Tribute to Michael Jackson

I would be certainly missing the late Michael Jackson. I would like to dedicate this very post to him. I’m a big fan of him as in I love his songs and I don’t quite care about his personally life. Only he knows the truth and he took it with him. Anyhow , what I would like to say is that most of his songs are very meaningful and do convey a strong message to human beings . His songs generally are on equality as in black and whites should be treated equally and not to mention that some of his songs do also state on world issues such as poverty , deforestation , global warming and etc.
I am kind of sad and bit speechless on his sudden death. It wasn’t expected at all to be honest. I was indeed looking forward for his up-coming July concert. But sadly , he couldn’t even able to make it. Anyhow , I hope his songs would still touch our heart and hopefully he shall be remembered as the King of Pop – Just like how Elvis Presley remembered for his lovely and melodious songs

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