SSE2 Kernel for Snow Leopard (Intel/AMD)

Thats right folks. Its about time that most of guys waited for a SSE2 Kernel for both AMD and Intel. well this is it , qoopz and the great team behind have done most of the work to get the ball rolling , that is to get SSE2 support for Snow Leopard working and as well as AMD support. Not to mention that this kernel supports 64-bit for AMD processors and Intel processors with AMD64 and Intel’s EM64T. It makes it possible to run 64-bit applications. Plus this kernel also supports Intel i5 processors  However keep in mind that this kernel will not run in pure 64-bit kernelspace. Doesn’t make sense to you ?. I’ll explain in a jiffy  – but first credit goes to qoopz for coming up with the kernel !
So what the hell are you trying to say – At first you said 64-bit but now you are saying its not…Please do explain

It means that the kernel will work in 32-bit. You don’t get pure 64-bit mode , as in your hardware drivers would be in 32-bit. However programs would take advantage of 64-bit mode and run natively in 64-bit if its capable of doing so. However be warned that 64-bit support is bit flaky due to the fact that these older processors lack SSSE3. For AMD systems , you’ll notice that some programs will crash with 64-bit. As for Intel , you’ll notice that QuickTime X will fail to play H.264 movies with 64-bit turned on. These are known issues. 64-bit support is disabled by default due to these reasons. To enable 64-bit , simply boot with “-force64” (without quotes) to test out 64-bit functionalitly. AMD users with SSE2 and AMD64 should not attempt to run programs in 64-bit as its way to slow and it can cause lots of hiccups (hangs , kernel panic and such).
Features of the Kernel :-

  • Bulit-in kernel blacklister  – automatically blacklists bad kexts from loading. Therefore you don’t need to use a disabler to disable it manually
  • bigger dmesg – Which translates to a larger log file so that you can troubleshoot easily
  • uuid patching/fix – Eliminates the need of UUID kext or specifying manually
  • fsb detection – Do I’ve to say more on this
  • cpu cache detection – Again , I don’t have to explain on this
  • reboot fix  – Eliminates the need of OpenHaltRestart and fixes shutdown/reboot issue
  • sse3emu -SSE3 emulator for SSE2 processors . Bear in mind that most of the applications in Snow Leopard run fine with this emulator. However there are some reports of Safari and certain applications that may crash or behave weirdly. It will not be enabled if you have SSE3

This kernel also works with Snow Leopard
For AMD users , it doesn’t include on the fly CPUID patching – which means that you’ll have to patch your CPUIDs manually by using a third party tool. You could read more about this in my Snow Leopard guide and in other AMD for Snow leopard installation guide. You may download Marvin’s AMD tool from here . Its needed to ensure that most of the binaries would operate for AMD.
Here we go.
Original Link (rapidshare)
Mirror Link #1  (
Mirror Link #2 (crimsy)
If you would like to mirror this kernel , please let me know (or qoopz) so that I can include it in my blog.
Installation – To install simply rename your old mach_kernel as mach_backup and rename this as mach_kernel . If you’re planning to install Snow Leopard. Do follow my installation guide as I’ve updated it to reflect SSE2 changes or you may follow other guides !  Please do not forget to read the readme to know more details about this kernel
Source Code – The source code (.dff) will be given upon request only. You may contact me directly via e-mail if you want the source.
Kernel Name – Some of you may ask why the kernel is named as “anappirtrvh” . which means thx to: azi, nevermind, arya, prasys, p|astikman, inku, roisoft, tomas, radekg, Voodoo, and HiFi the slow tester. – Which is the first name of the beta testers who helped to test the kernel
I would like to take this opportuntity to thank qoopz for releasing the kernel for the SSE2 AMD/Intel user community out there. without him , we would be still in darkness and I am guessing he is the guy that would get the ball rolling

23 thoughts to “SSE2 Kernel for Snow Leopard (Intel/AMD)”

