P1 WiMax VOIP Service Review – Part 1

I am guessing P1 really loves me (Thank you guys – seriously I am not sure why you guys want me to review all your cool stuff but again I would like to express my gratitude towards the great team at P1 – giving bloggers like me a chance to review). To the rest of the you (ISPs , I know some of you cybertroopers would be reading this – Do give tech bloggers a chance to review your product instead). Anyway this is bout P1’s latest offering and I am the one of the lucky ones to get to review and submit my feedback to p1 (To tell you the truth I do it like weekly as you know I’m really tied down with my studies – heh its not easy )
I’m sure you have read my previous reviews on various products and you basically know the drill – In the first part – generally I talk about the hardware and the ease of setting things up. Before that I would like you to read on my previous insight scoop on P1’s VOIP Service such as its pricing and what freebies they are throwing and do a comparison !
Firstly and foremost , P1 WiMax VOIP Service is an additional service – think of it as a value add on package whereby you can make calls at a very low price. For those who are new to this whole VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) , it makes use of Internet connection to make phone calls – Pretty neat right ? – Its digital. It does have several advantages over traditional phone line. For instance you don’t have to pay an additional RM 50-60 (or sometimes up to RM 200-300) for internal wiring for your phone line , which is costly to setup for some. Secondly , if you’re renting a place or if you’re a student , you don’t want to fork out that much of money to a fix line (in order for you to use streamyx). Thirdly , VOIP allows you to stretch your ringgit – you pay at a cheaper rate as opposed to your fixed line or even your mobile phone (especially if you’re using Maxis – like me :P)
Anyway back to the story  (I know what you’re thinking anyway – long winded ? Umm thats me). In this section of the review , I’ll be mainly focusing on the hardware itself (as I’ve explained earlier) and the whole setup procedure. If you just want to read the summary , I suggest you to scroll down and ready the summary of the first part which generally talks bout the hardware and the on the whole setup procedure. Detailed review on VOIP will be on the next part of the review 😛
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P1 WiMax VOIP Service – A First Look

Yesterday , I got a call from P1 Careline regarding P1 newest service – VOIP . For me , it seems that now everyone is jumping into VOIP service – which is great as if there are more and more firm  in the market , there would be competition  – when there is competition you’ll see price wars and once a firm starts to cut price , expect other firms to follow as well. After all , if you have few firms (or providers in this case) , they are known as oligopolies. Anyway enough of talking , lets get into whats this all about.
Lets take a look at the call plans and what are the extras that they are throwing in :-

P1 Voice Service Charges
P1 Voice Service Charges

I am kind of impressed that you can call for 13/sen a minute to any number here in Malaysia and as well in three countries so far (Singapore , Thailand and China). So far I’ve seen that its the cheapest among other competitors. I am guessing P1 is trying their best to come up as an emerging Voice Over IP Provider in Malaysia
P1's Voice Value Added Services
P1's Voice Value Added Services

Okay lets take a look. It comes with Caller-ID (oh yeah P1 is giving me a cordless phone together with the VOIP Device , and it supports caller ID notifications which means you know whos calling you – pretty handy for VOIP). They do offer CLIR services (if you’re wondering whats CLIR its Calling Line Identification Restriction , which means you have the ability to “hide’ your number when you call someone. Pretty handy if you want to mask your identity
Just to add that you’ll be getting a 03-XXXXXXX number (in other words you’ll be getting like a fixed line number instead of a mobile phone number) – that would be your VOIP Number. In other words its counted as a “fixed line” as opposed to mobile phone as most services would require you to have a fixed line in order to sign up for something . It only works with P1’s service and it will not work with your streamyx line , etc (I just hope that they launch this service separately as I would be interested to sign up for this service if I can use it with my existing streamyx line)
I would be getting my trial soon and I would post my experience and everything else once I’ve everything running ! I’ll be doing a comparison later with other VOIP services in Malaysia !

Life with iPhone 3G !

