Happy Holidays

I would like to wish “Happy Holidays” to all of my readers. I am quite sure that the holiday session is here , the good ol’ spirit of sharing . Anyhow , just to let you know that I would not be around during x-mas week as I just want one week to myself and just to enjoy the holidays.
I’ll still respond to your e-mail (as I’ve it pushed through my iPhone 3G) and and the same time if my site goes down again , its most likely to heavy traffics that I get. Anyway , I would like to this this post with something simple. Thats about it. I do hope that God bless you and hopefully 2010 is the year for you.
Cheers !

Understanding more about SMC Keys

I thought of writing this up , to explain on what I’ve been doing or up to. Lately , a few folks (yeah great developers of OSX86) and I are working on mapping SMC keys to understand more on how SMC Controller works on Mac. This could be useful for Linux community and especially for hackint0sh. The reason is simple , as we all do know that Intel Macs do use SMC Controller to get Temperature Reading for HDD , Processor , GPU and other stuff.  This way we could obtain data from our Electronic Controller or Sensors and send it to FakeSMC to be given to the OS. So that applications such as iStat would report the correct temperature.
Anyhow , I gotta thank the iStat Team for this. I’ve been collecting this data from iStat Pro. Basically this is how iStat Pro functions. It gets the values from SMC Keys and then displays it to the OS. Thats how Temperature keys are retrieved from the OS . Anyhow , here are some keys (again you can use FakeSMC , fill it up with fake Information to get a dummy reading). Obviously it could be a point of interest of those who are looking to further FakeSMC.
TC0H , TC0D – Keys which are related to CPU Temperature (FakeSMC 2.5 has this already)
TG0D – GPU Diode Temperature for ( nVidia Video cards) (not sure for ATI cards as I dont have any data from a MacPro or Desktop Macs yet)
TG0P – GPU Temperature for Intel onboard Video cards (only X3100 it seems , GMA 950 lacks of this key)
TG0H/TG1H – GPU Heatsink (possible the fan speed of the GPU itself)  (again I am not sure about this key , a few macs do seem to have this)
TA0P – Ambient Light Sensor (Intensity of the Light which I believe is measured in (  W m^-2) (Not sure , needs more data)
Now some infos for the fan
FNum – Number of fans installed on the System
F<integer>Ac = Fan # x (where x = 1 , 2 , 3 …?) . It seems that the SMC keys can hold up to ? number of fans. It can handle that much.  (the speeds are in RPM , no not in radian/sec)
These is all that I can make sense out of it. There are more then that, however none of the real macs (or maybe they do) have all the stuff that it inside the source code. These keys can be useful for our Hackint0shes. if you wanna dig deeper then check this out

Fixed iStat Pro & Nano for HackBooks

Finally I’ve managed to fix the problem on why iStat Pro and iStat Nano would not work on HackBooks is that on Intel Macs , it checks for SMC controller to get information about battery. Our SMC data is not being populated for battery and not to mention that we are using a kernel-based driver to get our Battery Information (similar to how PowerBooks and iBooks do work , we’re using the same ol’ fashioned method from 10.4.x till today). Obviously we can opt to use SMC , but then we need to gather more data from our laptop Electronic Controller (the backbone of our laptop which is in charge of getting battery information , brightness information , spinning up the disk , spinning down , getting information about ac adapter , etc)
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Hp mini 100 and wifi issues

Heh , lately  (i should be working on Empire EFI) ,  the folks over at HPmini wanted their help . So I am going to help them out to see if they can get their wifi to work. Dumping the SSPROM would be critical especially for HP mini 100 users as currently there is no way to determine whats the exact variant of Broadcom card HP uses. OSX wants the id to match with the firmware and it loads the correct stuff. This is something new with Snow Leopard. However for Leopard , its not as fussy as Snow Leopard. As long it sees a compatible broadcom card it loads
Atheros is completely different , I was told by another guy that some of the HP Mini 100 comes with Atheros WiFi card which works great with 10.6.2. However I can’t help much without a proper rom dump. So far , my best buddy – Neonkola tried dumping from his Mini 100 – everytime he does it and bam the entire laptop hangs. It seems that HP is preventing that from happening. Alas , I’ll find another method to get it working or at least find on how to get it started.

