P1's Wiggy Update

Well , it has been a long time since I’ve updated my readers with P1’s Wiggy. Basically this time , P1 sent me an e-mail asking its trial users to get an extension of additional 3 months (Free Internet !) by submitting weekly speed test , signal status report. Its a fairly easy task to do. All you have to do is take couple of screenshots and send them spams send it to them.  For now let me update you folks with my current speed test of the week and my thoughts about it. Oh yeah , I do have couple of articles in mind that I am still finding the time to right.
Firstly here are the screenshots

Speedtest & P1 WiMax Modem status
SSSSpeeeedTeeest - That's right folks. Click to enlarge the size and take a look for yourself. Its quite okay , I would rate the download speed being faster then streamyx 1Mbps and upload is pretty slow. Slower then 512Kbps Streamyx package !

That’s for speed-test. As for P1’s own WiMax speed test page. I wasn’t impressed with download speed. To be frank, I am more of an uploader rather then a downloader , so for me upload speed matters the most. That goes same to anyone who wishes to host their own gaming server @ home , test http server and so on

Oh My God - Just take a look at the upload speed. It certainly beats the crap out of my 4Mbps streamyx ! So far the fastest upload that I've ever seen !

In a nutshell , speed for downloads weren’t that impressive to be frank. So if you’re more of a downloader , you might be bit disapointed. At most I can get is 3Mbps (P1 claims that in real-life or under real-world conditions it would be around 1-3Mbps. So ita fair enough. But under ideal conditions {hint hint , next to their base station} you can get up to 10Mbps}). Oh yeah , not to mention that hopefully P1 speeds up their R&D for OSX and Linux drivers. Its cumbersome for me to switch to Windows , just to do the speed test and submit it to them !

3 thoughts to “P1's Wiggy Update”

  1. wo0t!
    wow prasys…dats the best rates i’ve seen before…i’m really have fallen in love with P1 WiMax…im gonna change..Screamyx makes me crying out loud…T.T

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