Google Wave : First Impressions

I’ve to thank this young lady for giving away a Google Wave invite . Anyhow long story short. I’ve managed to get the invite sent to my e-mail after 6 days of waiting. Thats it , it took 6 days for Google to approve it. Bear in mind that invites aren’t instant , instead you’ll have to be in the waiting list. So once you’ve your invite , just click to activate. if you have a Google account , it automatically syncs your Google contact to determine if there are any other folks in your contact list with Google Wave and not to mention that it automatically gets your information about your website , your full name (if you have Google contacts to sync with your iPhone that is). Before we get further , Google Wave is a combination of Twitter , Instant Messengers (such as MSN Messenger) , Facebook and IRC in one package. Its nice for you to do collaborative research and talk. Its great for students and those who are in the working field. Imagine , as a student , with your friends who are in their own PC . Google Wave allows you to “work with them” with them in real time , something great for group work as you don’t have to go to a public spot such as a library or Starbucks to get your things done.

Google Wave
Google Wave Main Screen

At first glance , Google Wave may seem to look like your e-mail client. But its totally different. Google used the same concept and instead came up with real time tool to do that. Suppose if you have friends working on a project (lets say an essay on global warming). You can write your draft save it and later your friends could continue to add their ideas and it can be done in real time as well . You could see what they are typing , and what they are commenting about it . Plus , language is no longer a barrier as suppose if someone in your team doesn’t speak the language that the rest understand. Google Wave automatically translates it for you. They speak in their native language and you speak in yours and it gets translated on the fly for both parties. Think of it as being in United Nation’s General Election whereby you have delegates from different countries who may not speak a common language but then you have translators to translate for them. Its something like that for Google Wave
Google Wave - Real Time
Google Wave in Real Time

However let me empathise this. Google Wave is not for everyone , its not a Facebook replacement nor a Twitter replacement. But its tool for people collaborate and to come up with something great. However it may open room for a lot of people , who knows – gamers who do have their guilds in World of Warcraft can use Google Wave to talk about tactics and such. I am guessing the whole Google Wave API (Plugins) would take it to the next level.
Lastly , I know what you guys would ask – Invites. Clearly , I don’t have invitees at all to give away. If I do I am sure to twit about it or write an article about in my blog.

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  1. Wave invite first call 😀 :w00t: haha must be nice 🙂 I can wait until it becomes public since I am in no rush atm 🙂 Enjoy it :] Do post another entry after you’ve played with it a bit more.

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