Empire EFI

satisfyBefore I get this thing rolling – I want to tell you one thing. The tone which I’ve written this article may differ , its just to make it sound like a commercial product. I have no intentions of selling it or making profit out of it. This project will remain , free and I’ll be writing a guide on how to make your very own boot-132 disc so that you can pretty much help out the rest !

Introduction – Presenting Empire EFI. The one of the kind boot loader which all. Do take a look at what Empire EFI as to offer. Unlike other tutorials and guides and solutions , you don’t need a hackint0sh or Macintosh running OSX . Its possible to use this disc on a PC running Windows or Linux

As wise Darth Vader used to say (our CEO and Mentor):-

“You do not know the power of the dark side” – Darth Vader

By the way do take a look at our new prelude (thanks apocolipse aka apoc269)

Features Benefits
Chameleon Boot Loader with netkas’ PC_EFI The new Boot Loader allows you boot up to different OSes in different partition and along side with native GUID partition support. Its even capable of supporting PC Graphics Card out of the box (such as NVIDIA and ATI cards) . It even supports DSDT patching allowing you to make your BIOS to behave like a Mac’s EFI without the need to flash your BIOS !
Its Install-n-Forget With the help of myHack installer* , Empire EFI allows users to install latest updates from Apple without worrying much about kernel extensions and such. In an event of mess up , simply use your Empire EFI disc and boot up your partition to get it up and running !
Its Free , & Open Source (plus its community driven) While our rival charge you $50 for a software which they stole and which they encrypt. Empire EFI starves on the policy of Darth Vader of making it free thus allowing more people to learn about the Empire. You could even make your own EFI disc and market it for $50 ! Talk about making money like our rivals ! Our solution is so simple that you’ll have to insert our boot disc for the mantra to work and bam insert your retail Snow Leopard . Plus there aren’t any activation and you could even use it up for ? number of computers ! It doesn’t even contain any kexts from our competitors !*
Learn and play at the same time Our unique boot loader embarks you on the journey of learning more of your computer internals such as learning about device IDs , DSDT patchin – which takes you on to a whole new level. If you’re tired of watching Glee on Fox , you’ll be certainly amazed with the whole journey. now you could do it. We don’t cheat , nor we don’t lie

* – Openhaltrestart.kext is no longer included as from Version 1.03

Not only that. With the power of the dark side , you could save a bunch on building your very own Hackint0sh. Just take a look for yourself , (if you were to choose between Empire EFI and from our competitor)

Our Competitors Offering : USD$49.95 (Limited offer) + USD$ 29.99 (Snow Leopard) = ~USD$ 80

Our Solution : USD0 (for Empire EFI) + USD$ 29.95 = ~USD$ 30.00 (You Save USD$50) (That’s a lot , especially in bad times)

PLUS , WE DON’T USE ANY solutions/drivers from our competitors. Its 100% “organic”

Do take a look at our screenshots if you are still not connivence of our product and for Gods sake , please read everything what I’ve written below

Empire EFI V1.0 - With Cool Vader background. This what makes us to stand out from our competitors
Unlike our competitors , we do not modify and claim that we have written a boot loader. Instead we use open-source boot loaders such as Chameleon and PC_EFI whereby its open source and reliable
Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 3.10.13 PM

Post-Installation packages and how-tos would enable you to get up and Install Snow Leopard. It contains links where you can download kexts from , myHack Installer (which takes care of installing Boot Loader and other things) and not to mention link to download DSDTDE and DPCIMananger for your kext and DSDT needs !

So what are you waiting for. All you have to do is download. The dark side is very strong and now I do sense the force is flowing strong with you. In order for you to test out Empire EFI. Here are the requirements :-

  • Intel Processor with SSSE3 or better (If you are not sure that if your processor is SSSE3 capable , kindly get CPU-Z to check it out) (Examples of SSSE3 capable processors are Intel Core Duo , Core 2 Duo , Intel Core i7 , Core 2 Quad , Intel Atom) (Update : Experimental AMD Support as well)
  • 1GB Minimum RAM
  • Intel Chipset (aka motherboard which uses Intel Chipset) (Intel 945P or better)
  • Knowing your computer internals (such as its chipset , southbridge , northbridge)
  • Knowledge on basic troubleshooting
  • [Added Advantage] Knowledge on ACPI , UNIX and low-end OSX related stuff
  • Patience
  • CD-R/CD-RW to burn Empire EFI !

