SSE2 Kernel for Snow Leopard (Intel/AMD)

Thats right folks. Its about time that most of guys waited for a SSE2 Kernel for both AMD and Intel. well this is it , qoopz and the great team behind have done most of the work to get the ball rolling , that is to get SSE2 support for Snow Leopard working and as well as AMD support. Not to mention that this kernel supports 64-bit for AMD processors and Intel processors with AMD64 and Intel’s EM64T. It makes it possible to run 64-bit applications. Plus this kernel also supports Intel i5 processors  However keep in mind that this kernel will not run in pure 64-bit kernelspace. Doesn’t make sense to you ?. I’ll explain in a jiffy  – but first credit goes to qoopz for coming up with the kernel !
So what the hell are you trying to say – At first you said 64-bit but now you are saying its not…Please do explain

It means that the kernel will work in 32-bit. You don’t get pure 64-bit mode , as in your hardware drivers would be in 32-bit. However programs would take advantage of 64-bit mode and run natively in 64-bit if its capable of doing so. However be warned that 64-bit support is bit flaky due to the fact that these older processors lack SSSE3. For AMD systems , you’ll notice that some programs will crash with 64-bit. As for Intel , you’ll notice that QuickTime X will fail to play H.264 movies with 64-bit turned on. These are known issues. 64-bit support is disabled by default due to these reasons. To enable 64-bit , simply boot with “-force64” (without quotes) to test out 64-bit functionalitly. AMD users with SSE2 and AMD64 should not attempt to run programs in 64-bit as its way to slow and it can cause lots of hiccups (hangs , kernel panic and such).
Features of the Kernel :-

  • Bulit-in kernel blacklister  – automatically blacklists bad kexts from loading. Therefore you don’t need to use a disabler to disable it manually
  • bigger dmesg – Which translates to a larger log file so that you can troubleshoot easily
  • uuid patching/fix – Eliminates the need of UUID kext or specifying manually
  • fsb detection – Do I’ve to say more on this
  • cpu cache detection – Again , I don’t have to explain on this
  • reboot fix  – Eliminates the need of OpenHaltRestart and fixes shutdown/reboot issue
  • sse3emu -SSE3 emulator for SSE2 processors . Bear in mind that most of the applications in Snow Leopard run fine with this emulator. However there are some reports of Safari and certain applications that may crash or behave weirdly. It will not be enabled if you have SSE3

This kernel also works with Snow Leopard
For AMD users , it doesn’t include on the fly CPUID patching – which means that you’ll have to patch your CPUIDs manually by using a third party tool. You could read more about this in my Snow Leopard guide and in other AMD for Snow leopard installation guide. You may download Marvin’s AMD tool from here . Its needed to ensure that most of the binaries would operate for AMD.
Here we go.
Original Link (rapidshare)
Mirror Link #1  (
Mirror Link #2 (crimsy)
If you would like to mirror this kernel , please let me know (or qoopz) so that I can include it in my blog.
Installation – To install simply rename your old mach_kernel as mach_backup and rename this as mach_kernel . If you’re planning to install Snow Leopard. Do follow my installation guide as I’ve updated it to reflect SSE2 changes or you may follow other guides !  Please do not forget to read the readme to know more details about this kernel
Source Code – The source code (.dff) will be given upon request only. You may contact me directly via e-mail if you want the source.
Kernel Name – Some of you may ask why the kernel is named as “anappirtrvh” . which means thx to: azi, nevermind, arya, prasys, p|astikman, inku, roisoft, tomas, radekg, Voodoo, and HiFi the slow tester. – Which is the first name of the beta testers who helped to test the kernel
I would like to take this opportuntity to thank qoopz for releasing the kernel for the SSE2 AMD/Intel user community out there. without him , we would be still in darkness and I am guessing he is the guy that would get the ball rolling

Google Wave : First Impressions

I’ve to thank this young lady for giving away a Google Wave invite . Anyhow long story short. I’ve managed to get the invite sent to my e-mail after 6 days of waiting. Thats it , it took 6 days for Google to approve it. Bear in mind that invites aren’t instant , instead you’ll have to be in the waiting list. So once you’ve your invite , just click to activate. if you have a Google account , it automatically syncs your Google contact to determine if there are any other folks in your contact list with Google Wave and not to mention that it automatically gets your information about your website , your full name (if you have Google contacts to sync with your iPhone that is). Before we get further , Google Wave is a combination of Twitter , Instant Messengers (such as MSN Messenger) , Facebook and IRC in one package. Its nice for you to do collaborative research and talk. Its great for students and those who are in the working field. Imagine , as a student , with your friends who are in their own PC . Google Wave allows you to “work with them” with them in real time , something great for group work as you don’t have to go to a public spot such as a library or Starbucks to get your things done.

Google Wave
Google Wave Main Screen

At first glance , Google Wave may seem to look like your e-mail client. But its totally different. Google used the same concept and instead came up with real time tool to do that. Suppose if you have friends working on a project (lets say an essay on global warming). You can write your draft save it and later your friends could continue to add their ideas and it can be done in real time as well . You could see what they are typing , and what they are commenting about it . Plus , language is no longer a barrier as suppose if someone in your team doesn’t speak the language that the rest understand. Google Wave automatically translates it for you. They speak in their native language and you speak in yours and it gets translated on the fly for both parties. Think of it as being in United Nation’s General Election whereby you have delegates from different countries who may not speak a common language but then you have translators to translate for them. Its something like that for Google Wave
Google Wave - Real Time
Google Wave in Real Time

However let me empathise this. Google Wave is not for everyone , its not a Facebook replacement nor a Twitter replacement. But its tool for people collaborate and to come up with something great. However it may open room for a lot of people , who knows – gamers who do have their guilds in World of Warcraft can use Google Wave to talk about tactics and such. I am guessing the whole Google Wave API (Plugins) would take it to the next level.
Lastly , I know what you guys would ask – Invites. Clearly , I don’t have invitees at all to give away. If I do I am sure to twit about it or write an article about in my blog.

