Do Think Twice

Well I wanted to modify Bob Dylan’s famous song – Don’t Think Twice – Its alright and use it as my title but then it wouldn’t be that original.  Anyhow , I read today’s news (Malaysian news) and I was shocked to see this. Let me quote it for you (heh it saves your precious bandwidth).

College student duped into having sex with ‘medium’
KUALA LUMPUR: A 20-year-old college student who sought a medium’s help to end her streak of bad luck ended up having to sleep with the man.

She approached the medium, known only as master Choy, in April on the recommendations of her friends as she was worried about her well-being.

The 50-year-old medium told her she would not be able to get rid of the bad luck unless she had sex with a married man.

After some persuasion from the man, who is married, the girl agreed to have sex with him.

“He told me I had to sleep with a married man to get rid of all the bad luck,” she told a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department here yesterday.

Before having sexual intercourse, the medium told the girl, who is pursuing a degree in nutrition at a college, to strip naked and pose for some photographs.

She realised that she had been cheated a few months later when her luck had not changed and worse, she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him.

She went back to the medium and threatened to expose him but he slapped her and warned that he would post her nude photographs on the Internet.

The girl claimed that the medium issued a death threat against her should she decide to lodge a police report.

“I am getting a lawyer now to file a case against him,” she said.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Depart ment head Datuk Michael Chong advised the public to be wary of bogus mediums.

Source : The Star

Okay , let us analyse the article. Firstly , I am not sure why she fell for the trap. I mean if you were to see a medium and he told you to strip naked and sleep a married man. I’m quite sure that something is amiss. I mean , shes well educated in a sense that she is pursuing  a degree . If she was uneducated , it would be a different thing , but I guess at times when people are desperate they are willing to do just about anything – but selling your dignity to some random dude , you don’t even know ?. Common, you gotta be kidding me. Please girls (and ladies) alike , think twice !

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  1. @cmanns best advice, don’t never ever pay a visit to such person =D It’s not up to us to say whether we want our clothes on or off…haha
    @prasys this is why i do not believe in superstitious stuffs lol
    PS: chinese papers got bunch of this stuff and still, they kena the most…damn bugger lol

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