  1. Great! Someone is trying hard for all of us! I’m using this kernel right now and it is working as fine as it should be (some issues with 64 bit “mode”/apps, no cpuid patch for now e.t.c – but all of them are known and described inside kernel’s readme).
    So, I’m writting this post in order to thank qoopz for his work/time/effort!
    Oh,and the testers and everyone else involving too! 🙂
    This is my hardware list:
    Motherboard: Supermicro H8DAE-2 with nVidia MCP55 Pro chipset which supports up to two Six-Core AMD Opteron 2000/8000 processors
    Super Micro Computer, Inc. – Aplus Products | Motherboards | H8DAE-2
    Processor: 2x Opteron 2350 (8 cores total -2GHz each)
    Ram: 4×2 GB Samsung DDR2 667 Registered ECC Unbuffered (8 Gb total)
    Graphics Card: Nvidia 9400 GT
    I also have two SATA hard disks, 120 GB and 640GB , a Sony IDE DVD reader and an Optiarc DVD Recorder.

  2. Does this kernel also have SSE3 support? My processor is a Pentium D 950 that has SSE3 and EMT64. I am currently running the modbin kernel with great success but no 64bit support at all. 🙁 I’d love a kernel for my CPU that can at least support some 64bit stuff.

    1. Yes , it works. I am using 830. However 64-bit support is flaky. When i say flaky. You can have crashes or the program may not simply run ’cause our processor lacks of SSSE3.

  3. First of all, thank you for the efforts on making SL be more widely available.
    I installed SL on an external USB drive. It works fine on my Acer laptop except that the built-in WLAN (Intel 3945) isn’t supported (yet).
    While waiting for my new WLAN card and/or the promising Project Camphor (whichever comes first), I found this article and decided to try out SL with this SSE2 kernel to see if it’d work on my ThinkPad T42 (Pentium M, Dothan, no SSE3). I’d get a kernel panic as shown in .
    If there’s anything obvious from the screendump on what I might have missed, I’d appreciate hearing what I can try.

    1. @AL , you should get Dell 1505 or Dell 1390. It works as Apple Airport Out of the Box
      Please delete appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext from your /System/Library/Extensions folder

  4. Thank you for your reply and the recommendation, Pradeesh.
    I removed AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement.kext. Even though it’d still boot up on my Acer laptop, the T42 still sees the same fate with the same kernel panic and backtrace.
    I noticed that there’s also AppleIntelCpuPowerManagementClient.kext. I’ll try removing that, too, and will report back later.
    If there’s anything else that I should try, please let me know.
    Many thanks.

  5. Pradeesh,
    Does this kernel work with PC EFI V10.5?
    I’m using this with 10.6 on a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop. With Chameleon RC3 the kernel worked at first but I added my video to my dsdt and it would seem that sleep, shutdown & restart no longer work. Does it matter if I have graphics enabler -yes, & EthernetBuiltIn – yes in my dsdt? What would cause shutdown, restart & sleep to no work with this kernel?

  6. will work snow leopard with this kernel on the following hardware? iy`s here: intel celeron d346, RAM 1,5 GB, GeFORCE 7300GS 256 MB, mobo: GA-945P-S3, hard disk: western digital… it`s volume 500GB, sond card: creative labs SB 2030. I hope someone from this site can help me with installation. if you want to do this, you can contact with me by ICQ : 860512. Thanks.

  7. > I noticed that there’s also AppleIntelCpuPowerManagementClient.kext. I’ll try removing that, too, and will report back later.
    Forgot to report back. I tried this but didn’t work, as well.
    > While waiting for my new WLAN card and/or the promising Project Camphor (whichever comes first)…
    The AR5BXB72 card arrived and it replaced the 3945 in my Acer laptop and it’s working nicely.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have the question on installing the Mac OS 10.6.0 / 10.6.2. I am using the old machine HP NC 6230 with Pentium M 1.86 GHz CPU. I always get the error waiting for the root device. And It said it failes to load the IOATAFamily.kext. is there any solution or such old machine is unable to let the Mac OS Snow leopard run on it?

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  10. Hi,
    I am trying to install SL 10.6 with USB install method as described, am getting ACPI State S3 and it stops working. Hangs the computer
    I am new to this stuff, please guide me on this

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