New Layout

I’ve almost done with my new layout. I hope it looks nice for most of you. The reason why I’ve changed from my old layout to the new one is that my old layout was kinda common and it was messy. It has all these funny trackers and unwanted scripts which may have slowed down the whole thing. Now what I’ve really done is I’ve made my site much more user friendly. So that its easy on the eyes and most importantly to make more friends
Things which I’ve changed/added

  • Friends Section – It will contain all my blog roll links and my Google Visitors. Its easier for have them in one corner rather then at the site which I think is unprofessional
  • Privacy Policy – Revised. This time it includes web-safety check just to give you the assurance that my site is safe and free from any form of malware , spyware or bots which steals information
  • Social Bar – Get in touch with me . There are many ways that we could get in touch !

Lizard – Companion for Chameleon

Finally a software for folks to edit Chameleon related configuration stuff. Lizard was created by sonotone . Its a front end on managing Chameleon on which I think is pretty handy (although I am a guy who hates some GUI tool to do things). Anyhow , what Lizard does is that it gives you a GUI whereby you can easily customise your Chameleon options. For instance if you want it to enable HPET fix or make it auto-boot to a drive , then you have it. The problem before this was that people tend not to read the readme and/or Chameleon was installed for them by an installer.

SMBIOS editing made easy - Just point and click

I like this guys idea of including an SMBIOS.plist editor which allows you to edit SMBIOS.plist without the need of a text editor. It contains values for MacBook Air , Macbook , MacBook Pro , Mac Pro and such which makes it easier for you to mimic a model. You even have the ability to create an simple ISO.  Personally , I will use it in times whereby I am just too lazy to edit the configuration file by myself.  Oh you may download the software from his site directly . He has another front end GUI tool to make boot-132 discs. So you may want to give it a go as well. The reason why I wrote about this is that he (the developer) was  courteous  to mail me to ask my permission if its possible to include my explanation in his program (which is indeed great). Do keep in mind that this is a beta product , so things may change . I’ve tested it personally to edit couple of things and its certainly good. I do hope that people do take time and undestand the basics before using GUI tools !

Chameleon RC3 + PC_EFI 10.3 + Extras

Well I saw DigitalDJ’s patch on enabling CPUID that injects the value to the system thinking that it has a real Intel processor and not an unknown processor. Apart from that I’ve included the proper hibernation fix which DigitalDJ missed out in this RC3 and as well as ripped off Chameleons GUI and instead made the boot loader to use text instead of GUI (kinda old school) (But don’t worry , two versions are compiled , and the source is included as well – so you can just have a look at it). The boot file contains :-

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Xenserv Hosting Review

Recently , my blog was getting massive amount of traffic ever since I wrote my article on how to install Snow leopard on a PC with a retail Snow Leopard disc. My former host didn’t offer that much of hosting space, so I had no choice but to migrate it to Xenserv. It all started when I was in #snowleopard , a kind guy by the name of cmanns of XenServ. He offered me hosting to host my blog. So I thought of giving it a shot as since he is offering an account with cPanel X and other additional benefits. Now lets review the hosting.
Packages – Currently XenServ has three different plans. The economy plan starts at USD3.90 monthly and it comes with 20GB of bandwidth and 1.5GB of storage (which I think reasonable , if you’re going to register for 12 months). They do offer other packages which I think is reasonably priced . Their state-of-the-art plan only costs you USD$ 9.90 which provides you with ample of bandwidth and storage space. Honestly , the plans have been tailored for several different group of people , let it be a new blog or established web-site whereby you’ll have to serve thousands of clients a day
Support – So far I’m pleased with customer support .At least there is a guy who is able to answer your question. I’m in Malaysia (thats +8 GMT) , so generally it would be hard to get hold of someone who lives in Central or Pacific time zone. But thankfully the customer support has been there for me to help me out with my issues. For instance the server had issues with PHP and thankfully the dedicated team managed to fix it as soon as possible.  The support team knows in and out about UNIX , right everything from apache.conf to php.ini. So you don’t have any problem !
Conclusion : Would I recommended it – Certainly yes.  I’ll write a complete review and update it in a month or two. This is my first impression for it !

Fighting for Broadcasting Rights

That’s right. Its not another EPL Game , but its Astro vs TM on another battle to have the official broadcasting rights to broadcast EPL match. I mean EPL matches are very important for Malaysians , its their lifes. If you are wondering why , just take a look at your local mamk store on a saturday night or sunday night (i.e when there is a match that is) and you’ll know that its croweded. Malaysians generally love football (thats soccer , no not American Football) and most of us here are big fans of EPL clubs such as Arsenal , Manchester United , Liverpool , Chelsea and even Portsmouth (Go Proton – Wondering why Portsmouth , I’m sure you’ll get it why I’ve included it in my article) . More after the jump !
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