Stream Music from your iPhone to your PC via Bluetooth

With the release of firmware 3.0 for iPhone 3G/3GS and also for iPod Touch 2G (2nd Generation). Its possible for us to make use of Bluetooth to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone/iPod to your headsets. Its called A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Well it works great if you have a pair of good headphones but what if you want to stream it to your PC wirelessly which is connected to a stereo – then you might want to consider this solution.
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Tribute to Michael Jackson

I would be certainly missing the late Michael Jackson. I would like to dedicate this very post to him. I’m a big fan of him as in I love his songs and I don’t quite care about his personally life. Only he knows the truth and he took it with him. Anyhow , what I would like to say is that most of his songs are very meaningful and do convey a strong message to human beings . His songs generally are on equality as in black and whites should be treated equally and not to mention that some of his songs do also state on world issues such as poverty , deforestation , global warming and etc.
I am kind of sad and bit speechless on his sudden death. It wasn’t expected at all to be honest. I was indeed looking forward for his up-coming July concert. But sadly , he couldn’t even able to make it. Anyhow , I hope his songs would still touch our heart and hopefully he shall be remembered as the King of Pop – Just like how Elvis Presley remembered for his lovely and melodious songs

Minor Site Changes

I’ve actually updated my site. This time I’ve done couple of minor changes to my site layout. Firstly and foremost , I’ve removed the Shoutbox. Honestly speaking its more of a spambox whereby people are promoting Viagra , cheap (I am guessing stolen cell phones) cell phones for sell and so on and so forth
Secondly , what I’ve done is removed some of the advertisements. The main reasons are firstly its annoying as well and secondly it seems to have lowered my Google PageRank ranking. I am guessing the reason why PageRank went down is because I’ve stopped blogging for a while. Generally that causes the Page Rank to fall as well.
I am doing this for the sake of making my site easier to be accessible by folks. I’ve made a lot of empty promises and its time to fulfil them one by one in order to gain my readership back. Let’s face it , who reads a dead blog anywhere unless it contains informative source , then its a yes. Otherwise people would just simply say adios to it and find a new blog
That’s life !

HackBook Wind !

As I’ve promised. I’ve finally installed OSX Leopard (and also Windows XP) on my MSI Wind U100. Thats the reason why I’ve bought it in the first place . Macbook Air is certainly overpriced (Imagine paying 7,000 Malaysian Ringgit for it as opposed to 1,500 Malaysian Ringgit for a MSi Wind).

HackBook Wind
The beauty of OSX on a netbook

Anyway , I’ve to say that almost everything works with the MSI Wind U100 . Anyway everything works , including sleep , bluetooth , wifi ,full graphics acceleration. The only thing which doesn’t work is internal microphone. But I am sure that it would work someday

The reason why I wrote this blog entry is to just to expose and explain and do a bit of comparison of running MacOS X on a PC. There are many reasons on why one would run OSX on a PC. For instance , if you want to test MacOS before buying a real mac , if you can’t afford a real mac (I love people who own an i7 but say that they can’t afford a real mac) , or you simply hate buying hardware from Apple. These are some of the reasons why people try OSX86 on a PC. As for hardware wise , a mac still looks like a mac and a hack (its a term used when OSX installed on a PC) is still a regular PC. Just take a look at the picture which I’ve snapped

HackBook Wind v iBook G4
HackBook Wind and iBook G4 together

Anyway its been pretty good using OSX with the Wind. I’ll be writing a tutorial soon on how to install it , step by step and who knows even a video tutorial . For now , I highly recommend you to read this tutorial on how to install OSX