Keep in mind that what you’re about to do is not something which is easy. Empire EFI would act as a boot loader to help you to install OSX and once you’ve installed OSX. You are on your own. So you’ll have to do tons of homework and research on the Internet before attempting to try Empire EFI. Don’t tell me that I’ve warned you


Darth-Vader-256x256 (Click here to download Empire EFI V1.08 (which includes Normal , Legacy and Experimental Intel P55/Core i5/i7 8xx support)

(Mirror #1 for Empire EFI V.108)

Click Here to download Empire V1.08 (for ATI 48xx series graphics card and nVidia GeForce GTX2xx series along with support for i5/i7 8xx series and P55 chipset)

Scroll down if you’re looking for AMD Version or specially patched version of Empire EFI for your motherboard/chipset/processor

I am also looking for your input for Empire EFI v1.09 , please do contribute

Whats New in – Version 1.08 –

  • All-In-One , it now includes separate ISO for normal version , legacy version (for problematic BIOS) , and a special version for Core i5/Core i7 8XX
  • Added Support (Experimental) for Core i5/Core i7 8XX with Intel P55 Motherboard (this is due to the new 10.2 kernel which includes support for Intel Core i5/i7)
  • Removed support for nForce motherboards , ATI and other non-Intel boards as it was causing a lot of problems on Intel boards
  • Included a newer version of VoodooHDA by Slice from ProjectOSX , so that sound can be enabled out of the box (aka you can get to listen to the startup sound and other things after installing OSX)
  • Added ATILegacy4800.kext from netkas and enabled GraphicsEnabler for ATI 48xx and nvidia gtx 2xx series card (Please use DVI2VGA adapter during installation as DVI may or may not work)
  • Added Support for AMD , ATI , nForce motherboard. AMD users can now rejoice ! (scroll down below for an AMD experimental version by nawcom)


1. Download the package

2. Choose the suitable version (if you are not sure then choose the normal version. However if you have tried the normal version and you have had some issues booting it be sure to try with legacy version. For Intel P55/Core i5 users you would not have a choice but to go with the i5 version)

3. Burn the desired ISO at the slowest speed possible.

4. Reboot your PC and be sure that your DVD/CD ROM is set as the first bootable drive. Empire EFI should boot up (do ignore any errors do you see such as no Preboot.dmg or no ramdisk)

5. If everything goes well , you should see Empire EFI boot Screen. Now eject your disc , wait for 10-20 seconds. Then insert your Snow leopard DVD and then wait for at least 30-60 seconds

6. After that simply hit F5 and let Empire EFI rescan. It should able to detect your Snow Leopard DVD and all you have to do is select it

Note : if you are having issues such as chameleon seeing Snow Leopard DVD as a HDD or unable to detect , scroll down and read the FAQ !

Note #2 – By default Empire EFI would only address 1GB of RAM. This is to prevent memory related issues with system and other things and Empire EFI would disable graphics acceleration in order for you to install the system

Note #3 – (Read This) ATI issues may have “garbaged” display , it seems that for some reason the installer hates direct DVI Output. Some of the users did manage to get DVI2VGA adapter to get it working (others used the other way around VGA2DVI). Some had to connect it via HDMI. It seems that if you’re not using standard ATI 48xx card according to the specifications set by ATI and which Apple follows it strictly , your output may be garbaged. This is because Apple’s “stock driver” only recognises certain output only. I can’t help much on this , because I can’t hack and “inject” drivers on the go. It has to be done after-installation only. This applies to some nvidia cards as well. This is the reason why you get a blank screen. Apple stock drivers are really picked about it , thats why you’ll have to generate a custom EFI

Note #4 – I am going to write a post-installation guide which takes care of how to find drivers , so on and so forth. Stay tuned

“Master….I’ve failed”

Suppose if the newest and greatest version did not work for you , I do offer cooked version and special versions of Empire EFI for certain boards. If the generic version did not work , do try these other flavours. If you’re looking for an older build of Empire EFI , scroll down and grab it directly from my changelog.

Special Cooked Version for Problematic Board (Empire EFI Verison 1.06) – Just like the previous version which is listed down. It uses ISOLinux to boot up the system (which should prevent some weird memory errors and be sure to burn it at the slowest speed possible). This version includes lots of disablers such as SMC , Power Management and other stuff which causes hangs in some system (i.e AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement hang or AppleSMC hang). Use this version only if you have problems booting the CD manually otherwise just stick with regular 1.06 ! (Deprecated)

Special ‘Cooked’ Version for Problematic Board (Empire EFI Version 1.01) (Mirror #1)- A lot of folks are complaining on why it doesn’t work on their board. Some do get the memory allocation error. I’ve cooked a special version of Empire EFI on this problematic boards by using ISOLinux. So if you could get Linux Live CD to boot , there is a high chance that you can get this to boot up as well. Try this version if you’re having problem with the default version !

