TM's new package discrimination policy

Well it seems that TM is offering “good IPs” to its premium users (which is good news for me as I am a 4Mbps streamyx user) which is 218.111.x.x. For the first time in my life , I am getting 218.111.x.x IP. It was impossible for me to get this IP before , trust me – all I would be getting is 118.100.x.x , 115,.x.x.x, 124.13,x,x . Now all of a sudden I am getting good IP with good speeds for most of the International links such as to US ! It seems that TM is now practicing , price/service discrimination , the more you pay , the better the service would be. As in if you upgrade to 4Mbps/2Mbps , they would serve you better , as in giving you a new and better IP range. This issue was brought up by a MP in Parliament , if you want to take a look at it , then click on this link (it takes you to YouTube anyway). But again , this question remained unanswered.
So what concerns me most is that why TM is doing such a thing to 1Mbps/512Kbps/384Kbps users ? Is it because that they pay less so that they deserve to get a not-so good IP address or is it simply because that these class of users are commonly using the Internet to download copyrighted material via peer-to-peer networks such as Bit-Torrent. Only TM knows the truth. If you take a look for 4Mbps/2Mbps users , such as myself – limiting IP address allocation is kind of dangerous as in now your IP address allocation are limited.  There is an on-going discussion over here in . As for the speed of this newly allocated IP address , it seems to be pretty goof for US links as I am finally able to get 80%-90% of the subscribed speed for US sites
If you take a look , its amazing that I can 4Mbps for US sites. This shows that TM does indeed have the potential of giving good speeds to its customers. Unfortunately , due to the fact that they monopolize landlines , we would just have to accept whatever that they throw to us (You may want to talk about change and other alternative ISPs , but the only so-far which seems to be good is P1 – however that its wireless and the speed isn’t consistent at all)

P1's Wiggy Update

Well , it has been a long time since I’ve updated my readers with P1’s Wiggy. Basically this time , P1 sent me an e-mail asking its trial users to get an extension of additional 3 months (Free Internet !) by submitting weekly speed test , signal status report. Its a fairly easy task to do. All you have to do is take couple of screenshots and send them spams send it to them.  For now let me update you folks with my current speed test of the week and my thoughts about it. Oh yeah , I do have couple of articles in mind that I am still finding the time to right.
Firstly here are the screenshots

Speedtest & P1 WiMax Modem status
SSSSpeeeedTeeest - That's right folks. Click to enlarge the size and take a look for yourself. Its quite okay , I would rate the download speed being faster then streamyx 1Mbps and upload is pretty slow. Slower then 512Kbps Streamyx package !

That’s for speed-test. As for P1’s own WiMax speed test page. I wasn’t impressed with download speed. To be frank, I am more of an uploader rather then a downloader , so for me upload speed matters the most. That goes same to anyone who wishes to host their own gaming server @ home , test http server and so on

Oh My God - Just take a look at the upload speed. It certainly beats the crap out of my 4Mbps streamyx ! So far the fastest upload that I've ever seen !

In a nutshell , speed for downloads weren’t that impressive to be frank. So if you’re more of a downloader , you might be bit disapointed. At most I can get is 3Mbps (P1 claims that in real-life or under real-world conditions it would be around 1-3Mbps. So ita fair enough. But under ideal conditions {hint hint , next to their base station} you can get up to 10Mbps}). Oh yeah , not to mention that hopefully P1 speeds up their R&D for OSX and Linux drivers. Its cumbersome for me to switch to Windows , just to do the speed test and submit it to them !

Streamyx's New TOS

Firstly let me quote on the latest Streamyx’s Terms & Condition and later we will do the analysis (a.k.a “The Talking)

xv. Streamyx download and upload speed is guaranteed for local content access only. TM is not responsible for the low speed of either download or upload of international content access.
Source : 

So there you go folks. TM is not responsible if your download speeds are very slow when you access International links. In other words , you’ll be enjoying fast local link speeds ONLY. Your cries are in vain  – This is because lets face it. You’ll be calling their toll free number , ranting to them on how slow is their International link speed and you were unable to play your World of Warcraft with your US buddies or you got kicked out of your guild because of your crappy connection. Chances are , TM would just simply ignore it or just give you a standardized answer saying that their International links do have problems. Its the typical same ol’ excuse that we have been hearing for a very long time. Beating around the bushes , and giving the same excuse
What is it for us consumers ? Well we can’t really exercise our rights as TM monopolizes the whole landline broadband industry. They have the rights to adjust the price and the quality of broadband which they would like to supply. They could either over-sell it and still make a profit out of it or they could just simply increase the price and still make a profit out of it. Either way , they gain and we consumers , do lose out. I do agree that there are some advantages of monopoly such as helping the poor and needy (for instance , TM offers RM 20/44 package for those who can’t afford to fork out a lot of money for Internet as opposed to other providers (i.e P1 , Maxis) whereby their monthly commitment fees start from RM 60+) . But it does have a lot of disadvantages , I am sure you could list down all the disadvantages.
Basically , we’re pretty much screwed as there is no law in Malaysia that protects us (basically MCMC states that you must at least get 80% of the advertised speed for local links)  , the only way that we could express our thoughts is by visiting our Prime Minister’s blog and maybe give some suggestions or make our cries heard. Who knows – Our broadband might improve after that as I do see that our Prime Minister responds to some of our cries and trying his best along with his cabinet to form a better Malaysia ! I do think improving broadband connectivity here in Malaysia also should be one of his agenda – I’m sure it would make Malaysia proud !