Empire EFI

satisfyBefore I get this thing rolling – I want to tell you one thing. The tone which I’ve written this article may differ , its just to make it sound like a commercial product. I have no intentions of selling it or making profit out of it. This project will remain , free and I’ll be writing a guide on how to make your very own boot-132 disc so that you can pretty much help out the rest !

Introduction – Presenting Empire EFI. The one of the kind boot loader which all. Do take a look at what Empire EFI as to offer. Unlike other tutorials and guides and solutions , you don’t need a hackint0sh or Macintosh running OSX . Its possible to use this disc on a PC running Windows or Linux

As wise Darth Vader used to say (our CEO and Mentor):-

“You do not know the power of the dark side” – Darth Vader

By the way do take a look at our new prelude (thanks apocolipse aka apoc269)


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The Bridge Issue – Who to be blamed

I am quite sure that most of you have read the recent news on the Malaysian bridge incident whereby 3 victims found drowned. As we do know that , The newly-built iron-cable suspension bridge above the water was shaken by pupils walking on it, which caused a metal pillar anchoring the cable ripped off its concrete foundation. Obviously the reason why it gave up is that it has reached its UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) and bam it snaps. But again my question is how on earth the engineers built the bridge in the first place without taking into account the calculations. Didn’t they test if the bridge would withstand the stress that is being put on to it if people would start to shake. Knowing kids and even adults (hey sometimes I do that too) , there would be folks that would want to test out the bridge by violently shaking it. I mean if I am the engineer who built it and if such incident to occur , I would either resign. Lets be honest , the guilt would be there that 3 children (future Malaysians would would develop the country) have been perished just because the bridge wasn’t able to withstand the force. I do hope that some of the parents sue the contractor who have built it in the first place without testing it out fully if its capable or not.
I do feel sad for the 3 children who have lost their lives because of this incident. Imagine , a 5th Grader who wants to grow up to be someone successful has just ended his/her life by drowning due to a bridge which wasn’t able to sustain the amount of stress . Now my question to my readers is simple – Who to be blamed for this ?
The teachers who didn’t do their best to help the poor students ? – Personally I would try my best to help as I wouldn’t want to risk my self if I’m a family man as I am quite sure that nobody would risk it if you have a family to feed.
The students themselves ? – For shaking the bridge violently thus causing it to collapse
The contractor and the engineers who built the bridge in the first place  ?– For not taking into account of external force and for not placing signs or simply by doing a simple job without following the proper safety guidelines that is needed when a bridge has to be constructed !

Blog is being fixed + New Changes

I know , when you click something bam it goes straight to RSS feed. I am working on it as we speak and plus I am tweaking on the loading time and working on an old theme of mine so that it matches with the whole Hackint0sh theme.
If you’re having issues with pages not loading or if it redirects to RSS feed. Simply hit refresh manually and the page should reload. I think I’ve fixed this issue and it should work without any issues

Fixing Broken Snow Leopard

In this guide , I would be teaching you on how to fix a broken Snow Leopard Installation. Its fairly simple and think of it as a supplement to my installation guide. The reason why we may want to fix is that from time to time if we install programs such as Little Snitch ( a must have program and its worth it) , Vmware or other programs which installs kernel extensions to the system. We may have to rebuild it otherwise you’ll end up getting an error screen something like the one which I’ve faced (more after the jump)

Oh No - A Kernel Panic . Someone call 1800-MY-APPLE NOW !

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Boot Camp for Hackintoshes

Modbin has came up with a solution (that is bypassing certain Boot ROM checks on Apple’s Boot Camp Software) to get Boot Camp to work on Hackintoshes. I’ve tested it out and personally it works as in creating partition and then installing Windows normally via DVD. Before we get on our hands on Boot Camp. I’ve to state few things , that you should take note :-

  • It only works on GUID Partition Scheme (if you have used MBR , it would not work)
  • It will erase your 200MB Hidden EFI partition (so you’ll have to back up your patched kext , dsdt and stuff like that)
  • Its either a hit or miss (sometimes it can work)
  • There is a chance of making your Macintosh HD corrupt (there is a chance)

