Minor Site Changes

I’ve actually updated my site. This time I’ve done couple of minor changes to my site layout. Firstly and foremost , I’ve removed the Shoutbox. Honestly speaking its more of a spambox whereby people are promoting Viagra , cheap (I am guessing stolen cell phones) cell phones for sell and so on and so forth
Secondly , what I’ve done is removed some of the advertisements. The main reasons are firstly its annoying as well and secondly it seems to have lowered my Google PageRank ranking. I am guessing the reason why PageRank went down is because I’ve stopped blogging for a while. Generally that causes the Page Rank to fall as well.
I am doing this for the sake of making my site easier to be accessible by folks. I’ve made a lot of empty promises and its time to fulfil them one by one in order to gain my readership back. Let’s face it , who reads a dead blog anywhere unless it contains informative source , then its a yes. Otherwise people would just simply say adios to it and find a new blog
That’s life !

5 thoughts to “Minor Site Changes”

  1. I am moving towards to adless blog because I feel that earning money out of users are a little too farfetched.
    I might include minor adverts such as google ads and nuffnang when I seriously in need of money.

  2. I’ve come to similar conclusions lately. Shoutbox, while entertaining to some, serves absolutely no practical function and not surprisingly, I’ve heard of hackers attacks that exploited shoutbox security bugs …
    As for the ads, with my blog guests complete resistance to google ads, I dropped them too.
    .-= Gry Dla Dzieci´s last blog ..Odkrywanka =-.

    1. I’ve to agree with you on this one. Its true that the content of the site is much more important as opposed to adverts ! Sometimes advertisements are just annoying and it can really test my patience

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