The Bridge Issue – Who to be blamed

I am quite sure that most of you have read the recent news on the Malaysian bridge incident whereby 3 victims found drowned. As we do know that , The newly-built iron-cable suspension bridge above the water was shaken by pupils walking on it, which caused a metal pillar anchoring the cable ripped off its concrete foundation. Obviously the reason why it gave up is that it has reached its UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) and bam it snaps. But again my question is how on earth the engineers built the bridge in the first place without taking into account the calculations. Didn’t they test if the bridge would withstand the stress that is being put on to it if people would start to shake. Knowing kids and even adults (hey sometimes I do that too) , there would be folks that would want to test out the bridge by violently shaking it. I mean if I am the engineer who built it and if such incident to occur , I would either resign. Lets be honest , the guilt would be there that 3 children (future Malaysians would would develop the country) have been perished just because the bridge wasn’t able to withstand the force. I do hope that some of the parents sue the contractor who have built it in the first place without testing it out fully if its capable or not.
I do feel sad for the 3 children who have lost their lives because of this incident. Imagine , a 5th Grader who wants to grow up to be someone successful has just ended his/her life by drowning due to a bridge which wasn’t able to sustain the amount of stress . Now my question to my readers is simple – Who to be blamed for this ?
The teachers who didn’t do their best to help the poor students ? – Personally I would try my best to help as I wouldn’t want to risk my self if I’m a family man as I am quite sure that nobody would risk it if you have a family to feed.
The students themselves ? – For shaking the bridge violently thus causing it to collapse
The contractor and the engineers who built the bridge in the first place  ?– For not taking into account of external force and for not placing signs or simply by doing a simple job without following the proper safety guidelines that is needed when a bridge has to be constructed !

4 thoughts to “The Bridge Issue – Who to be blamed”

  1. IMO, it’s the contractors and engineers that should be blame! They just simply hammered the support pillar into the ground and that’s all!
    But knowing Malaysian, I doubt they will give it another thought about resigning.

  2. The policies/regulations that allowed such structures to exist should be looked at, as well as the contractor/engineers who built the bridge. The teachers and students should not be blamed.

  3. IMO its a comprimise between contractor/engineers and govt. policy,
    its sad to hear this happened, back home in NZ something like this happened quite a few years ago where an observation deck crashed off its supports in greymouth, the government ruled that it was the fault of the contractors, while the question was how did govt regulation contribute.
    i feel sorry for the family of the people who died, but i dont think there is just one person/group of people that the finger could be pointed at, its a group effort, the contractors would have been building to what they were told, even though that was the factor that caused it, the engineers were building it in the cheapest way they could so they could make money while still following the law, the govt made the law the way it was becuase they thought it was sufficient, lets face it, every part thought they were doing the right thing for both their best intrests as well as the public, they should all be brought forward to an inquiry, and if any party questioned the strength, then why wasnt that investigated

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