[GUIDE]Creating your own SMBIOS.plist

Everyday (almost every day)  . I do get questions on how to fix RAM detection of OSX , how to fix CPU Detection of OSX , etc. Most of the people who have asked this question aren’t aware that its purely cosmetic/asthetic. If OSX shows you that it sees your 800Mhz DDR2 RAM as 667Mhz. It doesn’t mean that your RAMs are clocked at 667Mhz when you’re in OSX. But still some insist on fixing it right so that they would make themselves proud. Anyhow , this guide explains the fundementals on building your own Apple SMBIOS.plist (more after the jump)
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Install Snow Leopard on a PCS- The Easy Way

I’ve written my detailed guide and its now time for me to write a noob-friendly guide for the mass. The idea came when Conti ( a very talented guy came up with an installer). The idea behind creating an installer is to simplify things , again its not to assist newbies who don’t have a clue. Its for those who would like to save time. This guide is a complement to my other guide which I’ve written in the past.
Firstly , read my Installing Snow Leopard on a PC guide. Make sure you prepare your USB Stick by following my guide. You don’t have to install Chameleon nor follow any other steps. Just up to the part whereby you’ve copied the contents of your Snow Leopard DVD to your USB Stick. You could do this with a Real Mac or your hack. Its just that you’ll have to use a Mac. If you don’t have one – No problem , just head over to a Mac Centre/Apple Store ,  I’m not kidding. Just use the PC to copy contents . I’m not sure if they would allow you to insert SL Disc , but then do give it a shot
Next up fire up the installer (which you may download the latest and greatest version from Conti by clicking here) , and select your USB thumb drive or an external disk.
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 2.39.06 PM
Select the right patches. For instance if your BIOS doesn’t support AHCI , do make sure you select AppleIntelPIIATA kext . Again you should leave the default options as it is. Once that is done , you should able to boot from your USB Stick
Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 2.49.29 PM
Once you’ve installed Snow Leopard , use your USB stick to boot to your local hard disk. Once you’ve managed to get it up , re-run the installer. This time , uncheck framebuffer disabler and select other kexts to get your system working. Therefore allowing you to boot your system !
If you’re having issues using automated/simplified method , then by all means – follow my guide and do it manually !

HSBB (Malaysia) Details

I was lurking in lowyat today and found this article on HSBB project in Malaysia. It was posted in a message board. So thought of posting it here in my blog and as well as discussing my opinion about it . You can check it out here for more details . I would like to take this opportunity to credit Razer1911 and xts of lowyat.net for sharing this information

Detailed Information on HSBB rollout

HSBB is coming soon ! - Thats right folks

Click on the photo to enlarge and do have a look at this as well

So the main question is can TM deliver its promise. Generally we all do know that Broadband in Malaysia tend to suck. Even new  companies , at first when they roll out. it would be certainly great , but sooner or later – it would start to go downhill as they get more and more users to sign up for their services. This leads to overselling , ISPs tend to do this in order for them to maximise their profit and to cover up their investments.Now when we are talking about HSBB , we are talking about high-speed broadband , speeds up to 1Gbps. This is great to enable content providers to make use of the bandwidth to deliver HDTV content and such (Let’s face it ASTRO in Malaysia sucks and everyone knows it). That’s the good side , but the question is TM is capable of delivering customers.
At first , they may able to deliver it , but then once more and more customers start to make use of HSBB , can it be really called HSBB ? . What are the efforts that TM has taken to make sure that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie ? How about Local bandwidth ? I wouldn’t mind to have 1Gbps for local links , as it makes transferring pretty easy from one place to another place. Plus its possible for us to host servers within our homes , thus making sharing large files easier. Of course this would in-directly result in servers which may host copyrighted materials. Anyhow , what are your thoughts on HSBB

Snow Leopard Kexts for Netbooks

I’ve prepared kexts for MSI Wind U100 series (and as well as other variants of netbooks which shares similarities with the Wind. Generally all netbook do share the same similarities , such as Intel GMA 950 , Intel Atom processor , PS2 Keyboard/Mouse ,etc). Its just that the network card varies (wireless and wired). In this post , I’ve zipped up all the needed kext that you would need to get your MSI Wind U100 or other netbooks running. I’ve included patched Intel GMA 950 kext , Realtek kext , PowerManagement kext and Trackpad/Keyboard kext. All you have to do is install it manually either by Terminal or simply using a 3rd party kext helper tool to the trick for you.
Nevertheless , I’ll show you on how its done properly. First thing first – grab a nicely packed (I would say freshly baked kext). This kexts would work in any variant of Snow Leopard (I’m assuming that you’ve installed Snow Leopard) (unless Apple decided to improvise on Intel GMA graphics driver , which I highly doubt). Secondly , these kexts are meant for 32-bit platform. This is because Apple has written Intel graphics drivers for 32-bit kernelspace. if you have a 64-bit atom , you’ll have to use 32-bit kernel. Don’t worry about your application , they would take advantage of 64-bit. Its just that your devices wouldn’t able to take advantage of 64-bit umphness. You can read about the full 64-bit vs 32-bit explanation here in my guide of how to install Snow Leopard. This package also includes a special build of fakeSMC which mimics the same SMC Version found on Real MacBook Airs !
I did not include Wireless kexts for MSI Wind U100 users as I’ve replaced Realtek/Ralink card with an Apple airport-compatible card. I recommend to those of you who are using unsupported wifi cards in their netbooks to do so by buying Dell 1505/1510 or Dell 1390/Dell 1490 WiFi Card !
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Site is back up