Special “beta” verision for Intel/nForce Intel/VIA Chipset and Intel ICH9-R/M users (Version 1.04) – If you’re using nForce motherboard you may test this new version out. It has kexts meant for ICH9-R/M users (some variants of it) and it includes the new nForceATA kext from c0rk007hck (Deprecated)

For Intel Core i7/X58 Users

If the default version did not work , then feel free to try the special version for Intel Core i7 users/X58 by aschar. Its known to work for a lot of Intel Core i7 users. Its specially tuned for X58 Motherboards !

Empire EFI for Intel Core i7 and Intel X58 Chipset (V1.04 by aschar) – This version is tuned for X58 Chipset. it contains support for X58 Chipset and you shouldn’t be getting any black screens on your X58 Chipset with Core i7 processors. aschar who is also an i7 user has built this cd (by the way – knows exactly the do and donts of X58 and Core i7) . This version contains special X58 extensions , a guide on how to patch ALC889a codec (which is commonly found on X58 motherboards) and other X58 related stuff. If you do have any issues with this version , do post a comment about it and I’ll forward it to aschar , or you may just go to #snowleopard (irc.osx86.hu) and talk to aschar !

Empire EFI for Intel Core i7 and Intel X58 Chipset (Beta/V1.06 by aschar) – This is a beta version with support for ATI and some other changes for Intel X58 Users. For non-gigabyte X58 chipset boot with -pci0 (to do that , wait for 60 seconds , insert MacOS X DVD , and then hit tab twice and then type -pci0).

NOTE : ATI Radeon 4850 users should use this Empire EFI version for Core i7 even if you are not using Core i7/X58 Chipset. This build has a special fix to enable 4850 to work with it.

Empire EFI for AMD Processors (Experimental/V1.08 by nawcom) – This is an experimental version for AMD processors to enable them to use Retail Snow Leopard installation disk. However keep in mind that if you have more then 4GB of RAM installed , please remove some RAM and be sure to have less then 4GB of RAM otherwise you’ll run into some problems. There are some known issues with Empire EFI for AMD processors.

Empire EFI for AMD Processors #2 (Experimental/V.108) (Mirror)- This is another take on Empire EFI for AMD. INstead of using supernforceata , I am using back the good ol’ nforceata which a lot of users recommended , plus I’ve added couple of more legacy kext. Instead of qoopz’ kernel , its using modbin’s modded kernel for AMD.

Empire EFI for Nvidia GTX 2xx graphics (including GTX 2xxM and GTX 1xx M support) (Experimental/V1.08) – This is an experimental version (including i5 and core i7 , and P55 support) for those who are using GTX 2xx series. It should be working as I’ve included OSX 10.6.2 nvidia drivers kext which has better support for the GTX 2xx series). Its currently hosted on megaupload , don’t ask me for mirrors or where to host them. If you’re willing to mirror it , let me know

Empire EFI for ATI Graphics (48xx series/V 1.08) – This is yet another experimental version by me. What I’ve done is that I’ve included the new ATI kexts from 10.6.2 into the DVD , thus allowing ATI Users to boot up to installer and install it. I’ve tested out this theory and indeed works.

Comments ? Criticism ?

If you have something to say , feel free to post about it in my comments. If you’re seeking for help , feel free to drop by to #snowleopard @ irc.osx86.hu . I do welcome suggestions and even criticism on how I should improvise it . Please do. The empire is counting on you !

If Empire EFI did work for you and if you could run OSX beautifully , consider buying an Apple hardware as I truly think that Apple deserves the money for coming up with such a good hardware and OS which syncs in harmony ! -or- instead donate it to WWF or needy folks in Africa !

The Legal Stuff

I’ve given due credit for almost everyone and whichever tools I’ve used. You may look it up in the read me. All of the tools which I’ve used are Open Source tools meaning that you can obtain the source code and modify it according to your wish and then release it according to AAPL. Anyhow , these are the tools/tutorials which I’ve used to create Empire EFI. I’ve quoted here so that you too can make your own Boot CD

chameleon Boot Loader – The Core of Empire EFI

Boot-132 Method – The way on how Chameleon and other things get loaded


1.If Empire EFI fails (i.e if you were getting errors , instant reboots and other stuff). You should try building your own snow leopard bootable usb boot stick , this is because Empire EFI is not a complete replacement of DIY-Snow-Leopard-Retail-DVD Solution .

