Creating your own Injector

I’ve made a guide on how to create an injector over at ProjectOSX . Generally , it shows you on how you can legacykexts to inject value to the actual kext without the need of editing that kext everytime. It makes upgrading much more easier. However bear in mind that its targetted for advanced users. I’ll be updating my post over at ProjectOSX
For now I am kinda busy and oh yeah another thing, I’ll be blogging back about Malaysia soon. No I am not forgetting OSX , its just that I want to blog ’bout my country a bit more.

The Reason Behind Removable of EmpireEFI @ InsanelyMac

I’ve just spoke to one of InsanelyMac admins about the issue. I for once agree with him. The reason why Empire EFI topics were being removed were basically simple , folks got over exiected starting doing comparison with Rebel EFI and then starting pointing links back to my blog (which they don’t allow I was told , if it was posted outside of insanelymac as per forum rules and regulations). You could at least help me by following their rules and not by asking questions or  anything related to Empire EFI. However you’re free to ask questions there after you’ve installed OSX or you are looking for help for your sound card or something.
For the rest of us who want a way to find help and support
I’ve started a thread in InfiniteMac , so if you’re looking for help. Do post it up in InfiniteMac and respect the R&R of InsanelyMac
Edit : Clarified with an admin and posted the reason

I'm Back + EmpireEFI say hello to AMD !

Okay guys , I am back. Thanks to my host for extending the amount of bandwidth that I get . The reason why I went down is because of the number of hits (traffic) that I get a day. A huge amount of traffic , I would say. Honestly , I am grateful for my host to provide me a free hosting with a huge amount of bandwidth. I am not sure how to repay this debt back. I guess if you want to help me out , at least go to XenServ and get yourself a host support him in any other way.
Apart from that Empire EFI now supports AMD processors. Its possible for folks to install Empire EFI on an AMD Processor. This is possible as nwcom did an a la carte version of EmpireEFI for AMD processors. For more information , do check it out in my Empire EFI thread . Its still experimental but then I believe that it will be possible…

Editing FakeSMC

As we all do know that netkas has released the latest version of FakeSMC which adds temperature sensors , that allows applications such as iStat to get CPU temperature and to do display it. It kinda makes it one step to the real thing. You can check out other improvements that he has done to it over at here
Now my concern is to make the SMC control version to match of a real mac , since everybody is talking about vanilla and how to behave it like a real mac. In this guide , I’ll show you how. Think of it as part 3. If you have not read my SMBIOS guide , please do so by clicking here
You’ll be needing few things :-

First thing is for us to get the needed SMC version for the mac that we are planning to fake out. In this case , I am going to use the SMC Version which is found on MacBookAir1,1. This is because my Wind mimics a macbook air. By changing the version , it would be one step closer to the real thing. At least your system profiler info looks close as to the real thing. Once you’ve the version number in this case its
1.23f20 (SMC Version for a MacBookAir1,1)
Open up FakeSMC.kext (right click , view package contents and then select MacOS)

Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.10.06 PM
Locate your fakesmc.kext and select it !

Once that is done , right click Info.plist and select Open with Plist Edit Pro
Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.10.52 PM
Open info.plist of fakesmc.kext , be sure to right click it and select open with Plist Edit Pro

The reason why we are using Plist Edit Pro is that the keys are in base 64. You can use a normal text editor if you know how to do conversion between base 64 to base 10 and vise versa. It shouldn’t be any problem for those who love or are into maths , computing , or engineering. For the rest of us , it plist edit pro (yes that includes the lazy folks who are who lazy to do the conversion)
Once you’re in Plist pro , navigate to this key and change the corresponding SMC version that you want. Oh be sure to set the Tjmax value for your processor. You can find this value in Windows by running CoreTemp. This will give OSX the CPU Temperature readings in which it can alert if your CPU temperature is too high
Screen shot 2009-11-24 at 8.11.22 PM
Navigate to REV key and change the Version that you want to mimic !

Tip on changing , by default its REV 01300F00 0003 , which coresponds to SMC Version : 1.30f3 , so for instance if its an iMac9,1 , it would be 01370F00 0003 , so on and so forth. Like I’ve said its not rocket science to figure out on how it works. Trial and error , till you get it right !
Save it , put it in either your EFI partition or /Extra/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions and rebuild your extensions (if you’re using Conti’s myhack , just simply run For those who are using EFI partition , I am quite sure you know how to update it

Removed those fake reviews

Its about time that I’ve did that. I am sick of those so-called VPN companies offering free VPN in exchange for review. I’ve written but I did not get any. So yeah , just to let you know there is no such thing as free lunch. In the meantime , I am busy setting up my ubuntu-server . Its V2. I’ve messed up the previous configuration and I’m starting fresh 😛

Patched 10.6.2 Kernel is Out

Nawcom has patched the new 10.6.2 “qoopz” kernel for legacy processors and as well as for AMD processors. on top of that he has made an installer to get it all up and working. Once you’ve installed Snow Leopard 10.6.2 update , be sure to run this . There is nothing much changes which have been done to XNU. The package includes the 10.6.2 kernel for AMD processors and Intel SSE2/SSE3 such as Pentium 4 and patched SleepEnabler.kext
Thanks nawcom !
Edit : The diff as per request by AAPL. Feel free to look at it and improvise it and be sure to retain the kernel name as this is a request by qoopz , the original author of the kernel. If you want , you may add your initial but just retain the original name of the kernel !
P.S – I tried to compiled but I did not work at all
Edit : Updated link , will include mirrors later

OSX86 Wisdom and Waste – This stops now!

