fakeSMC "MacBook Air" Release for Wind

As we all do know , the wise and mighty netkas (yes indeed) has released fakeSMC controller for us – hackint0sh users. Firstly some of us may not know what is SMC. SMC stands for System Management Control. What it does on a real mac is that it controls fan levels , tells the system when to wake , how to wake , how to shutdown , which devices to shutdown and basically it controls all other power management related stuff.  FakeSMC tries to emulate a real SMC device so that its possible for Hackint0sh users to run several programs and most importantly to fix annoying SMC errors and such during boot up. This makes it one step closer to vanilla and to be closely as real mac as possible.
Now you may ask , why on earth – would you want to recreate back  something which has already done. I’ve had several reasons to do it. Firstly , it started when i installed fakesmc.kext from netkas’ site. When I ran system profiler , I saw a SMC update for “Macbook Air”.  Therefore I want it to be like a real MacBook Air , having similar stuff to the real thing. Secondly , SMC Version 1.23f20 is needed to run CoolBook in Snow Leopard. It wouldn’t work with older versions of it. I am not sure why , it just checks for SMC Version in System profiler. If it sees anything < 1.23f20 . It will not run and it will ask you to update SMC verison of your MacBook Air

netkas' fakesMC did manage to full system updater thinking that its indeed a real MacBook Air !

So I decided to give it a shot (after following netkas’ advice on giving it a go). I did , as could see below that it downloads  (Whee , great news)
It did even allow me to download. Generally some patches wouldn't even install at all , however this one did

But then , when it tries to run. It just says “This is not for your Macintosh”. This is where I really got annoyed. Ever since I’ve been corrupted with the whole vanilla fever and make it as close as the real thing as possible. Plus I wanted to get CoolBook to work with Snow Leopard

I decided to recompile the whole thing by changing SMC version to match with the one that apple is supplying. I’ve obtained the information from here . Thanks to netkas for releasing the source code , its possible for people to modify it. So that is what I’ve just did for both Leopard and Snow Leopard . Oh yeah I almost forgot you may download the kext for both Snow leopard and Leopard and as well as the modified source code. I’ve just did minor changes to the version. Credit and everything goes to netkas for this kick-ass emulator !
Finally managed to "pawn" the detection. Fooling Apple's own updater and the system thinking that its running latest SMC Controller update !

You may install this kext in either /Extra/Extensions or /System/Library/Extensions . Please do remove dsmos.kext (or other similar kexts to avoid conflict with FakeSMC.kext)
Now , you can happily go around and boast to your friends who are using MacBook Air , that you too are using the latest SMC Controller on your Wind !
Download  FakeSMC.kext (for 32-bit Leopard)
Download FakeSMC.kext (for 32-bit/64-bit Snow Leopard)
Download FakeSMC.kext (Source code)

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  1. Hi, good job !
    I need a FakeSMC.kext but with another version 1.24f2 this is for Macbook3,1 (hackintosh).
    Upload to mediafire, please.

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