If you have a mac (or a hack) (running MacOSX 10.4 or later) , and a 8GB usb stick , you should consider reading this method instead.

If you have Linux installed and 8GB Usb stick , you should consider this method

If you have Windows installed and if you would like to create your own bootcd for your motherboard/usb stick , then you should read up on this method

2.From time to time , newer version of Empire EFI may not work with certain motherboards. You should try using an older version instead of a newer one. This is because a newer ones may contain experimental or new stuff which may not play nice with certain motherboards.

3.If you’re planning to upgrade to 10.6.2 , please read this guide . Its better to backup a couple of things as Apple has removed support for Intel Atom processors from 10.6.2 onwards

4.Plus those who are getting Snow Leopard DVD icon as a HD Icon. Go to your BIOS settings and change SATA operation to IDE (just try toggling between IDE and AHCI). It would eventually detect as a CD-ROM and it should work. There are few issues with certain SATA DVD-ROM Drives !

5. if you’re having display issues i.e blank screen and other graphics related issue. You may have to use another graphics card. Generally GTX series does not work in installation and that goes the same for ATI 48xx users. However there are some number of users who have reported to get it to work with aschar’s cooked version. You may want to give that a shot !

6. If you cant’ read whats written in the white text. Simply hit tab twice and it will take you to a command line interface whereby you could read. You don’t have to strain your eyes for this

If you need more help on fixing BIOS related issues ,scroll down and read on fixing bugs and some problems

The Idea behind Empire EFI

The whole concept was started by Conti , aschar and the great team. A lot of people have underestimated the community thinking that what Py$tar did was right and they didn’t rip anyones project. I wanted to show to the world and those who have doubted the Hackint0sh team that its possible for people to come up with it and to simplify installation. Whlist we don’t offer paid support like pystar , I truly believe that there are lots of information that can be obtained from the community , not to mention that there is no fun when everything is done automagically for you. When you install an OS , there should be a little bit of fun of getting up and running. After all , we want people to learn at the same time. Personally I am getting sick of those distro users, this tries to save up time but again if you have the time its recommended to read on how its done manually !

Empire EFI uses Chameleon’s bootcd and netkas’ PC_EFI extension. Its pure 100% organic , i’ve compiled all the stuff which I’ve used. I’ll be writing a guide soon on how to build your very own Empire disc , so that you too can create your own version and help the community

Fixing Bugs and some Problems

If you’re getting issues such as “Memory allocation error” , please REMOVE all USB disks , pen drives and try again. Try to play with your BIOS settings as well. I can’t help much on this. Do make sure that your BIOS settings is set to something like this. Not all BIOSes do have these options , but try to look around.

Edit : It seems that memory allocation error is caused by certain motherboard and BIOSes. You’ll have no choice but to use a USB installation method in this case. However I’ll look into it !

Set AHCI/RAID/SATA to enabled (or in AHCI mode) , Set HPET to 64-bit , Disable onboard IDE Controller (Don’t Disable this if you have an IDE DVD-ROM Drive) , Disable EIST (Intel SpeedStep) and if possible disable multi-core ! . You may enable them back after installation !

“Waiting for root device” – If you get this error while booting from the DVD it means that OSX does not support your controller (aka your southbridge , or in other words the current sata port). This is because you may be using jMicron or another sata controller. Try changing the sata connection to say another port and try again. It takes bit of trial and error. Some say that SATA port 0 did the trick , others say thats SATA port 1.

Unable to Install OSX in this volume – Go to Disk utitily , select your HDD. Select partitions , select 1 partition and click Options. Then be sure to click GUID. By def

If you’re still having issues , try the vmware method. From here , follow my other guide on how to install Snow Leopard via USB !


Gotta write a complete post-installation guide. If you need help with post-installation , simply check out Post-Installation folder in your Empire EFI CD once you’ve installed OSX. Its located in the Extras Folder !

I need your help and favour !

aschar , the rest of you guys (yes you) and I are working day by day on bug tracking and fixing issues. I know Empire EFI is not a prefect solution yet. Its far from being prefect but I would like you to know that I am working hard (striving for the best) in enabling you to install OSX. The most I could do is to help you install OSX. That far I can help you. Regarding post-installation (i.e after installing OSX) , I cant help you that much , but I would recommend you to do tons of reading and asking around in IRC To get help. PolishOX has this nice idea of having a central wiki , if you do know to setup a wiki and would like to help us , please drop an e-mail. Secondly , I am looking for someone to host my files , its better to have alternative mirrors and stuff. if you do have space and bandwidth that you’re willing to spare , please do drop an e-mail

To the rest of you , who did not get Empire EFI working. Fear not , I’ll try my best to satisfy everyone , but I can’t do that as in order to make someone better off (aka to get their hardware working) , someone else has to suffer :P.

