How To Sign Up For Google Voice Outside of USA

For the past week , I’ve been promising my readers on how to get Google Voice if you’re outside the US. Yes , I’ve managed to get Google Voice working plain though I’m located outside of the United States . So before we get into the complete how-to , lets take a look what is Google Voice all about . Google Voice is actually hybrid VOIP Service provided by Google , which allows you to make free calls any number in the US and it allows you to send and receive text messages without paying a dime or a cent. This is ideal if you have lots of friends in the US or if your family members are in US and you want to call them for free over the Internet. What is different compared to Skype and other VOIP Services is that you get a fixed number (and you’re allowed to select your own number) .

That’s about Google Voice. Of course you can learn more about Google Voice over here and what is all about. Now lets get into the how-to. First of all , you’ll need a Google Voice invite , you may request for an invite by simply clicking here. Its recommended that you use your Google Account or your Gmail account. Next up is wait for an invite from Google. It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Again its completely random , you may or may not get it. It depends on your luck. Lets take a look at the prerequisites , shall we :-

  • A Google Voice Invitation (if you don’t have one , feel free to apply – there is a link on this page or you may simply visit Google Voice to get an invite)
  • VPN Service to US or HTTPS/HTTP proxy to USA (If you don’t have it , don’t worry – just continue to read)
  • A fast connection (preferably 512Kbps downlink)
  • Lots of patience and a cup of tea or coffee ! (Do make sure that your wife/girlfriend/dog is not going to bug you while you’re doing this ritual)

Oh No ! Google Voice's sign up process wouldn't work if you're outside the US

Okay , once you’ve got it (Congratulations). You may want to access the link but then you’ll get an error which says that its only valid if you’re in the United States. Fear not , you’ll be needing a US proxy. Of course there are many ways of finding a proxy , for instance you may use Google to find a proxy or use program such as Hotspot Shield or NotMyIP which gives you a US IP. Keep in mind that if you plan to use a random proxy , make sure it supports HTTPS connection. If its possible , try to ask your friend (who is in the US and willing to turn his PC into a proxy server) to setup a secure proxy server by using tools such as CCProxy and connect to his PC . This way its much more securer and you’ll get a genuine IP address instead of using a proxy address which may have been blacklisted by Google . Anyhow , once you’re on your US IP – simply , proceed on selecting your phone number and such – until you reach here !
Trouble - You'll need a US Phone Number in order to activate Google Voice - Fear not there is a way to do it (Picture taken is from

Yes thats right. This is where most of us are caught (You may ask – how am I going to get a Google Voice number if I don’t live in the US )You need to have an existing phone line before you’re allowed to use Google Voice. Fear not there are couple of ways you can get a US Incoming phone number. Its bit tricky though. I would highly recommend you  to look for a VPN Service which gives you a US IP (as I’ve described earlier) , or if you have friends in the States – ask them to sign it up for you on behalf of you. Its just that you need to have a valid US address and a valid US IP Address. The program would then work anywhere in the world , its just that during initial sign up process. You’ll have to get a US IP and Adress. Anyway there are 2 VOIP Service which offers free Incoming US Number (and which I’ve tried) , which are SIPGate and IPKall . I’ve personally used both of them and I prefer SIPGATE over IPKall. Its because for us , those who are in Malaysia. The latency and the ping time to SIPGate servers are lower compared to IPKall. Anyway its up to you , both of them do a fine job. Keep in mind that you’ll be using this number in order for google voice to work. Generally Google Voice works this way , when you dial a number , it calls back to your phone and connects to the other party. Thats how it works. I am not going in detail on how to create this account , if you’re looking for a good tutorial on how to do it – I would recommend you to visit this site.
Next up is to enter your US Number and voila , wait for Google to call you. Pick up the call (you just need a pair of speakers or headphone – you don’t have to worry about a microphone). Key in the numbers and voila you’re set. Now you may use Google Voice. Keep in mind that you’ll have to use a VOIP program (such as the one from SIPCall in order for you to place a call and to receive calls). If you plan to use Google Voice to text your friends in the states, then feel free to use the Web Interface to send and receive text messages . Enjoy your google Voice . I’ll attach a picture just to proof it to you that it works even if you’re outside US ! In the next segment or whenever I’m free to write , I’ll share the experience of running Google Voice on my iPhone !
Preview of Google Voice - The interface and how it looks lke
Preview of Google Voice - The interface and how it looks like - The reason why I took this screenshot is to show you that it works outside USA

Now you may plug in your microphone and enjoy free incoming and outgoing calls to any number in the states. Apart from that you may want to buy credits to call any international numbers – its pretty cheap. Anyhow , I also would like to this opportunity to link back to this site whereby the original tutorial which I followed to get my Google Voice working. Kudos to them ! Yes , this link is based on the guide which is written by them (in fact its that site that inspired me to write this)

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  1. I just signed up to Google Voice and I’m in Argentina. Hot Spot Shield worked beautifully, and it also allowed me to watch Hulu. I have a Skype number with an NYC area code, so I just used that. The only thing is that my computer is doing some funny thing ever since I activated Hot Spot. Ads are popping up on my browser left and right, which is quite annoying. And every time I’m at the Google Search page it redirects me to This is the worst I think. Mind you, all the privacy settings on my browser are high and I have the AdBlock plug-in. Still, I guess it’s the price I have to pay and hopefully these nuances eventually be fixed. I’m sure there will be plenty of complains because of this.

  2. I take it back. The side effects of Hot Spot Shield are way too annoying to deal with. After you sign up to Google Voice it really doesn’t seem like you need to have Hot Spot installed to continue using it. I just uninstalled it. I felt like I had no control over my browser. And Hulu stopped working after a while too.

  3. thank you so much.. im a iphone user too! i already have an invitation… felt to do, get the activation.. Nice tutorial. thanks again mate.

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  5. I just signed up to Google Voice and I’m in Argentina. Hot Spot Shield worked beautifully, and it also allowed me to watch Hulu. I have a Skype number with an NYC area code, so I just used that. The only thing is that

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