Broadband Agents In Malaysia

Well , as you may have known that these days there are lots of broadband service providers here in Malaysia and its  growing like mushrooms. Mostly , these folks would try to find a way to cheat you , at times they may not say what are the actual terms and conditions. For instance you’re tied with a 1 year contract or there is 5GB quota per month. All they care is how to make sales and earn commission. I don’t blame them , they are honestly making a living , however they should be responsible and ethnical in what they are doing. This is because , I  believe that out there , most consumers don’t really know the differences at all . So its part of their duty to educate customers rather then selling their product.
This is why , couple of days ago (I should say weeks) , I was approached by this guy (he happens to be an agent – I know what you’re thinking – no not another agent). However this guy is totally different as in the sense that he is willing to travel to your place (provided if you’re in the Klang Valley) to test out all the possible combination of Wireless Broadband services. So you summon this guy (he is a nice guy , and yes I’ve spoken to him -). So in other words , you can predict what kind of speeds you’ll be getting with each and every broadband service provider in your place. I believe this is the way to go , as likely if you sign up in PC fairs or their “promotional areas” , you may not know what are the actual “throughput” you’ll be getting once you try it at home. This is why you have people ranting saying that they aren’t happy with the service once they’ve tried it at home. So for me , the best way to test out a wireless service is by testing at your own place for you to decide.
I am quite stunned to see a young teenager (yes the guy is young teenager) who is willing to travel in the Klang Valley region to help people with their broadband dilemma. Not bad , I am pretty impressed. It would be good to see more of these kind of souls helping poor souls (i mean consumers !) out there. So if you’re unable to decide which wireless broadband to choose from , do give this a call and test it out (with your own PC) at your own place , so that you can decide and you wouldn’t regret with your decision
Finally I do hope more agents and even ISPs do follow the footsteps taken by this guy. I find it something innovative , he’s out there on a mission of serving people rather then making money from commissions

Changing Nameservers to OpenDNS

Lately I’ve noticed that Streamyxs DNS Server is over crowded and poorly maintained. This is the reason why it takes such a long time for the DNS servers to lookup the proper IP address for my domain and such. This is why it takes couple of minutes to load the page. The problem lies within their DNS Server. You may be thinking what is this DNS server that you keep on hearing. To translate it , it simply a yellow pages of the Internet. The concept is similar on how you would lookup for phone numbers in white pages or yellow pages. That’s how DNS works (you can take a look at this video to get the idea on how actually it works) 
Firstly when you key-in a web address , your Web Browser would send to the DNS server to be ‘translated’ into IP address so that it can connect to the server directly and fetch the content of the site for you. This is what DNS Server does , generally it translates domain names into IP Address. Now imagine this , what if its overloaded. Suppose if a DNS Server is able to handle 100 requests a day and all of a sudden surge in number of users who are using Internet – Bam the DNS server tears itself apart. That is why you have 2 DNS servers (one is a backup) and suppose if both fails . Then my friend , you’re in big trouble. This is what exactly happened to TM’s DNS Server couple of days ago. The server just wasn’t able to handle large number of requests and not to mention poor maintenance  by TM folks. Anyhow , the best remedy that I can think is by changing DNS Server. This usually solves the issue of not able to connect to a certain site , as generally some DNS servers only keep track of 1-2 IP address for a server whereas the server could have to 5 IPs . This is where OpenDNS comes into play. Its a way better managed DNS Server by people who do know how to manage. 

How Pharming Works (Credits : - Generally this is how users are "tricked' thinking that they are actually accessing a genuine banking website whereas he is actually accessing a fake/trap site

Not to mention that it has additional features that allows you to block certain sites (i.e pornographic , gambling sites) for free as opposed to using ISP’s filtering services which they charge you (In Malaysia , TM rips its customer by offering this service for a “nominal fee”) and not to mention OpenDNS  also alerts if the site is potentially dangerous or a fake site (i.e fake banking site) as we all do know that scammers and losers are on the lose trying to bait people to click sites which can potentially harm your PC or to collect your personal information. 
So what’s the catch you ask – If you’re Malaysia – chances are it takes a bit longer for you to load a site. However its a fair trade off , to speed , stability and not to mention additional things that OpenDNS has to offer. Setting up OpenDNS is fairly straight forward and their web-site offers on how to set it up for all platforms including mobile phones such as Windows Mobile powered phones , iPhone and even on how to set it up in your router !

P1 Journey is about to end

Finally , I guess its about time I’ve to give my P1 WiMax back to P1. It was fun using the free modem although lately I am having trouble connecting to the Internet with P1. I’ll be posting my full review on P1 and my final conclusion before I hand them the modem on this 15th of June. Besides that I am into installing OSX86 on my new HacBook Air (MSI Wind U100). I’ll be posting my experince later and even a tutorial on how to do it