Broadband Agents In Malaysia

Well , as you may have known that these days there are lots of broadband service providers here in Malaysia and its  growing like mushrooms. Mostly , these folks would try to find a way to cheat you , at times they may not say what are the actual terms and conditions. For instance you’re tied with a 1 year contract or there is 5GB quota per month. All they care is how to make sales and earn commission. I don’t blame them , they are honestly making a living , however they should be responsible and ethnical in what they are doing. This is because , I  believe that out there , most consumers don’t really know the differences at all . So its part of their duty to educate customers rather then selling their product.
This is why , couple of days ago (I should say weeks) , I was approached by this guy (he happens to be an agent – I know what you’re thinking – no not another agent). However this guy is totally different as in the sense that he is willing to travel to your place (provided if you’re in the Klang Valley) to test out all the possible combination of Wireless Broadband services. So you summon this guy (he is a nice guy , and yes I’ve spoken to him -). So in other words , you can predict what kind of speeds you’ll be getting with each and every broadband service provider in your place. I believe this is the way to go , as likely if you sign up in PC fairs or their “promotional areas” , you may not know what are the actual “throughput” you’ll be getting once you try it at home. This is why you have people ranting saying that they aren’t happy with the service once they’ve tried it at home. So for me , the best way to test out a wireless service is by testing at your own place for you to decide.
I am quite stunned to see a young teenager (yes the guy is young teenager) who is willing to travel in the Klang Valley region to help people with their broadband dilemma. Not bad , I am pretty impressed. It would be good to see more of these kind of souls helping poor souls (i mean consumers !) out there. So if you’re unable to decide which wireless broadband to choose from , do give this a call and test it out (with your own PC) at your own place , so that you can decide and you wouldn’t regret with your decision
Finally I do hope more agents and even ISPs do follow the footsteps taken by this guy. I find it something innovative , he’s out there on a mission of serving people rather then making money from commissions

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