The Reason why it works on certain hardware and why it does not

Okay then its time for me to tell why it works on certain people’s hardware and why it does not on others. By default Apple’s stock drivers only do support a limited number of motherboards , graphics card and things like that. What Empire EFI does is that it acts as a boot loader (thanks to chameleon) which injects drivers directly (without the need of using a patched OSX disc) that enables a variety (again , still limited but more then what apple has originally allowed) to work with. Although this method did seem to get a number of PCs to be a hack. There were quite number of PCs out there which did not work , there could be many reasons to this. One of the common reason (for graphics card) is that the graphics card vendors (i.e ASUS , Gigabyte , Sparkle , HIS) do not follow ATI/NVIDIA’s reference design. What I mean is that suppose if ATI says that for ATI Radeon 4850HD , there must be only two DVI Output , manufactures do not have to follow this as its just a recommendation by ATI. Instead they can tweak it by adding HDMI , VGA , S-Video out and all other connectors. Plus they can tweak the internals a bit to give you over clocking boost and other things. However , the moment they do not follow reference design , its a problem for OSX as Apple closely follows NVIDIA/ATI design recommendations. This explains why you’re getting errors with certain cards. Of course the only way to remedy/rectify this problem is to patch the kexts manually , but remember Empire EFI does not do that due to several reason. Firstly , you’ll be losing the “virginity” (or vanillaness) of the system which enables you to perform upgrades. Secondly , its impossible for me to swap/patch kexts (Drivers) on a read only media (you can’t write or alter the installation media as its read only). I do hope that you understand the reason why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.


If you need help or if you want to report something use the comments. If you’re more comfortable with message board , then feel free to go here for my unofficial support thread. I would appreciate if you do not ask any sort of questions in InsanelyMac about Empire EFI as your thread would be deleted for an unknown reason (and yeah don’t bother asking them) and do respect their forum R&R

Source Code & Kexts used in Empire EFI

Since I’ve done some minor changes (mostly cosmetic) to Chameleon along side with netkas’ , DigitalDJ and other patches in the community. The chameleon version which is used in Empire EFI could be obtained from here

I’ll also post the kexts which I’ve used in Empire EFI shortly , so all the folks could enjoy it

P.S I would like to know your thoughts and feedback for Empire EFI 1.09 . please click here , read more about it


10/31/2009 – Initial Release (Version 1.0) (Depreciated)

Download 1.0 Mirror #1 *Use this version if yoy have devices such as MSI Wind U100 , netbooks*

10/31/2009 – Minor tweaks and I’ve included Wallpaper and the new Boot Logo from Brice. I’ve also added new Core i7 boot loader with legacy boot loader which uses ISOLInux traditional boot method

11/1/2009 – Updated Intel Core i7 version. Hopefully it boots up this time instead of lock ups. i would recommend Intel i7 users to disable HT and just enable 1 core to get it up and working. Thanks to dgtlchlk for the mirror

11/2/2009 – I think I know why it gives memory allocation error and why it doesn’t work on certain boards. These boards are pretty picky , so I am going to try to use ISOLinux method to load it up first instead of loading on the fly to check if it works. if it doesn’t – I’ll have to find a way to use PC_EFI v9. This could take time !

11/2/2009 #2 – Updated Empire EFI once more again this time (just like the EU versions of Windows , it doesn’t include DSDTSE) as this is to respect Pere’s work and the great work of EvoOSXTeam as he help me out once. So I’ve to play by the rules and respect his decision. To make things easier , a link to EvoOSX blog post containing the download link is included in the DVD. All versions starting from Version 1.03 will not include pystar’s OpenHaltRestart , instead it will be replaced with EvoRestarter and will not include DSDTSE from EvoOSX bundled with it (Click here to download Verison 1.03)

11/4/2009 – Updated Empire EFI to v 1.0.4 This time I’ve included the new patched IOATAFamily and ATA/SATA support via this kext. Thanks to -DuNe- for making the kext. The reason is because I want to follow what people have suggested and hopefully it works with their SATA Issues. Should fix ‘ waiting for root devices’ or ‘no smoking sign’ issues. An i7 version would be out , *hopefully* (Click here to download Version 1.04)

11/7/2009 – Released 1.04 for nForce motherboards (Intel/nForce combination)