No longer will noobs be told to read a few pages of the 500 billion sites online to find enough information to educate them.
No longer will gurus need to index 500+ pages in their bookmarks or memorize over 100+ commands to fix their hacks.
No longer will the people who can something to help — swim against the monsterous current of noob floods trying to help noobs.
Prasys and I have discussed new options in moving the INFORMATION of the OSX86 community to new heights.
This follows in sync with its: bootloaders, hacks, pre-installers, post-installers, third party kexts, and most importantly its community’s evolution.
We are calling on everyone and anyone to submit to accurate and sound information that deals with universal OSX86 knowledge.
Here is a synopsis of our current goals which when written will be made available in .pdf, .rtf, and .txt formats.
Document boot flags, boot arguments, command prompt, and problem solving protocols.
First properly document any and all boot flags/arguments with explanations.
Additionally, document their proper order of use as some will not work if used in an improper order.
Second, document similar commands found only for the following:
chameleon, pcEFI, empireEFI (should be identical to chameleon?)
Third, a short tutorial on how to use /e/e and the future use of the spare directory.
Fourth, write scenarios in which people find themselves daily.
Solutions to these scenarios with full explanations.
Please, at the moment, we DO NOT want hardware specific solutions — that is for another project.
At your convenience, please write up something and send it to us.  Make it as accurate as possible and cite your sources.
We may ask you for a revision and all credits will be included — as well as source material properly cited.
Thanks and we look forward to the 1st edition of this project being posted by Sunday, November 22nd, 2009.

Understanding Mac Serial Number

I am sure most of you folks have read my guide on how to build a prefect SMBIOS.plist for your hack , so that it thinks that you’re running it on a specific Mac Model. Next up on my guide which is more of a extension then a real guide is how to generate your own Mac serial number so that its unique. Its valid as it can be checked by any Mac serial checker and programs and other things which uses to estimate the age of your mac (such as Coconut battery or Coconut Identity Card) would predict how old is your PC by this serial number. Its a good way to determine its age.
Read More

Mirror Mirror on the wall ….

Lately , due to the increasing number of visitors to my site. The site wasn’t able to sustain the amount of load . Therefore I’ll be mirroring this site , which would include essential tutorial and stuff to my other site. I am in the mids of backing up things and to another host just incase if this thing goes down , so that people can still continue to read my guide and still able to move foward with it

[TUTORIAL] Upgrading to OSX 10.6.2

As we all do know that Apple has released an update for MacOS X Snow Leopard. For Hackint0sh users , its the time for you to rejoice as Intel i5 support and P55 chipset are officially supported (In other words , once Apple releases 10.6.2 Retail DVD , if they do. You could use Empire EFI and it would just work). As for those of us who have already installed MacOSX 10.6.1 or OSX 10.6.2. This guide takes you on how to do a safe upgrade. After all , we don’t want to break anything. Before we get started , you need to have several things. These are :-

  • Snow Leopard Retail DVD with Empire EFI or Boot-132 -or- USB Snow leopard – or Chameleon on a USB Stick
  • Know what kexts are installed in your /Extra or EFI partition
  • A linux installation somewhere which has native HFS+ read/write support or Windows with MacDrive installed
  • Conti’s pfix script or the commands on how to fix Kernel Cache via Terminal (if you’ve used myHack-on-USB-stick , its there by default)

Before you start reading this guide , I recommend you to read netkas’ blog for more up to date information and special steps that should be taken  and plus what benefits that 10.6.2 gives us for Hackint0sh users !
First thing first. Firstly , go to Apple’s site and download MacOSX 10.6.2 Combo updater. Do not use system updater to update it. Instead download the combo updater. Now before we fire it up. Be sure to run Terminal. What we would be doing here is to backup our entire Extensions folder. This is just to be safe that , in case of screw ups. We could use patched kexts back. This is true because from time to time apple would remove support for certain card , and even certain processors. Recently , they did remove support for Intel Atom processors !
To do this , type

sudo mkdir /System/Library/Extensions1
sudo cp -R /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions1

For Intel Atom users/Pentium D/AMD : You’ll have to backup your kernel as well. As there is no way that we could use Vanilla Kernel. To do this , simply type
sudo cp  /mach_kernel /mach_good
Keep your terminal window at all costs
Now we have our extensions backed up to Extensions1 and our kernel has been backed up as well. Now its time for us to run Installer. Just simply install MacOSX 10.6.2 combo updater. Once that is done , do not reboot. Its time for us to restore patched kexts and (patched kernel if any). If you’ve used any patched kexts (i.e drivers) in /System/Library/Extensions. you’ll have to copy from your Extensions1 folder to your new Extensions folder. This includes any patched apple kexts such as patched IONetworkingFamily , Appleintel* graphics. Just copy from your Extensions1 to your extensions folder. As for patched kernel users , simply go back to Terminal and type
sudo mv /mach_kernel /mach_bad
sudo mv /mach_good /mach_kernel
Be sure to replace SleepEnabler.kext with a newer version from netkas’ site before rebooting , failure to do so may result in kernel panic. If you’re using your old kernel (aka for Atom users and Intel Pentium/AMD users) , you do not have to replace SleepEnabler.kext , only replace it if you’re going to use Vanilla 10.6.2 kernel !
What it does is that it renames mach_kernel as mach_bad and then it restores back our old 10.6 kernel . Once that is done , do not forget to rebuild your kernel extensions by running Conti’s script ! Reboot and just keep your fingers crossed. I’ll update this guide later on how to restore just in case of 10.6.2 screws up badly !
If something is messed up real bad , just simply use Rebel EFI or Chameleon boot disk to boot up back your installation and to fix things
Update #1 by Steve (thanks)
I thought I’d mention this : For myHack users, if you should run into a KP related to SleepEnabler Kext, just boot to you HD using myHacked USB, and re-install myHack selecting needed Kexts while unchecking FilebufferDisabler, only this time also DE-SELECT the SleepEnabler Kext to remove it and reboot normally !