"Freedom" via the Internet

Isn’t it great to find everything that you want via your computer , handheld , phones ?. I mean the Internet that is. You could get the latest quotes on house prices , stock prices , and even the latest news all via the Internet. I’m astounded by the Internet , at first I took it for granted , but then when you to take a look at it there are some parts in this world – whereby the Internet is being censored. A good example of it would be China. I am sure that you’ve heard that China blocks popular websites such as Facebook , Twitter , Blogspot , etc. Well , I’ve managed to ask  a chinese friend of mine who is in Mainland China (P.R.C) and he told me he does not care about the whole Internet censorship thingy as for hm , he can get most of his content from his own country. Now for that I agree – I mean you speak Chinese and you’re in China and gaming server , news portal sites , etc are all in China. Why you would want to visit foreign websites anyway.
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Rebranding Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n Cards as Airport

In this guide, I’ll be showing you on how to rebrand a Broadcom card which OSX detects as a Third Party Wireless card to Apple’s genuine Airport card. There are few reasons on why you should rebrand. Well , I would quote what BuildSmart and chrand have said about it :-

Basically I purchased the Linksys WMP300N wireless card with the hopes that it would work seamlessly in OSX. After fiddling with it for a while I was able to get it to work, but not at N speeds. I started doing some research and found that it would not work because its vendor and product IDs were not on Apple’s whitelist. One way to get it to work is to change the card’s IDs so that is on the whitelist.
Chrand of Insanelymac

Knowing me. So I tested out this hypothesis and its indeed true. For instance I’ve noticed that my BCM4321 (non apple branded) preformed kinda slow as in internet surfing , connection dropouts. I thought I am the only one. After checking out forums such as InsanelyMac,  I found out that I am not the only one. Thankfully BuildSmart found a solution on how to rebrand these cards so that OSX would see them as genuine apple airport cards thus giving us full N speed. Anyhow , I got my hands dirty and did that. The guide written by Chrand was simple but then it was out of date and it did not include pictures to help folks who are new to Linux. I thought of blogging about it and sharing on how to do it. So you may ask what are the advantages of doing so. Let me list em all for you :-

  • Makes it more vanilla (since everyone is talking about going retail and want to be as close to a real mac as possible)
  • Immunity against system upgrades (yes its true if you use a generic card however knowing how Apple works. They could simply blacklist non-Apple Broadcom cards so that they would not work at all). Its just possible
  • Increases your confidence level so you’ve finally managed to do something that is related to low-level hardware stuff
  • increases resale value of the card (in case if you want to sell it back. Suppose if you bought it for $10 , now you can sell it for $20 or so and you can say that its 100% genuine apple card instead of third party wireless)

Before you do this , be warned that there is a risk involved here. If you did something wrong here , it could render your wifi card useless. Don’t tell me I’ve warned you. I’ve already tested this method with couple of my friends over @ #snowleopard and found out that it did work and it did not ruin their laptops and desktops. Thanks Galaxy and apoc 😛
Basically , you’ll be needing the following stuffs ;-

  • Broadcom Wireless Card (such as Dell 1505, 1510 , 1490 , 1390 , etc) (which OSX sees as a third party wireless)
  • Ubuntu 9.10 Live Disc (no we will not be installing Linux) (if you dont have a CD Drive , for instance a netbook then you can Google yourself on how to run Ubuntu 9.10 on a usb disk. For instance I used this software. I used my 2GB flash drive and just pointed out where is my ISO and it did work. Oh yeah it requires Windows) – Ubuntu 9.04 would work as well
  • An Active Internet Connection via Ethernet or by other means (i.e 3G Wireless) (as Wireless will not work during this time) . So I recommend you to plug in ethernet cable !