11/10/2009 – Released Version 1.05 . It just includes fixes for ATI 48xx users and other ATI users. Hopefully you would able to get to installer and install OSX up. It disables ATI drivers altogether which forces OSX to use 1024×768 for installation purpose. Its possible to fix after post-installation. (Click here to download Version 1.05)

11/10/2009 – Released Version 1.06 – It has support for ATI 4xxx and other ATI cards as well , and not to mention for Intel Mobile graphics. You shouldn’t be seeing black screen/pink screen or grey screen as the new FrameBufferDisabler.kext would disable it automatically. It also has experimental support for Intel Core i7 users on ASUS board. Oh yeah , also released V 1.06 for problematic motherboards too , includes appleinteclpupowermanagement and applesmc disabler and other problematic kexts as well 🙂 (Click here to download version 1.06)

14/10/2009 – Released Version 1.07 – Added support for Asus p5b and p5b-e series and as well as other motherboards which uses nVidia nForce , jMicron SATA , VIA ATA/SATA , ATI SATA/ATA Controllers. (Download Version 1.07) / (Download Version 1.07 [Legacy] )

14/10/2009 – Released Version 1.07R2 – This should be the “fix” for Waiting for root device on certain motherboards (Version 1.07R2) / (Version 1.07R2 [Legacy] )

18/10/2009 – Version 1.08 released – added support for Core i5/i7 8xx , cleaned up the post a bit so that its easier for people to understand :p

19/10/2009 – Added support for those new ATI 48xx series card and GTX 2xx. You shouldn’t be getting any more black screens. However keep in mind that you’ll have to use DVI2VGA (fixed typo)

11/29/2009 – Added support for AMD processors (thanks nawcom). Its now possible for AMD Users to install Retail Snow Leopard !

Note : included a mirror link to media fire , however i am not sure how long mediafire is going to host the files , as it consumes a large amount of traffic. I may have to use bitTorrent if this continues 😛

12/2/2009 – Made a special version for ATI users !

12/3/2009 – Made a special version for nvidia geforce gtx 2xx users and mobility geforce gtx2xx users and 1xx users as well !

12/6/2009 – Added a new version for AMD folks. Hopefully it works for them !

391 thoughts on “Empire EFI”

  1. Got snow 10.6.1 working (1.08 bootcd) now only need drivers for onboard sound and networkcard.

    P5K-VM & 8600GT256mb & wireless wl138G v2

    Thx for the great work.

  2. Oke found drivers for sound and networkcard…

    So everything is working 😉

    P5K-VM, 3Ghz duocore, Nvidia 8600GT (can play warhammer ;-), bluetooth, Wireless wl138G v2, apple keyboard and mouse.

    Thx great project……

  3. HI, i installed sl in a x58-ud3r with a EN8400GS and graphics works perfect (two monitor, res, etc) but when i ran myhack my screen went to 1024×768 one monitor only.

    I can not make sound works not even after “hacked”

    What can i do?

  4. hi i installed osx snow leopard with empire efi on an external hard drive on my HP dv7 1016 the installation was successful but when i select the hard drive that i installed osx on it doesn’t start it just stays at the empire efi screen

  5. Hey Pradeesh, I’m still having some issues, where I could only boot into 10.6.2 with your disc (latest ver) I think it has to do with the com.apple.boot.plist. When I use the one thats in the preboot.dmg it boots fine without the disc. But the only problem is I’m limited to 1 cpu, and 1024mb of RAM. You have any tips for me?


    P35-DS3R Bios F13
    4GB Ram
    SATA DVD and HD
    patched DSDT.aml
    external usb audio

  6. i installed snow leopard with empire efi on my hp laptop dv7 1016 on a mac compatible external hard drive successfully but when i select the hard drive with osx installed in it on empire efi it puts some text that i cant read and never starts osx. what do i do

  7. Hi I’m planning on getting a Sony vaio and would like to use empire efi on it. Will it work? Here’s the specs. And thanks. Hope I’m not being a bother posting all the specs. But I want to make sure this computer works with Empire EFI. Again, Thank u.

