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As we all do know that netkas has released the latest version of FakeSMC which adds temperature sensors , that allows applications such as iStat to get CPU temperature and to do display it. It kinda makes it one step to the real thing. You can check out other improvements that he has done to it over at here
Now my concern is to make the SMC control version to match of a real mac , since everybody is talking about vanilla and how to behave it like a real mac. In this guide , I’ll show you how. Think of it as part 3. If you have not read my SMBIOS guide , please do so by clicking here
You’ll be needing few things :-

First thing is for us to get the needed SMC version for the mac that we are planning to fake out. In this case , I am going to use the SMC Version which is found on MacBookAir1,1. This is because my Wind mimics a macbook air. By changing the version , it would be one step closer to the real thing. At least your system profiler info looks close as to the real thing. Once you’ve the version number in this case its
1.23f20 (SMC Version for a MacBookAir1,1)
Open up FakeSMC.kext (right click , view package contents and then select MacOS)

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.10.06 PM
Locate your fakesmc.kext and select it !

Once that is done , right click Info.plist and select Open with Plist Edit Pro
Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.10.52 PM
Open info.plist of fakesmc.kext , be sure to right click it and select open with Plist Edit Pro

The reason why we are using Plist Edit Pro is that the keys are in base 64. You can use a normal text editor if you know how to do conversion between base 64 to base 10 and vise versa. It shouldn’t be any problem for those who love or are into maths , computing , or engineering. For the rest of us , it plist edit pro (yes that includes the lazy folks who are who lazy to do the conversion)
Once you’re in Plist pro , navigate to this key and change the corresponding SMC version that you want. Oh be sure to set the Tjmax value for your processor. You can find this value in Windows by running CoreTemp. This will give OSX the CPU Temperature readings in which it can alert if your CPU temperature is too high
Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.11.22 PM
Navigate to REV key and change the Version that you want to mimic !

Tip on changing , by default its REV 01300F00 0003 , which coresponds to SMC Version : 1.30f3 , so for instance if its an iMac9,1 , it would be 01370F00 0003 , so on and so forth. Like I’ve said its not rocket science to figure out on how it works. Trial and error , till you get it right !
Save it , put it in either your EFI partition or /Extra/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions and rebuild your extensions (if you’re using Conti’s myhack , just simply run pfix.sh. For those who are using EFI partition , I am quite sure you know how to update it

15 thoughts to “Editing FakeSMC”

  1. according to this site that you link (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237) iMac 9,1 SMC is empty? or lets say i’ll just use MacPro 2,1 smbios instead since MacPro3,1 is not listed too- how can i input this to REV “1.15f3 (SMC 1.1)” taken fro macpro 2,1?
    my original REV from the kext is ” 01300F00 0003″.. Thanks a lot.

  2. OK thanks but you havent answer the second question? anyways, ive googled it and the value is this “SMC 1.37f3 – how do i input it in REV?
    quoted from your post ” Once youโ€™re in Plist pro , navigate to this key and change the corresponding SMC version that you want. “.. sorry but it’s really not clear! im sure i wont input “1.37f3” right? since the old one reads “01300F00 0003”.
    Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. just a guess? the old one reads REV 01300F00 0003 and it displays 1.30f3, so for the iMac9,1 value is 1.37f3 = 01370F00 0003?, changed the “0” to “7”?
    haha it’s just a guess since your how to doesn’t mention what numeric numbers to input in REV just and i quote “change the corresponding SMC version that you want”.

  4. Hi Pradeessh!
    Whats the benefit to having the correct SMC version anyway? Is it just cosmetic? Or are there any apps that read and use this information?

  5. Hello Pradeesh,
    How are things in Malaysia? Is it the rainy season now? Anyway I thought you or someone on your blog might know about editing the SMC for an nvidia geforce 9800 gt. It list’s the proper card in system profiler but it doesn’t show the temp or the fan speed in any utilities (iStat etc.) and if you do a verbose boot it says that the card is to new. Also do you know anything about intel DG41RQ’s DSDT values? Thanks CFI

  6. Hi,
    I’d like to second the question on the actual benefit of having the right SMC. What will change? Having the same problem with a Nvidia 900gt it would be intersting to know how to edit the SMC for that card. Thanks a lot.

  7. The reason SMC Version 1.39f11 (Mac5,1) becomes ATkPAAAR is: ASCII -> Octal conversion.
    If you edit Info.plist with a regular text editor (I used pico in terminal) the same REV value is displayed in Octal as opposed to something like 01040F00 0012. I guess PlistPro converts it from octal to whatever 01040F… is

  8. Hmm …
    In regular text editor it’s looks like key\data[ {rev | ATAPAAAD ];
    In elementary logic there values looks like 01040F00 0012 and have a value of 1.39f11 contains only 8 symbols in base64 without [dot] and zero. No …. Not equal(peeeeeeeeep).
    bla bla bla …
    Fear … Fckn logic … Shoot now one more Apple programmer …
    John, TNX!
    And … Is this a way to run BootCamp under hackintosh or way to improve performance? Why it’s need to do ?

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