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Getting Fn Toggle key to work on HackBooks

Well, for over a week. I was furiously trying to battle out on how to get Fn Key Toggle to work on our HackBooks. The main reason is that I dislike the idea of pressing Fn + F1 to get brightness or special function keys to work. In Mac , you’ve an option to toggle it but then it does not work on Hackint0shes as Mac uses USB Keyboard and our Internal Laptop keyboard and mouse are still based on legacy PS/2. Anyhow it took me a long time to figure it out on how to get it to work , and I’ve a working solution for Snow Leopard (for 32-bit Kernel only as I’ve compiled the driver for 32-bit , you may however compile it for 64-bit) . and Leopard.
The reason why I made it for 32-bit is that Real Macs use 32-bit kernel , thats the main reason why I am sticking with 32-bit. Anyhow , before we get our hands messy. There are few things that you should take into account. Firstly , you must have the ability to patch and modify your dsdt as we would be making slight changes to it to reflect few things. Secondly , you need to know how to recovery in case of screw ups. Thirdly , stop posting stupid comments such as “OMG please patch my DSDT”. I am not going to entertain such requests , however if you’ve other suggestion or better approach feel free to post a comment or mail me directly.
Currently this guide is not for newbies or those who do not have any clue on what they are doing as I did not explain on how to fix permissions , generating mkext , replacing kernel extensions , getting dsdt , compiling dsdt.  Be sure to have the basic knowledge of it first before attempting it !
Here are few things that you need to grab :-
KeyReMap4Macbook (patched by a guy in Vodooo forums) to include support for PS 2 Devices otherwise it would not work. Its vital for us to install this first , as not only it gives us the chance to modify keys in our hackbook but it also enables certain functions tow ork
ApplePS2Keyboard.kext (I’ve patched this manually , by collecting few patches from Vodooo forum and Meklort’s Dell Mini 9 keyboard. The problem with his its that its made to Dell specific , so I removed few things and made it a bit specific for Wind and other general netbook). It behaves like HID Devices meaning that these applications which allows 3rd party addon to behave like the way we want . (Source Code)
Note – VodooPS2 Kexts may just work fine as well. However the original ApplePS2Keyboard.kext may not work as it does not follow some of HID property thingy that we need it to get it up and working
FunctionFlip – For some reason the new version does not work , it does not scan for legacy devices instead it focuses on USB Devices. I guess the author made a right choice as only Intel macs are using USB Keyboard. anyhow I’ve managed to patch it for 32-bit. I am not too sure about 64-bit , but anyway System Preferences would run in legacy mode , so its not a big issue. You can obtain the patched copy here. It just makes sure it sees PS2 Keyboard as an Apple USB Keyboard , thus allowing it to work.
The DSDT diff – you can obtain it from here. Its in pastebin.
Now let us get started. Be sure to backup your stuff before you proceed
1. Firstly we would have to patch our DSDT for it. Be sure to grab your DSDT.dsl and add this following line to it
Compile your dsdt.dsl and hopefully there is no errors or what-so-ever for it. Try booting with your new DSDT.aml , and everything works great , we can proceed on with step 2. I’ll be posting a complete how-to fix later over at projectOSX.
2. Once we have it patched. Just be sure to grab the patched ApplePS2Keyboard.kext and put it inside of your ApplePS2Controller.kext. That is right click ApplePS2Controller.kext , View Package Contents , then navigate it through Contents -> Plugins. Backup the old ApplePS2Keyboard.kext and replace it with the patched kext. Save it. Generate your extensions.mkext (fix permissions or what-so-ever). Reboot and hopefully your keyboard works.
3. Install the patched keyremap4macbook and FunctionFlip and reboot your mac for the last time
4. If everything went okay , go to system preferences , enable FunctionFlip and choose a suitable keyboard layout and just select which keys you want to remap. Currently I’ve remaped it to the one which has music keys as its easier for me to play , pause , rewind on my msi wind. Plus it behaves exactly like how a macbook air should
Keep in mind that this is the first draft  and its 1 Am here when I wrote this post. I’ll be adding pictures up tomorrow and spicing up things and maybe post it up in forums so that folks are aware of it.

