HSBB (Malaysia) Details

I was lurking in lowyat today and found this article on HSBB project in Malaysia. It was posted in a message board. So thought of posting it here in my blog and as well as discussing my opinion about it . You can check it out here for more details . I would like to take this opportunity to credit Razer1911 and xts of lowyat.net for sharing this information

Detailed Information on HSBB rollout

HSBB is coming soon ! - Thats right folks

Click on the photo to enlarge and do have a look at this as well

So the main question is can TM deliver its promise. Generally we all do know that Broadband in Malaysia tend to suck. Even new  companies , at first when they roll out. it would be certainly great , but sooner or later – it would start to go downhill as they get more and more users to sign up for their services. This leads to overselling , ISPs tend to do this in order for them to maximise their profit and to cover up their investments.Now when we are talking about HSBB , we are talking about high-speed broadband , speeds up to 1Gbps. This is great to enable content providers to make use of the bandwidth to deliver HDTV content and such (Let’s face it ASTRO in Malaysia sucks and everyone knows it). That’s the good side , but the question is TM is capable of delivering customers.
At first , they may able to deliver it , but then once more and more customers start to make use of HSBB , can it be really called HSBB ? . What are the efforts that TM has taken to make sure that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie ? How about Local bandwidth ? I wouldn’t mind to have 1Gbps for local links , as it makes transferring pretty easy from one place to another place. Plus its possible for us to host servers within our homes , thus making sharing large files easier. Of course this would in-directly result in servers which may host copyrighted materials. Anyhow , what are your thoughts on HSBB

12 thoughts to “HSBB (Malaysia) Details”

  1. Well despite the complaints that HSBB is not worth the tax payer dollars because of poor international routing, i disagree.
    It’s better to have it, then not have it. Eventually we can improve our international connections i am sure. The America-Asia Gateway is just a start i am sure…
    Under HSBB not everyone is going to get the full glory of the FTTH fiber optics connectivity. Some of us may get ADSL2/2+ or VDSL as a substitute. VDSL isn’t to bad if you ask me :} i could live with that.
    Anyway i live near to the areas where they are getting fiber optics so hopefully my area will get it i hope :{

  2. I agree with Moogle, we have to start somewhere. At the same time, we have to put tighter checks on the provider to ensure that they provide a decent service level.
    And for goodness sake, inconsiderate netizens should stop sharing copyrighted materials illegally. All these illegal P2P activities only add to unnecessary congestion. The irony is that these very law-breaking people have the audacity to complain about slow transfers when they themselves are the root of the problem!
    I hope the residential rates for HSBB will be affordable otherwise there’ll be a problem with adoption.

  3. Moogle, yes better have than never cz now many of our neighbor country are in construct to HSBB project too. About the full glory, yes they cant be so fast to make everyone get it cz the cost of fiber optic is really expensive and if you compare to singapore they are just a small island so they easy and less cost to make sure all get to use FTTH. Thats why TM choosing a certain place first to get start. TM sure can do the best for our future technology.
    The pricing also will be worth with the service im sure. Jason, where are you live? as i know TM now working on Bangsar area fast.
    Jason, actually about the P2P activities they have take action about that by encapsulate the data and bandwidth. TM just release the activities in the midnight after 3am till maybe 7am(before office hour). The problem congestion and slow bandwidth is because the cabel that we are using now (copper cable) its really old almost 40-50 year old. even mostly have been renew but its cant solve the problem. If u know about copper wire, it can use 5km(im not so sure) each route. but in every signaling (data transfer) its will lose about 30% which we call it DB LOST and also get much error this time. so if you using streamyx 1mbps, actually you got around 700kbps. thats why TM said about the speed they will give the best effort to consumer. even that problem TM facing, but they care about their consumer so they make, 1mbps for 512kbps package price, 1.5mbps for 1mbps package. Now, no worry once HSBB launch in march 2010, we will taste the high speed of broadband.

  4. TM should encourage content to be hosted in local datacentre, what is the purpose of having HSBB yet international pipes are always congested. Local hosting provider should be given cheaper rates for hosting local content in TM IDCs, by doing this international bandwidth usage will be reduced significantly. Less spending in international traffic bandwidth – Even though TM are in consortium or join venture pipe building, some of the bandwidth pipes are through other international providers.
    Encourage local hosting! that would help heaps.

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