14th Pusan International Film Festival – 15Malaysia directors

I am quite sure that most of you have seen the whole 15Malaysia videos. Aren’t they great. If you haven’t – I recommend you to see’em (Everything , do watch one by one). The videos symbolise the true Malaysia from a Malaysian perspective. When I am saying from Malaysian perspective , I really mean it – You have Malaysian Cabinet ministers acting in the short movies as well. Its funny and if you’re a Malaysian or you have been touched by the culture and the politics of Malaysia – you’ll truly understand it
Anyhow Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) and ruumzNation Sdn Bhd (“ruumz’) sponsored the 15Malaysia short film directors (casts and crews) to attend the 14th Pusan International Film Festival in Korea from 8th Oct till 12th Oct 2009. In collaboration with ruumz, now Malaysia’s most popular social networking site, the directors’ journey to Pusan (for many of them a first!) . Plus did not I tell you that they would have make it up to International Level. Anyway it was a three day fiesta and I do have some of the pictures which I’ve picked (from the whole collection that Miss Naomi sent to me). The photo quality are low but you can get to see the whole thing over here. Plus I’ll sum it up in pictures and a bit of words , which makes it easier for you to know
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Day I – The Day (Obviously its the main day) aka the grand opening

The Grand Opening Ceremony - Lots of people and not to mention the great long speech by great folks

Plus I do have some of the coolest picture of the cool guys who made 15Malaysia possible. I am not going to tell you their names but I am quite sure you’re able to figure it out who is who
HoYuhang (left) ,PeteTeo (centre) , NameWee (Right) - Yep thats right - I lied to you , how could you not mention the name of our great artists from Malaysia

Day 2 – Its all bout 15 Malaysia
This is the day whereby 15Malaysia was officially screened and 15Malaysia Party where white balloon was released to commemorate Yasmin Ahmad. It was a huge lost for Malaysia that Yasmin Ahmad passed away. She was one of the best films  director and a script writer that our country could have. Her stories were original and it did touch all our hearts. I am quite sure that most of you fell in love with films such as Mullaf and Rabun
Its show time people

The 3rd and the 4th day are generally on screening of Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad , At The End Of Daybreak by Ho Yuhang,Screening of My Daughter by Charlotte Lim
To experience the whole journey and the 14th Pusan Film Festival, visit: http://www.ruumz.com/15Malaysia (aka to see the whole thing is full detail and lengthy explanation). Do check out ruumz official 15Malaysia channel and I am quite sure that you’ll indulge yourself with fun and hopefully it motivates you further to explore our film industry to come up with a kick-ass movies. A big blockbuster hit that is !

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