The Reason Behind Removable of EmpireEFI @ InsanelyMac

I’ve just spoke to one of InsanelyMac admins about the issue. I for once agree with him. The reason why Empire EFI topics were being removed were basically simple , folks got over exiected starting doing comparison with Rebel EFI and then starting pointing links back to my blog (which they don’t allow I was told , if it was posted outside of insanelymac as per forum rules and regulations). You could at least help me by following their rules and not by asking questions or ¬†anything related to Empire EFI. However you’re free to ask questions there after you’ve installed OSX or you are looking for help for your sound card or something.
For the rest of us who want a way to find help and support
I’ve started a thread in InfiniteMac , so if you’re looking for help. Do post it up in InfiniteMac and respect the R&R of InsanelyMac
Edit : Clarified with an admin and posted the reason

3 thoughts to “The Reason Behind Removable of EmpireEFI @ InsanelyMac”

  1. Maybe Empire EFI should be renamed so as not to draw comparisons with Rebel EFI or at least drop the EFI part since it isn’t EFI as most people know it.
    It looks far beyond what Rebel EFI was anyway so why not start with your own ‘branding’. You could maybe ask users for suggestions?
    I certainly agree with sites banning talk about Rebel EFI since as most people will likely agree Psystar are nothing but bad news and don’t deserve any publicity even if it is bad publicity. However, your package looks like a good tool towards perfecting OSX86 installation and it would be a shame if discussion of it remained frowned upon because of its name.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Spanky. Yes I might rename it into something else. Its not a big deal at all , the reason is because insanelymac wants to be a community-based. I truly understand their situation. At first I was furious too , till I spoke with one of the admins over there to get to know the reason behind why it was deleted in the first place. He explained and it made sense and I am okay with it.

  2. The EmpireEFI Name is a statement against RebelEFI (you get it? the whole Empire vs Rebel thing from Star Wars? still dont get it?…..) The point being, it does the same thing, and its free! Free! as in Community (not as in free beer, but if you have one of those around, thats cool). I can agree with InsanelyMac’s stance, however the name EmpireEFI promotes no ambiguity when in the context of the “non-community” people (its against….or the empire…which sounds evil but is really cool)

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