Comparison between Maxis and Celcom Prepaid

It seems that Maxis has also jumped into the whole Wireless Broadband pre-paid thingy. It first started off with Celcom with their whole Prepaid broadband package and then Maxis joined the game. Anyhow , you may ask whats the need of a pre-paid wireless broadband. One may need Prepaid wireless broadband if you plan to go to your kampung (hometown) and you don’t have DSL/Cable access , you’re traveling on the go (i.e from Johor to Penang) , you’re on vacation somewhere in Sarawak and you want to check your e-mail , play couple of facebook games and use Skype ! or you want a Backup Broadband just incase if your streamyx is down. All you’ll be needing is a 3G-enabled phone (or a data card) and a netbook/notebook (or a Desktop if you plan to use it at home). Thats about it. I’m pretty sure that 3G phones do have Bluetooth enabled , and most of the laptops do have Bluetooth built in .

Celcom Prepaid Broadband
Lets take a look at Celcom’s plan , shall we

Screen shot 2009-09-05 at 2.03.23 PM
Celcom Broadband plans - Its RM 6 for 24 hours and RM 20 for a week

So its RM 6 for 24 hours (which translates to RM 0.25 every hour) and as for RM 20 plan (it translates to RM 0.12 every hour). Its not bad compared to say umm going to a cyber-cafe whereby you’ll be charged RM 2 per hour (mean value). But there are several disadvantages , firstly there is a data limit (I believe its 3GB for both , I’m not quite sure about it as Celcom didn’t mention anything about it in their site). Apart from that , the speed will not be consistent , for instance if you are traveling , expect the speed for fluctuate anywhere from 0 to up to 340Kbps. Bear in mind that you’re not allocated HSDPA for Celcom Broadband , instead you are given a normal 3G slot. Therefore loading times would be much more slower compared to HSPDA (3.5G)
To Simplify things and to make you (yes the reader) to understand things much more easier. I’ve listed down em in a “point form”. Ideal if you plan to

  • Its the cheapest prepaid broadband in the nation
  • Wide coverage (again you could get 3G coverage just about anywhere with Celcom)

Maxis Prepaid Broadband
Next up in line is Maxis . I guess the reason why Maxis started prepaid broadband is that their sales for Maxis Broadband were declining , as we all do know that Maxis blocks just about anything – right from peer-to-peer softwares such as BitTorrent , Online TV streaming application such as TVAntz and even DCC (IRC). They think that this is far most the best method to maintain bandwidth and to give user the best broadband experince ever (Which I honestly think is just another marketting gimmick to try to grab as much as users as possible and to make a big profit out of em without upgrading their infrastructure). This is typical of Maxis anyway . Anyhow , lets take a look at the plans shall we :-

Screen shot 2009-09-05 at 2.04.34 PM
Maxis Broadband plans - Its RM 8 for 24 hours and RM 25 for a week

At first glance Maxis’ Broadband seems to be a bit more expensive compared to Celcom. For instance its RM 8 for 24 hours (which translates to RM 0.33 cents an hour) and RM 25 for 7 days (which translates to RM 0.14 cents an hour). I believe the reason why Maxis priced higher then Celcom is that Maxis allows you to use HSDPA services (that is speeds up to 7.2Mbps/3.6Mbps on 3.5G areas). This means that you can get to enjoy faster YouTube buffering speed and even play MMORPGs on the go (as the latency would be 2x lower compared to 3G. For instance if you get 300ms with 3G , it would be roughly around 150ms for 3.5G) . Apart from that , the data limit may prohibit you from over-using the connection. So don’t expect to user it for downloading your favourite sitcoms such as The Office as it may drain up your data cap easily. Again you’re out once you’ve reached the data cap or once your time runs out (whichever comes first). Maxis is ideal if you’re looking for :-

  • Wireless Broadband with dedicated IP (so that you can surf sites , download things from rapidshare)
  • 3.5G speed (HSDPA) – up to 7.2mbps

Other then that they are just about the same .
You can check out both the plans over at their respective site

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