It has been a while since I’ve updated the blog. I guess I’ve lots to write. My reviews are written half way. What is wrong with me and why am I not blogging as I used too
I hope I do find the answers and finish up WiMax Wiggy’s second part ASAP !

P1 WiMax Wiggy Review (Part 1)

This time its not their latest review which is on their Wiggy – the portable wimax .P1 guys are being nice with the bloggers as in giving bloggers and forumers alike to test out their device and share our thoughts. In this part , we will be taking a look at how the device looks like and how it feels (as in its looks and “aesthetic values” )
First things first , Wiggy (a cool name indeed)  as you see below (the size).

Its pretty small and it fits in the pocket - Its not bulky at all. Click on the picture to have a closer look at it !

I am holding it and its pretty slim !
"Look ma , it fits in my hand" - That is how I would describe it - Put it in the pocket and connect to any PC and voila you have your own personal Internet Service ! *provided if you're within P1's coverage area*

Connected to my netbook – Wow , its like 1/4 of the size of my netbook
When its connected to my Fujitsu U1010 - Its just handy. Netbook + P1 Wiggy = Road Warrior

For the sake of comparing with something. I’ve taken another photo which compares the size of the old modem with the new one. I’ll leave the maths to you to calculate which one is easier to carry around !
Words can't describe it - Just click on the picture , do the maths and do your own comparison !

Anyway , the modem itself works automagically with Windows XP/Vista/7 , whereby it installs the drivers and sets it up automatically. All you have to do is hit the connect button. Now that is what I call it simple. I was bit disapointed when there were no drivers for Linux and Mac (For your information I am a Mac user myself !) , but however I was told by the great staffs of P1 that drivers would be out for Mac/Linux somewhere in Q2/Q3 2009. So Mac users , don’t worry as we still do have a chance to use this device once the drivers are out !
Apart from that I believe that plug-n-play-n-forget makes it easier for grandma and grandpa to surf the Internet and not to mention an average Malaysian to use the Internet. In the next part , Before I end my first part of the review , in the next part. Let us take a look at how it performs on real-life senarios , such as speed-tests and stuff like that. The first part of the review (just like my old P1 WiMax Review) basically talks about the device itself ! The next part , we will be taking a look at the setup part , speed-tests and its performance. So do stay tuned for it !

P1 WiMax Wiggy Launch

Today was pretty great as P1 invited me to the official media event of P1 WiMax Wiggy launch. Basically , it feautered their latest offering which is a small USB Modem like dongle which provides speed up to 10Mbps. Overall the event was pretty good. Took a couple of photos
Not to mention that for tomorrow for PC fair , for those who opt to take RM 149 for 2 years – They’ll be getting a free 10″ netbook. Its limited to 5000 customers. So , if you’re in it , let me know.
I’ll upload the pictures and post my tests. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards P1 CEO , Miss Naomi Hasegawa and Mr Joo Swee Keong for their fullest co-operation with the bloggers. Not to mention to thank to LYN guys who were threre. Pictures will be posted later to my facebook and some of it here as well for you guys to read !

Protecting your WordPress against signups !

Lately , I have been noticing that a lot of people are registring in my blog. These don’t seem to be like genuine users but rather hackers and spambots trying to register in my blog as subscriber (I did not even notice that I ticked the option for folks to register) . This isn’t so great because I am worried about folks trying to hack into the system as you do know that if we leave a door opened , chances are someone would try their best to “Crack” into it and do an havoc. This is what happened to my friend , HeHeHunter with his blog whereby a hacker managed to get in and “delete” his data ! Luckily he had a backup for him to restore (Thank cPanel for that !).

Just about everyday I get notices on new user registration. These users don't seem to be like genuine users but rather sounds like to be spambots

So today I’ll be teaching you on how to disable it. Its pretty simple actually , so if you are the sole writer of the blog (like me) , then you don’t need to have people to register to your “blog” just to get updates. If they want to get updates of the blog , they could do it via FeedBurner or just subscribe to RSS feeds and such !
Untick the 'Anyone can Register' checkbox !

First thing first , login to your WordPress configuration menu and go to Settings (General Settings) and simply untick the “Anyone can register”. Now that saves you the hassle from annymous , spambots , potential hackers from registering and try to get into your system. It just makes it harder for them to crack into. Not to mention that with the numbers of scripts that are growing in the Internet , anyone could basically use it and hack into the system. These folks are known as script-kiddies . So why should we give way to them. So if you care about your content and your blog , its best for you to secure it up !

Tuning your P1 Modem

Wow , this is my first post in the month of April and its about time that I did one. Actually one of my readers made me to write this post. Basically he wanted to know how to tune his P1 Modem and to position it properly in order to get better speed.
First thing first , you need to connect directly to your PC. You must bypass your router (I’ll guide you later on how to get it to play along with your router and port forward such). Assuming that we have got it to work (i.e Internet works , the modem shows a solid green or amber light). Fire up your web browser (Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox/Google’s own browser) and go to (or just click on the link and enter your username/password) . You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password.

Username : admin
Password  : admin123

Now lets take a look at the main screen. This concerns us the most. We are going to use these indicators to help us to position the modem in order to get good speed. The light indicator doesn’t tell us much , it just tells good or bad but it doesn’t tell you how good or how bad. These values are commonly used by engineers or those who are in the telecommunications industry to determine how good is the signal. It tells them more then the light indicator !
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Okay just to let the world know and my readers that I am here. Currently , I am in the midst of having exams and you do know how it sucks to have exams. Nevertheless , I am wiring my P1 Port forwarding guide and stuff like that. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to update for the past few days
I do promise that I’ll be updating my guide soon and couple of other new information