Thank You Nuffnang

Whoopie ! I am excited. After a month of waiting for the cheque to arrive , finally I did get my nuffnang cheque today . Yes thats right folks – I’ve finally managed to get my first cheque today from Nuffnang , after being like a year with them. Its kind of slow but then its worth it. Oh yeah , I know what you’re thinking , wheres the drill (the pictures) and the amount. So take a look for yourself :-

My First Cheque from Nuffnang
My First Cheque from Nuffnang - Oh yes ! Finally Moola

It did take for a while for me to get mine. I know – most of you may ask – How Can I increase my earnings in order for me to cash out a cheque just like the rest of the nuffnang folks.  Let me tell you , its very simple. Firstly , just be yourself. If you’re a blogger talking about your daily activities – go ahead and do that. Just don’t copy other people’s content exactly but without giving them any credits. Secondly , be patience – its virtue ! . You just need some time for your blog to gain its popularity. If you’re a tech guy (posting on latest stuff) , then chances are you need to find a way to get traffic by posting something different and original. Lastly , but not least – For God’s sake – don’t put messages such as “Please click my nuffnang ad – it helps me a lot” or “Please visit my sponsors”. Chances are you’ll never get your money and on top of that its annoying. No , If I were to visit your blog and you put such a thing , chances are I’ll just ignore it. Oh yeah , please don’t try to fake your clicks by asking your family member to do it or by going to a cybercafe and clicking your own ads. I’ve seen my friends who have done such a thing before ! As for me , like I’ve promised , I’ll have to donate portion of my money to charities and such (Don’t worry – pictures will be uploaded) and also to continue to write my article and keep you folks up to date on what are the latest happenings in Malaysian Broadband an technology in general !

So those who are still carving for a cheque – Don’t worry – Just believe in yourself and be an optimist and you’ll earn. Just don’t follow those crazy guides on the Internet on how they managed to get $5000 over a short period of time. ITs hoax and its MLM. The best way to earn money – is to work hard and is for you to strive for the best ! As for Nuffnang , thank you for giving Malaysians and Singaporeans a chance to earn some cash. As for my advertisers , thank you again for picking my blog ! If its possible , I Would like to thank each and every advertisers !

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  1. Gratz!!! =D
    So true about that “asking ppl to click” thingy. If the read likes u, they will tend to click it naturally.
    I hope i can get it too >_<

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