Thought of blogging about what i do mostly now. Thanks to mom and dad for sponsoring me an iPhone 3G (Otherwise i would be still with my trusty old DoPod D810) , things have changed recently a lot for me. I mean its totally different as opposed to using a normal Windows mobile smartphone. Blackberry and Symbian falls into another category and i do know out there that there are lots of Windows Mobile lovers. But trust me , iPhone 3G is totally different in sense that its more of a multimedia device and internet device rather then a mobile phone. If you’re looking for a mobile phone with 3G camera and stuff like that , I’ve to say that you’re better off using some normal Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone.
Anyhow , let me tell you a bit on what I do with my iPhone 3G daily. Every morning , I do use twitter (TwitterFon , its a superb freeware application and there is a paid version of it without any ads) , it makes it so much so easier to twit something on the go and not to mention to make new friends. After that , I do check my e-mails from time to time via Mail application which is linked to my Gmail account. Not to mention that I do occasionally web browsing either via WiFi (WiFi hotspots or college’s WiFi). Generally the data on the go does make a difference. and of course if I’m away from my PC or if I want to capture the moment , i just simply use Facebook to upload my images directly from my iPhone or just to see what’s the buzz among my friends.
Overall , I find the device pretty handy. Its not too bad but certainly its not catered towards Asian lifestyle , whereby they want the best stuff such as latest 3G front-facing camera , the ability to share songs to their friends via Bluetooth and other related stuff. Obviously , when I took a look at it , I hardly make use of 3G video call and the ability to bluetooth files via cell phones. If I really want the song , I’ll just google it up , store it or download it over the air via Internet or simply buffer it using YouTube. Some of you may disagree , but what i am saying that I use my iPhone to help stuff . Its pretty handy , but again when it comes down to which phone to choose. I would personally recommend each one and every of you to take a look at your life pattern , and then check how much moola that you’re willing to spend on a phone. I am sure you’ll find the prefect phone !

Twitter – MicroBlogging and as a ChatBox

Before this , I’ve been using a crappy chatbox whereby my visitors can drop me any sort of comments right from nasty ones to good ones. Unfortunately it was being abused by spambots trying to capture by traffic by posting spam messages and we all do know that we hate spams and on top of that it has caused by Google Page Rank to drop to rank 2 (currently now its back to Rank 3). This is when twitter kicked in.

Twiter seems to be the next generation of SMS whereby its pretty easy for you to update your whereabouts and not to mention whats running in your mind a la SMS-style

Not long ago , I registered a twitter account. Well I simply registered it because at that upon of time – I didn’t find the reason nor the purpose of twitter. Then bam , one day after taking a look at how it works. Its kinda of having a controlled chatbox , which is great. I can get to make good friends (and who knows – enemies too) while keeping spammers at bay. Generally twitter works in one way , if you want to geet updates of someone and what they are up to – you simply hit the follow button and follow them. Twitter alerts you that there is a new follower , its up to you if you want to follow that guy back or simply block him – which I think is great as I don’t want spambots to follow me spamming all the unwanted messages or what-so-ever.
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P1 Wiggy on OSX – A bit of progress

Today I’ve managed to trace on how to get Wiggy to sorta work on OSX. It seems that P1 is far behind or they are working hard in getting Wiggy to work with OSX. I’ve found out that there is indeed a driver for P1 WiMax as we all know that it uses GCT Semiconductor, Inc. There is a driver for OSX . But I am not sure why p1 guys aren’t aware of it or they are trying to develop a software locally to work with P1 Wiggy. Nevertheless , its up to them. I would just like to report to you and as well as to them that it kinda works. I’ve attached the kext file (which is indeed the drivers extension that allows to be booted). As for now all you get is a Blue solid light from P1 WiMax Wiggy and thats bout it

P1 WiMax Wiggy is detected by OSX
P1 WiMax Wiggy is detected by OSX

That’s bout it. We can only get it to detect and boot-up apart from that. I can’t connect because I don’t have the keys to connect nor a solid utility . I’ll try asking P1 for the keys so that its possible for me to test it out for the last time before I give them the device for good . Oh yeah , click here to download it !
You may ask how to install this. Firstly get kext helper (sorry it runs only on Intel Mac) and simply drag and drop this kext file and enter your administrator’s password and hit Install. it will do the rest for you
Edit : Part of this goes to l33tdawg as he is  the one that posted success but then he didn’t upload nor provide any kexts whereby users can test it out or post any reports. So I had to find the kexts and patch it up and then upload it 😛