Xenserv Hosting Review

Recently , my blog was getting massive amount of traffic ever since I wrote my article on how to install Snow leopard on a PC with a retail Snow Leopard disc. My former host didn’t offer that much of hosting space, so I had no choice but to migrate it to Xenserv. It all started when I was in #snowleopard , a kind guy by the name of cmanns of XenServ. He offered me hosting to host my blog. So I thought of giving it a shot as since he is offering an account with cPanel X and other additional benefits. Now lets review the hosting.
Packages – Currently XenServ has three different plans. The economy plan starts at USD3.90 monthly and it comes with 20GB of bandwidth and 1.5GB of storage (which I think reasonable , if you’re going to register for 12 months). They do offer other packages which I think is reasonably priced . Their state-of-the-art plan only costs you USD$ 9.90 which provides you with ample of bandwidth and storage space. Honestly , the plans have been tailored for several different group of people , let it be a new blog or established web-site whereby you’ll have to serve thousands of clients a day
Support – So far I’m pleased with customer support .At least there is a guy who is able to answer your question. I’m in Malaysia (thats +8 GMT) , so generally it would be hard to get hold of someone who lives in Central or Pacific time zone. But thankfully the customer support has been there for me to help me out with my issues. For instance the server had issues with PHP and thankfully the dedicated team managed to fix it as soon as possible.  The support team knows in and out about UNIX , right everything from apache.conf to php.ini. So you don’t have any problem !
Conclusion : Would I recommended it – Certainly yes.  I’ll write a complete review and update it in a month or two. This is my first impression for it !

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