” . Some of it can be very thought provoking , it makes to realize who we are and so on and some of it could be rather disturbing or simply does not make sense. Once again it depends how we perceive it , because the Internet is soo big and we have the total freedom of entering and leaving a website – why should be forced by “Big Brother” on which sites he/she thinks that its deemed not safe. The choice should ours , just like how Open market works.
But again , with great powers comes with great responsibility. So my advice is to use the Internet wisely. It can be a double-edged sword , it can bring good to mankind and at the same time it could destruct mankind. As for my friends who are in PRC (China) , well thankfully there are some solutions for you such as by using a proxy server to bypass it or routing it to via Hong Kong. I’m quite sure that if you’re in PRC, you’ll know the tricks :p
As for me the Internet is indeed a great media on instance like how I post tutorials , my tips and tricks an my thoughts on current issues. Its great to put a smile on peoples face when it comes to solving common computer issues by putting up simple solutions and to hear peoples thought (and how they view it) on the current issues around the globe and in Malaysia

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