P1 WiMax VOIP Service – A First Look

Yesterday , I got a call from P1 Careline regarding P1 newest service – VOIP . For me , it seems that now everyone is jumping into VOIP service – which is great as if there are more and more firm  in the market , there would be competition  – when there is competition you’ll see price wars and once a firm starts to cut price , expect other firms to follow as well. After all , if you have few firms (or providers in this case) , they are known as oligopolies. Anyway enough of talking , lets get into whats this all about.
Lets take a look at the call plans and what are the extras that they are throwing in :-

P1 Voice Service Charges
P1 Voice Service Charges

I am kind of impressed that you can call for 13/sen a minute to any number here in Malaysia and as well in three countries so far (Singapore , Thailand and China). So far I’ve seen that its the cheapest among other competitors. I am guessing P1 is trying their best to come up as an emerging Voice Over IP Provider in Malaysia
P1's Voice Value Added Services
P1's Voice Value Added Services

Okay lets take a look. It comes with Caller-ID (oh yeah P1 is giving me a cordless phone together with the VOIP Device , and it supports caller ID notifications which means you know whos calling you – pretty handy for VOIP). They do offer CLIR services (if you’re wondering whats CLIR its Calling Line Identification Restriction , which means you have the ability to “hide’ your number when you call someone. Pretty handy if you want to mask your identity
Just to add that you’ll be getting a 03-XXXXXXX number (in other words you’ll be getting like a fixed line number instead of a mobile phone number) – that would be your VOIP Number. In other words its counted as a “fixed line” as opposed to mobile phone as most services would require you to have a fixed line in order to sign up for something . It only works with P1’s service and it will not work with your streamyx line , etc (I just hope that they launch this service separately as I would be interested to sign up for this service if I can use it with my existing streamyx line)
I would be getting my trial soon and I would post my experience and everything else once I’ve everything running ! I’ll be doing a comparison later with other VOIP services in Malaysia !

10 thoughts to “P1 WiMax VOIP Service – A First Look”

  1. Congrats ! I’ve been following your blog since I started tweeting. Been a P1 Voice user for the past month or so. So far very good voice quality even to Singapore and mobile numbers.
    Follow me on twitter.com/P1CanOrNot for P1 Wimax and P1 Voice experiences …

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  3. Has been using P1 wimax for a week. So far, Internet speed is very good. And voice call is clear and smooth too. So happy with P1.

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