boot-132 for Snow Leopard

Boot-132 become a popular method to install retail disc of OSX. As it allows you to install an unmodified version of OSX , which is a legal copy to be installed to a hackint0sh. This makes it possible for you to grab a copy of OSX from Apple Store (which by all means , I encourage you to do so).
You may ask how boot-132 makes it possible for me to boot a retail disc. Generally boot-132 is “Chameleon” on a disk. How it works is similar to how Linux live cd works. What it does is that it transfers the contents of the CD such as patched kexts , injectors from CD to RAM . Thus allowing you to eject the CD and insert a retail OSX installation disc to proceed with your installation.
There is a generic boot-132 for users out there who are willing to try this method. Use this together with my Snow Leopard tutorial and you should be good to go
This boot CD is not meant for AMD/Intel Pentium 4/D users. Instead its for Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad/i7 users. f41qu3 (of HMBT, a Brazilian osx86 team) has came up with Chameleon RC3 bootable CD to boot Snow Leopard Installation. Click here to download it or here (for legacy hardware). Keep in mind that boot-132 is either a hit or miss at this time. I’ll be writing a guide soon on how to make your own boot-132 boot disc

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  1. I have been waiting for your help for ‘How to make your own boot-132 boot disc’ so long.
    When would you like to guide everyone, who are eager to your tutorial.

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