    Processor: Intel® Pentium®
    Processor Speed: 2.1GHz
    Battery Type: 6-cell lithium-ion
    System Bus: 800MHz
    Cache Memory: 1MB on die Level 2
    System Memory: (RAM)4GB
    System Memory: (RAM) Expandable To8GB
    Type of Memory: (RAM)DDR2
    Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)
    Computer Hard Drive Size: 320GB
    Optical Drive: Double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW
    Optical Drive Speeds: Drive speeds not specified
    Digital Media Reader or Slots: Yes, digital media card reader
    Graphics: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
    Video Memory: 1750MB (total available)
    TV Tuner: No
    MPEG: Yes
    Built-in Webcam:Yes
    Modem: None
    Networking: Built-in 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Gigabit fast Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
    Wireless Networking: Wireless-B+G+N
    S-Video Outputs:None
    PCMCIA Slots: 1 ExpressCard/34
    USB 2.0 Ports: 3
    IEEE 1394 FireWire Ports: 1
    Parallel Ports: None
    Game Ports: None
    Pointing Device: Electrostatic touchpad
    HDMI Output: No
    Operating System Platform: Windows
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

  8. Please pradeesh, add support for ATi HD 3870 Kext *IF* possible within a new Empire EFI. Release. I don’t want 2 trash my ATi Card, it really works flawless with Windoze & Linux.
    Thanks for your help & work.


  9. I’ve tried every single image linked to from this page, and not a single one will boot for me.

    My machine is an HP Pavilion A6120n – specs here:


    I get the same result with all images – after BIOS stage, blank screen… nothing happens at all, everything is just dead.

    One thought – I have two DVD drives – one ROM and one dual layer RW – and neither came with the system. I’m able to boot with Windows discs on the ROM drive so I assume the EFI images should work as well… though I’ve tried them all in both drives every time just in case.

    BIOS settings are all correct though I’ve also tried every possible combination in case I missed something.

    I would LOVE to get SL working on this machine… any idea why none of the images will boot?



  10. I would love to add more support , we’ll have to wait for netkas for that – @someone

    As for the person who is having ram , cpu issues. Open your com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra and then remove cpus=1 and mem=1024

  11. OMG I should never attempt something like this at 2am as I’m falling face down into the keyboard.

    My problems were entirely user error… I’m installing SL off my retail DVD right now and all appears to be working great.

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Well, I’m not quite out of the woods yet after all.

    SL installed just fine, but my machine won’t boot from the drive. I just get a black screen with a blinking cursor.

    I see mention of some “post installation” steps and I see files in the post install folder on my boot disc, but I would need to boot to OSX in order to run any of them… if it won’t boot, how can I do any of the post install stuff?



  13. i installed snow leopard with empire efi on my hp laptop dv7 1016 on a mac compatible external hard drive successfully but when i select the hard drive with osx installed in it on empire efi it puts some text that i cant read and never starts osx. what do i do
    Here are my specs
    intel core 2 dou P7350 2.00 ghz
    4Gb ram
    nvidia 9600m gt video card
    320 gb internal hd and a 1tb external hd i insalled it on the external
    could it be if i installed it on a internal it would work?

  14. @etcwilliams , its the same thing
    @abbed , try to use an internal drive and it may just work. Its better to use internal HDD. If you want to read what it says I recommend you to hit tab twice and then select your partition. run it in text mode

  15. @pradeesh. How can I tell if the processor is the Exxx series? All it tells me is Intel® Pentium® processor T4300 800MHz frontside bus, 1MB L2 cache and 2.1GHz processor speed.
    Also I’m thinking the graphics card should work,right? Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

  16. I have to thank you once again..you saved me 50$ again..
    This time i installed it on my HP lappy…Worked flawlessly again..
    even detected the cam..

    Config : HP pavallion dv5
    core 2 duo T6400
    4gb Ram
    nvidia 9600 GT 512 MB.
    320 GB HDD

    Keep up the good work!!!

  17. It feels really horrible when everything works except one! Unfortunately, GTX 260 isn’t supported by the installer (yet) 🙁

    BTW, if I change the com.Apple.boot.plist file in the Empire EFI iso by adding the needed EFI string for my GTX 260, will it work? Pradeesh?

  18. So here’s my situation.

    I can use Empire EFI to boot my Snow Leopard DVD just fine. I had native resolution and everything. I couldn’t install it to a partition on my HDD because it’s MBR, not GUID.

    So my way around that was to restore the install DVD to a 10GB partition on the HDD. Did that, then I installed MacDrive 8 on Windows 7 so that I can copy over the modified OSInstall files. All of that went fine, but now I can’t boot the install partition.

    It’s sitting at “Limiting icmp unreach respons from 307 to 250 packets per second”. It actually took about 4 minutes for that to show up. The previous line is “systemShutdown false”, then the one before that is:

    “Bug: launchctl.c:2325 (23930):2: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path, 0_RDONLY | 0_EXLOCK | 0_CREATE, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR)) !=-2”

    Not sure what to do. I would install it to a external HDD but then there would be no way to boot it, as Empire EFI doesn’t boot USB drives. I actually did the same thing (copying the DVD contents to an external drive via Disk Utility + Restore), and I was able to get into the installer, but I would get a kernel panic in the middle of the installer (after it checks consistency via the log).