Just to let you know that Boot Camp software is just a “front end” for Disk Utility to make it easier for you to partition your drive so that you can install windows. Anyhow lets get started. I’ve already warned that once you start playing with this there is a chance that it will mess your boot loader , so make sure you do know how to recover. Here’s a hint , get a USB stick and install Conti’s myHack installer.
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The evidence

Netkas made a good point today on the evidences that concludes the PY$TAR ripped boot-132 and other great things. If you’ve the time , I would recommend you to read the translated version or get someone who speaks Russian to do the translation for you.
There are a lot of evidences pilling up against Py$tar right now. I just love how the folks backfired me saying that its not stolen and they want the evidence and such. Now you have it. So stop putting your faith on a company which all they do is rebrand things and make it easier for you.

HideIP VPN Service

I am on a hunt to find a VPN Service which allows me to watch both UK and US shows online and it must be free as I just want to watch couple of shows. The reason is very simple , some of these shows aren’t available in Malaysia due to certain reasons. For instance Family Guy and certain UK only shows. So it makes a great complement for a Media Centre or HTPC. Anyhow , HideIP VPN Service has both Free and Premium Service. There is one catch though , its limited (they only give 100 free account every month) and plus Premium accounts are limited too. This is to ensure that the service that HideIP provides is good.  I’ll be requesting my account so that I can review it fully and post my thoughts and feedback of the service.
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Psystar's Rebel EFI is Evil

As we all do know that Psystar has launched Rebel EFI (aka repackaged boot-132/Chameleon + PC_EFI with a nice GUI and theme) which allows users to install MacOSX and other OS easily. In other words you can put your Snow Leopard Retail DVD and bam it boots. Its all only for USD $ 49.99 (limited offer , it costs you ~USD $90). You can check out the pricing and other details from Psystar site here for yourself.
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I guess if you haven’t noticed yet. I’ve posted a small donation bar from chipin ( a great service if you plan to raise funds) . The reason is simply because the additional moola (money) would be used a side for my education and/or to upgrade my 5 year old PC which is kinda problematic. Obviously , it would only cost around $300. The additional $100 would be put into good use. Suppose if the majority votes to donate it to some charity organisation , I would or if they want the money to be split and donated across several other hackint0sh developers , I would do that and that truly depends on what people do vote. I hope to be transparent enough by providing evidence of what I’ve did with the money as I truly understand that when it comes to donation and stuff everyone needs to know how the money is put into use. That is why I plan to put up anything I buy with the donation money or donate the money to other people up in this  blog. Plus I intend to pay up some to my hosting company who generously provided this hosting for free as well (bandwidth does not come cheap)
That’s all I would like to add. I know , I am not into this whole donation thingy , but then due to situation and other reasons – I had no choice but to put it up. If you have any questions regarding donations , feel free to e-mail me directly or simply post it up in the comment box

14th Pusan International Film Festival – 15Malaysia directors

I am quite sure that most of you have seen the whole 15Malaysia videos. Aren’t they great. If you haven’t – I recommend you to see’em (Everything , do watch one by one). The videos symbolise the true Malaysia from a Malaysian perspective. When I am saying from Malaysian perspective , I really mean it – You have Malaysian Cabinet ministers acting in the short movies as well. Its funny and if you’re a Malaysian or you have been touched by the culture and the politics of Malaysia – you’ll truly understand it
Anyhow Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) and ruumzNation Sdn Bhd (“ruumz’) sponsored the 15Malaysia short film directors (casts and crews) to attend the 14th Pusan International Film Festival in Korea from 8th Oct till 12th Oct 2009. In collaboration with ruumz, now Malaysia’s most popular social networking site, the directors’ journey to Pusan (for many of them a first!) . Plus did not I tell you that they would have make it up to International Level. Anyway it was a three day fiesta and I do have some of the pictures which I’ve picked (from the whole collection that Miss Naomi sent to me). The photo quality are low but you can get to see the whole thing over here. Plus I’ll sum it up in pictures and a bit of words , which makes it easier for you to know
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