Phew , I do know that my site went down for a while. It seems that my server was having issues with cgi-bin. Thats why it wasn’t possible for us to get it up and running. But thankfully (may God bless him) , my host aka my provider got it back up and running. I’ll be writing a couple of articles on my country and as well as on OSX86 as well !
Plus I think I’ve fixed the crashes in Internet Explorer. I’ll take a look at whats causing it and hopefully it will work. It must be one of those annoying widgets. Plus I’ve removed the annoying mouse hover thingy. Now things should be much more nicer and not to mention less adverts !

boot-132 for Snow Leopard

Boot-132 become a popular method to install retail disc of OSX. As it allows you to install an unmodified version of OSX , which is a legal copy to be installed to a hackint0sh. This makes it possible for you to grab a copy of OSX from Apple Store (which by all means , I encourage you to do so).
You may ask how boot-132 makes it possible for me to boot a retail disc. Generally boot-132 is “Chameleon” on a disk. How it works is similar to how Linux live cd works. What it does is that it transfers the contents of the CD such as patched kexts , injectors from CD to RAM . Thus allowing you to eject the CD and insert a retail OSX installation disc to proceed with your installation.
There is a generic boot-132 for users out there who are willing to try this method. Use this together with my Snow Leopard tutorial and you should be good to go
This boot CD is not meant for AMD/Intel Pentium 4/D users. Instead its for Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad/i7 users. f41qu3 (of HMBT, a Brazilian osx86 team) has came up with Chameleon RC3 bootable CD to boot Snow Leopard Installation. Click here to download it or here (for legacy hardware). Keep in mind that boot-132 is either a hit or miss at this time. I’ll be writing a guide soon on how to make your own boot-132 boot disc

Happy Eid / Selamat Hari Raya

Celebration Day of Fasting or which is commonly known as Hari Raya in Malay is the term of Eid ul-Fitr , whereby Muslims all around the world celebrate to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In Malaysia things are bit different as we have the concept of having open houses. In fact I’ve been invited to couple of open houses myself. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term open house. According to AllMalaysia.info , its

Unique to Malaysia is the “open house” concept where – during the various cultural and religious festivals – friends, families and even strangers would visit the homes of those who are celebrating the festival, to wish them well and enjoy the feast prepared by their hosts. Definitely something to experience!
Source : AllMalaysiaInfo


This is why I truly admire Malaysia. You can’t get this in any other countries and its truly Malaysian. I mean , where on earth could you have open houses for all the festivals in Malaysia – including Christmas. SO if you’re a foreigner and plan to visit Malaysia during X-mas (assuming I’m still in Malaysia during that time) , feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll be your local Ambassador. I’m not a Muslim myself but I do celebrate all the holidays !

How To Enable Native Read/Write NTFS for Snow Leopard

Starting from OSX 10.6 , it seems that Apple is included  read/write support for NTFS partitions. However its disabled by default (I’m not sure why they have disabled it but knowing Apple they may have silly or a solid reason to do. Remember , MMS for iPhone 2G – The hardware is capable of doing so , however they decided to drop support for MMS). In this guide , i would teach you on how to enable NTFS read/write support for Snow leopard. Its way better then using NTFS-3G or using other third party alternative as the system supports natively. Whats the catch you ask ? – Its simple , nobody knows what are the adverse effects. So far – I’ve tried with read/write support on my NTFS partitions and OSX seems to be stable and there aren’t any corruption or what-so-ever with the partition
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KL Tower's Official Website was hacked

If you visit http://www.menarakl.com.my (Menara , pronounced as Men/ah/ra – which stands for Tower in Malay).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Oh No - Its hacked

You’ll see something like this

Guess someone did hack official Menara KL website and its such a shame that the Webmasters of Menara KL did not notice it nor replace it as soon as possible. Guess the webmaster didn’t even notice that the site was hacked. I am pretty strange on what the guys are doing or how they did manage to setup.I’ve seen some lazy webmasters and network admins who would just simply an old version of IIS or Apache and wouldn’t even bother to patch up or misconfigure it. I am sure its their job to protect the site from attacks and replace it with a backup as soon as possible if there is an attack. I’m ashamed (as a Malaysian) , that they didn’t fix the web-site on time. Suppose a tourist wants to check out whats Menara KL all about and if he/she visits this site , I mean what they would think of our country. First impression counts , especially during this time whereby its important  for our country to attract as much as visitors as possible. Web-sites such as Menara KL are the ones that tourist would look for , before they plan their journey
So I do hope that Web-master or the Administrators of the site , fix as soon as possible. Its vital for our nation as its a symbolic for Kuala Lumpur and for Malaysia as well !