    NEW IDEA!! I’ll install it to my external HDD, then ‘restore’ everything to my 30GB partition on my internal HDD. Since the SL DVD boots just fine using Empire EFI, I can install it to the external HDD via GUID. Then I’ll just use the restore function in Disk Utility to copy it all over from the USB drive to the partition. Hopefully this will work!

  19. I have a dmg of snow leopard 10.6 and I also have access to a Mac. I don’t have a dual layer DVD, so I wanted to know if I could just restore the install dvd to a flash drive, then use that with empire EFI somehow.

  20. @Gautam , use my other method. Booting via USB and doing it via USB. You do not need Empire EFI at all
    @Besweet – I would love to hear that from you. Keep me posted , I am in the midst of writing a guide for Hybrid GPT/MBR to get both OSes to play nice

    @Debsurva – I believe GTX 260 support was added in 10.6.2 , however what I would try to do is I’ll try to include the new kext for special nvidia release and hopefully that works. You may try adding EFI strings to it

    @Carl , I don’t know the specs. Again its hard to say if it will work on here. Chipset , motherboard , processors

    @Zack ,it would work fine except for graphics card. At most you can get is resolution switch , no 3d acceleration

    @abbed – i don’t think your bios likes the way how chameleon (empire efi) handles the boot.

    @etcwilliams – the same thing , its a derivative of boot-132

  21. @Pradeesh. So would an Intel Celeron processor 900 with a Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M work better?

  22. @Zack , no anything Intel 4500M is not supported. You’ll have to get a dedicated graphics such as Nvidia Geforce 9400M or 105M or something. As for intel , only Intel GMA 950 and Intel GMA X3100 works. The rest including mobility ATI Radeon series wouldn’t work at all in Snow Leopard

  23. I have been trying to do this thing for 2 months now and yet no sucsess. my specs are
    asus cg series
    nvidia gt 220 graphics card
    8 gb of ram
    intell core 2 quad q8300
    Windows Vista Home Premium (x64
    Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. CG5270 Rev X.0x

    every time i put the empire efi cd in it loads up untill it tells me to put the snow leoprd in. after i put it in about 20 sec. later it tells me to restart my pc. please any suggestion or any help would be great getting soooo maddd lol.

  24. @Pradeesh Perhaps that support has been added in 10.6.2 but that is not gonna help in my case. And editing the com.Apple.boot.plist on empire EFI iso files made the files unbootable! 🙁

  25. AMP:

    I had the same issue. You need to disable the IDE controller in bios. Then Mac installer will not ask you to reboot.

    unfortunately , Mac installer doesn’t like IDE controllers. You have to use a SATA.

    This worked for me, I have one IDE HDD and two SATAs. When i enable IDE HDD , the mac wont boot.

    Check and play around in the bios settings.

    Good luck!!

  26. Mm new 1.08 for GT200 maybe broken, when I swap CDs from Empire EFI boot CD to SL DVD, nothing happened. Checked both normal and legacy editions.

  27. chetan:

    thanks man for the info but i have no idea how to dissable the ide controller in the bios if u could jst tell me how that would be great plz…..

  28. chetan:
    so i sort of switched the ide in my bios to a ahci something lik that and when i put in the snow leaopard cd it shows me all these text n then it freezes up were it says system uptime in nanoseconds then nothing

  29. AMP:

    Try this..

    1. If AHCI, SATA, or RAID controllers are avialble, set them to enabled
    2. If Speed Step is present, set to disabled
    3. If EIST is present, set to disabled
    4. HPET set to 64-Bit Mode
    5. If you have an IDE controller, set to disabled

    Also try this..
    1. Boot the computer into the BIOS settings.
    2. Under the Advanced BIOS Features menu, set:
    o HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability [Enabled]
    o CPU Enhanced Halt [Disabled]
    o CPU Thermal Monitor [Disabled]
    o CPU EIST Function [Disabled]
    3. Under the Integrated Peripherals menu, set:
    o USB Keyboard Function [Enabled]
    o USB Mouse Function [Enabled]
    o Onboard SATA/IDE Device [AHCI]
    4. Under the Power Management Setup menu, set:
    o HPET Mode [64-bit Mode]
    5. Save changes.
    6. Exit BIOS Settings.

    I got this from Psystar..site..might help..
    Good luck..

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