Fixing Broken Snow Leopard

In this guide , I would be teaching you on how to fix a broken Snow Leopard Installation. Its fairly simple and think of it as a supplement to my installation guide. The reason why we may want to fix is that from time to time if we install programs such as Little Snitch ( a must have program and its worth it) , Vmware or other programs which installs kernel extensions to the system. We may have to rebuild it otherwise you’ll end up getting an error screen something like the one which I’ve faced (more after the jump)
Oh No - A Kernel Panic . Someone call 1800-MY-APPLE NOW !

Well , you could easily fix it by booting into another Snow Leopard installation and by running Conti’s pfix script. But what if you don’t have another Leopard/Snow Leopard installation. Well fear not there is way on how you could recover your partition and fix permissions. All you need is :-

1. First thing first , get ready with your Retail Snow Leopard or Leopard installation (use boot-132 to boot or you may use Conti’s myHack USB stick ot prepped USB stick to boot it) . In this case I couldn’t find neither my Retail Snow Leopard or my Leopard DVD. I just had to use my trusty iAtkos DVD to get it up
Good ol' pre-patched disk . It did save the day and not to mention my trusty Normal Distribution table in the background

2. Wait for the disk to boot. Once you’ve booted up. Simply go to Terminal and then type df -h.
Fire up Terminal from the Installation Menu

Do take note of where is your mount point for OSX . You’ll see something like

/dev/disk1s2  — — — – –  — /Volumes/diskname

Take note of the diskname , its very important. Now type

cd /Volumes/diskname

If the script is on  a USB stick , then simply find the mount point for it. Its pretty much the same. As I’ve said before in my guide , feel free to explore with Terminal
I am assuming that Conti’s script is placed in the root of your Snow Leopard drive. If its not , then simply navigate where its located
Note : If your Extensions folder in Extra is called “Iamsohot”. Do make a symbolic link before running the script. To do this simply type ” ln -s /Volumes/Diskname/Extra/Iamsohot/ /Volumes/Diskname/Extra/Extensions” . If you’re using your own EFI partition , you should mount it using mount_hfs and then execute the fix by yourself as I am quite sure that those who have done the EFI method should be able to handle it by themselves (Thanks Jeffrey)
3. Execute the script by running ./ It would ask you for the location of your drive. Simply type (without quotes that is) “/Volumes/diskname”
4. Once its done , simply type “reboot” and you should be able to boot to your Snow Leopard partition. You may also want to unmount the drive before rebooting it

Well thats about it. Just keep your fingers crossed and you should able to boot back to your Snow Leopard partition. If you have used Leopard to generate your kextcache by default its i386 , so you’ll have to boot your Snow Leopard into 32-bit first. Re-run in Snow Leopard and boot back to 64-bit

8 thoughts to “Fixing Broken Snow Leopard”

  1. Does this require the use of “proper” directory names? For example, “/Extra/Extensions/” vs. “/Extra/ItsATrap/”? I would assume the answer is no. Thanks

  2. Hey Pradeesh, Thanks to you and your blog! I learned a lot about the internal workings of the Mac.
    Everything was working perfectly and I installed Little Snitch and on reboot got a Kernel Panic. Does this happen with most software? Or is just because “LS” is a network monitor/firewall that it digged a little deeper into the OS then most programs?
    Before reading your blog, I was convinced I needed to downgrade from SL 10.6.2 to a Leopard install so my software was compatible.

  3. and also… is this a sign that Little Snitch will crash the system? Or will it successfully install and work if I repair permissions before I restart… Thanks for your time =D

  4. So… I just loaded from a USB drive. When in the OSX installer I went to the Disk Utility and rebuilt my permissions. Rebooted on MacHD… and it worked out.. even with Little Snitch 2.1.3

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