New Layout

I’ve almost done with my new layout. I hope it looks nice for most of you. The reason why I’ve changed from my old layout to the new one is that my old layout was kinda common and it was messy. It has all these funny trackers and unwanted scripts which may have slowed down the whole thing. Now what I’ve really done is I’ve made my site much more user friendly. So that its easy on the eyes and most importantly to make more friends
Things which I’ve changed/added

  • Friends Section – It will contain all my blog roll links and my Google Visitors. Its easier for have them in one corner rather then at the site which I think is unprofessional
  • Privacy Policy – Revised. This time it includes web-safety check just to give you the assurance that my site is safe and free from any form of malware , spyware or bots which steals information
  • Social Bar – Get in touch with me . There are many ways that we could get in touch !

3 thoughts to “New Layout”

  1. Is there a way to move one of the sidebars to the right, I think 3 in one side are too many :[ makes me wanna create a custom CSS in my browser to move it >.<

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