Lizard – Companion for Chameleon

Finally a software for folks to edit Chameleon related configuration stuff. Lizard was created by sonotone . Its a front end on managing Chameleon on which I think is pretty handy (although I am a guy who hates some GUI tool to do things). Anyhow , what Lizard does is that it gives you a GUI whereby you can easily customise your Chameleon options. For instance if you want it to enable HPET fix or make it auto-boot to a drive , then you have it. The problem before this was that people tend not to read the readme and/or Chameleon was installed for them by an installer.

SMBIOS editing made easy - Just point and click

I like this guys idea of including an SMBIOS.plist editor which allows you to edit SMBIOS.plist without the need of a text editor. It contains values for MacBook Air , Macbook , MacBook Pro , Mac Pro and such which makes it easier for you to mimic a model. You even have the ability to create an simple ISO.  Personally , I will use it in times whereby I am just too lazy to edit the configuration file by myself.  Oh you may download the software from his site directly . He has another front end GUI tool to make boot-132 discs. So you may want to give it a go as well. The reason why I wrote about this is that he (the developer) was  courteous  to mail me to ask my permission if its possible to include my explanation in his program (which is indeed great). Do keep in mind that this is a beta product , so things may change . I’ve tested it personally to edit couple of things and its certainly good. I do hope that people do take time and undestand the basics before using GUI tools !

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  1. Hi Pradeesh
    I had been following your blog quiet sometime. Though I discovered yours lately Am delighted to consume the amount of info you had been sharing. My admiration goes for you.
    I have a pc with current iMac 27″ specs which I Hackintoshed successfully with some help from your blog.
    I am perfecting my Mac to the original ones with themes and sys info …everything. I came upon this Lizard tool today but it isnt available for download anywhere. Could you pls upload it or provide a link? or mail ?!
    Thank you for all your highly valued and useful contributions.

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