Chameleon RC3 + PC_EFI 10.3 + Extras

Well I saw DigitalDJ’s patch on enabling CPUID that injects the value to the system thinking that it has a real Intel processor and not an unknown processor. Apart from that I’ve included the proper hibernation fix which DigitalDJ missed out in this RC3 and as well as ripped off Chameleons GUI and instead made the boot loader to use text instead of GUI (kinda old school) (But don’t worry , two versions are compiled , and the source is included as well – so you can just have a look at it). The boot file contains :-

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Its almost as same as compiled version by DigitalDJ but I did not compile netkas’ old patch to enable legacy CD/DVD ATA (which I don’t think its needed)  to work with it as I don’t think many of us would want that. I’ll be explaining about on the changes later. Plus I would like to add that I take no credit for it. I just compiled em up and put em together. Now for the downloads. There are in two flavours , one is with GUI and the other one is without.
Download without GUI
Download with GUI
What’s the difference , well with GUI. You can use Chameleon themes and skins. without GUI just uses the plain old boring text boot loader. I prefer the latter then the former but then most of us would have their own opinions on it . Its your call anyway.
All you have to do is replace the boot file which is located in your Macintosh HD. If you’re using an EFI partition, then do follow this guide on how to mount EFI partition and have it replaced that. If you’re using EFI Partition/GUID ,I am quite sure you’re able to figure that out. Nevertheless the instructions
Fire up Terminal and type

sudo mv /boot /boot_backup

Then drag and drop boot which you have downloaded to the root of your Macintosh HD. Voila. Just reboot and it should work. If it doesn’t then be do make sure you have a USB stick or some sort for you to boot to your system or MacDrive to swap the boot files. You should have some kind of backup plan
As for CPUID patching , you’ll first need to read my guide on how SMBIOS.plist works here . In your SMBIOS , add the follow lines
<string> 1281</string>
There are currently three known values for it :-
1281 – Quad-Core Intel Xeon
769 – Intel Core 2 Duo
257 – Intel Core 2 Solo
You may ask why there is not for AMD , Intel Quad Core , Pentium D , Pentium M , Intel Atom. The reason is simple , Apple only includes list of CPUIDs which they officially support (aka which they officially run on mac). So if you have a quad core , you would go with Quad-Core Intel Xeon. This applies to i7. iF you have an Athlon X2 , then go with Intel Core 2 Duo
For Intel i7 users and i5 users alike. You can change Bus Speed into Interconnect speed so that your system profiler looks something like this

System Profiler on an Intel i7 Hackint0sh (thanks aschar for the picture)

by adding
If you want legacy support and such , check out the original version here

8 thoughts to “Chameleon RC3 + PC_EFI 10.3 + Extras”

  1. You say I missed brackets on the hibernation fix….but I’m fairly sure they evaluate exactly the same.
    if (!((long long)mem_base+allocSizeextmem+0x100000))
    (!(long long)mem_base+allocSizeextmem+0x100000)
    (long long) is simply a cast. You can’t negate a cast.
    .-= DigitalDJ´s last blog ..digitaldj’s tweets for 2009-10-10 =-.

  2. Prasys, thanks for all the good work!
    My question:
    I have a NetBook with Atom N270 CPU. Of the Apple supported CPU’s I guess it comes closest to the Core Duo found in the earliest MacBooks. What would be the SMcputype? Can I read it from my MacBook?

  3. Whoa this is exciting… I’ve been troubleshooting hibernate in a Dell MIni 10v for quite some time and I wonder if your fixes are what is lacking in the current Chameleon RC3-based NetbookInstaller!
    Is there some way I can integrate just your hibernation fixes into, presumably, my DSDT.aml file?! Shoot what do I know other than this smells like The Answer!

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