Plans for Empire EFI v1.09

I would like to discuss plans for my upcoming Empire EFI v 1.09. Before I get into that , I would like to take this time and opportunity to thank everyone who have helped to make this project going along , every one of you in any way that you’ve managed to help me and the community to.
Currently as we do know that Empire EFI makes it easier for those who are on Windows to boot and install Retail copies of Snow Leopard ($29) on a PC. The main objective of this is that its to replace complicated method of installation such as USB Installation method whereby its not possible for someone to do if he/she does not own a mac. Apart from that , the disc would serve as a recovery disc in an event of kext (Drivers) mess up. Suppose if you’ve installed something incompatible which renders OSX86 useless , its possible to use this disc or even the retail disc to recover back your files and fix it up. These are the current objectives. However starting from V1.09 , I’ve new plans and visions as well and for that I would also love to hear your feedback (your thoughts and opinion) on how we should improvise it. Anyhow lets take a look at my (more like our) plan :-

  • Streamlining it to One CD (eliminating the need of having multiple iso for certain motherboards , instead having it one one disc for modern motherboards)
  • Making sure user learns something (as its the main objective of OSX86 , the reason why newbies don’t get help or gurus don’t want to help them is that some of them are just expecting to be spoon fed. Right from a-z , i know it can be challenging but my ultimate aim is to make sure someone is knowledgeable enough to pass on the knowledge on how to fix dsdt , kexts without the need of installer or automated solution)
  • Translating into other languages (making it a localised version , thus making it easier for non-native english speakers to understand and follow and possibility spread the knowledge to their peers)

These are some of the reasons , especially the second objective. I just hope it becomes a reality , as I would love to see more and more knowledgeable users in the community as it can be an asset to us all . The problem that the community is facing is that we do lack of knowledgeable users and not to mention users who fail to follow simple instructions. I am not sure what else I could. I do also want folks to pick up basic dsdt fixing skills and basic Terminal skills , so that in an event of mess-up its possible for them to know how to recover , just like they would do it in windows with similar tools. For me the most important aspect is knowledge. Knowledge is the key for everything. Its been stressed in every religion and in every culture. I just want to share the knowledge and make folks sufficient knowledgeable enough , so that they can keep the ball rolling.  Anyhow if you have something to add , please do not hesitate to comment.
God (or “The Atom” if you’re an atheist) bless us all !

Do Think Twice

Well I wanted to modify Bob Dylan’s famous song – Don’t Think Twice – Its alright and use it as my title but then it wouldn’t be that original.  Anyhow , I read today’s news (Malaysian news) and I was shocked to see this. Let me quote it for you (heh it saves your precious bandwidth).

College student duped into having sex with ‘medium’
KUALA LUMPUR: A 20-year-old college student who sought a medium’s help to end her streak of bad luck ended up having to sleep with the man.

She approached the medium, known only as master Choy, in April on the recommendations of her friends as she was worried about her well-being.

The 50-year-old medium told her she would not be able to get rid of the bad luck unless she had sex with a married man.

After some persuasion from the man, who is married, the girl agreed to have sex with him.

“He told me I had to sleep with a married man to get rid of all the bad luck,” she told a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department here yesterday.

Before having sexual intercourse, the medium told the girl, who is pursuing a degree in nutrition at a college, to strip naked and pose for some photographs.

She realised that she had been cheated a few months later when her luck had not changed and worse, she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him.

She went back to the medium and threatened to expose him but he slapped her and warned that he would post her nude photographs on the Internet.

The girl claimed that the medium issued a death threat against her should she decide to lodge a police report.

“I am getting a lawyer now to file a case against him,” she said.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Depart ment head Datuk Michael Chong advised the public to be wary of bogus mediums.

Source : The Star

Okay , let us analyse the article. Firstly , I am not sure why she fell for the trap. I mean if you were to see a medium and he told you to strip naked and sleep a married man. I’m quite sure that something is amiss. I mean , shes well educated in a sense that she is pursuing  a degree . If she was uneducated , it would be a different thing , but I guess at times when people are desperate they are willing to do just about anything – but selling your dignity to some random dude , you don’t even know ?. Common, you gotta be kidding me. Please girls (and ladies) alike , think twice !