I guess if you haven’t noticed yet. I’ve posted a small donation bar from chipin ( a great service if you plan to raise funds) . The reason is simply because the additional moola (money) would be used a side for my education and/or to upgrade my 5 year old PC which is kinda problematic. Obviously , it would only cost around $300. The additional $100 would be put into good use. Suppose if the majority votes to donate it to some charity organisation , I would or if they want the money to be split and donated across several other hackint0sh developers , I would do that and that truly depends on what people do vote. I hope to be transparent enough by providing evidence of what I’ve did with the money as I truly understand that when it comes to donation and stuff everyone needs to know how the money is put into use. That is why I plan to put up anything I buy with the donation money or donate the money to other people up in this ┬áblog. Plus I intend to pay up some to my hosting company who generously provided this hosting for free as well (bandwidth does not come cheap)
That’s all I would like to add. I know , I am not into this whole donation thingy , but then due to situation and other reasons – I had no choice but to put it up. If you have any questions regarding donations , feel free to e-mail me directly or simply post it up in the comment box

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