I'm Back + EmpireEFI say hello to AMD !

Okay guys , I am back. Thanks to my host for extending the amount of bandwidth that I get . The reason why I went down is because of the number of hits (traffic) that I get a day. A huge amount of traffic , I would say. Honestly , I am grateful for my host to provide me a free hosting with a huge amount of bandwidth. I am not sure how to repay this debt back. I guess if you want to help me out , at least go to XenServ and get yourself a host support him in any other way.
Apart from that Empire EFI now supports AMD processors. Its possible for folks to install Empire EFI on an AMD Processor. This is possible as nwcom did an a la carte version of EmpireEFI for AMD processors. For more information , do check it out in my Empire EFI thread . Its still experimental but then I believe that it will be possible…

5 thoughts to “I'm Back + EmpireEFI say hello to AMD !”

  1. and thank you for the nice words prasys, glad to help ^_^
    and to the OSX86 scene and people downloading stuff via uploadpla.net – hope everything works great =D

  2. Easiest OSX86 install EVER! Used Empire EFI 1.08 on a GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 with GeForce 7600GT video. Install from the retail disk was flawless and I only had to add a few easy kext files to have perfect video, audio and on-board networking.
    Thanks for creating this!!!

  3. Thanks to you I am very close to building a badass video server.
    Dell AMD 2x 2.1 GHZ Quad core Barcelona w 16GB DDR2 ECC ram. ATI EFI worked awesome, now im just working out the graphics card issues… ATI 4670! maybe ill just sell it and step down to nvidia or up to a 4800 line… idunno… but anyway, THANKS AGAIN!

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