Fighting for Broadcasting Rights

That’s right. Its not another EPL Game , but its Astro vs TM on another battle to have the official broadcasting rights to broadcast EPL match. I mean EPL matches are very important for Malaysians , its their lifes. If you are wondering why , just take a look at your local mamk store on a saturday night or sunday night (i.e when there is a match that is) and you’ll know that its croweded. Malaysians generally love football (thats soccer , no not American Football) and most of us here are big fans of EPL clubs such as Arsenal , Manchester United , Liverpool , Chelsea and even Portsmouth (Go Proton – Wondering why Portsmouth , I’m sure you’ll get it why I’ve included it in my article) . More after the jump !

Now lets analyze it , I would be using data from The Star to do my analysis  and to form a conclusion. Now lets take a look at ASTRO. Astro is now currently buying content from ESPN. In other words , EPL guys sell content to ESPN and then ESPN re-sells it to ASTRO. This is how currently works. Suppose if ASTRO wins they do have the rights. This allows them to take a step further (Which I highly doubt they do , as you could see from ASTRO’s past track records , such as “charging additional RM 12 for Sports Package” , “sub-par services” and so on and so forth. You may google it for you self to find the rest about ASTRO. Suppose against all odds , ASTRO can use this to their advantage such as enabling customers to use the Red-Button service to vote or give live-feedback , chat (again which I think is pointless)  . The most important thing is that can they do HD. Thats my ultimate question. If they still can’t broadcast in HD , then it would be pointless if ASTRO gets it. Its because you are still not able to watch an EPL match if it rains and in your new 40″ HDTV in 720p (Lets talk about 1080p later). The bright side is that current Astro users would still able to continue to enjoy EPL with ASTRO. It means that your grandma and your grandpa wouldn’t have to switch to TM’s IPTV Services.
Now lets take a look at TM’s up-coming IPTV Services. TM seems to be blowing its trumpet claiming that IPTV is the way to go with their up-coming Fibre to Home Offering (aka high-speed broadband access for Malaysians). Since its possible to reach speeds up to 100Mbps , TM could use this to their advantage , it enables TM to provide HD Content. Thats what they claim that it can do , but then only God knows on how it would work. Remember how your streamyx connection use to suck on a bad day and even on a good day ? – I hope that doesn’t return with TM’s FTTH (Fibre to Home Service). TM has a bad history on broadband services. I don’t have to give you evidence to support my claim , as I’m quite sure that if you’re a Malaysian you would have the idea on what on earth that I’m talking ’bout. Given TM’s past incapability  to provide Malaysians with “affordable” and “cheerful” broadband , I doubt that FTTH would be sucessful , this is based on given TM’s past records on failing to provide a decent ADSL service for consumers.  But what important is can TM deliver. If TM wants to get Malaysians to use IPTV , the packaging has to be attractive , its because nobody – I mean pratically nobody in Malaysia wants to watch some local shows and in-house content from TM. They want solid stuff , so for TM its an important step.
As for me , I am not sure. lets just wait and see if there are going to be any improvements and may the best provider which outbids the other wins. oh yeah speaking of IPTV and such I wonder where is miTV with their so-called IPTV services via 3G !  As for me both of the companies are crap and there is nothing special about them.

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