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It seems that everyone is going crazy over this earth hour thingy whereby you’ll have to turn off your lights for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm . Nice concept but the execution seems to be bit of more into commercialism  – in sense of calling celebrities , sending out adverts to turn off the lights. My question is how in the world its going to reduce global warming in a day. People in Malaysia (and I believe around the world) are going crazy about this. I see this as a competition and for me , it seems that Malaysia wants to be in the list again proudly boasting that its possible to do so (just for a day). Thus reminding me of the space program which they did recently. I believe that such money could be put into better use – and most importantly for the welfare of the society especially in the rural area of Malaysia and such ! Don’t get me wrong , I am just expressing my thoughts on Earth Hour. I am not against it nor in favor of Earth Hour !

Earth Hour - Something started by the Aussies and now it has gained its popularity. Even Google acknowledges Earth Hour too -(Image taken from Official Earth Hour Website)

Anyway , I am talking about earth-hour here as well. Let’s talk about it why it wouldn’t really work
They should be educating people on how to conserve energy as in switching to energy-saving lamps , going green by using solar panels to use for water heater. These are just examples. I am not all-against Earth Hour , yes it may help to create awareness but how long would such awareness last ? Knowing most of us on how we would react (I’m talking about us Malaysians with our tidak apa altitude ) , we may just want to do it for a day. But are we are really going green ? Some may not afford to go green because of the high-prices (for instance energy-saving lamps cost twice or trice the price of a normal lamp and many Malaysian households can’t afford it). It would be great if the government could give subsidy. Another example is going hybrid – still waiting for our crappy local car manufacturer to come up with it ! These are some of the steps that government can take.
sooner or later once the water level rises - shark will be on a fest - That's right , they'll be eating us . Do we want this to happen ? Certainly not (Image source : maxgladwell )

As for me , yes I’ll be participating in Earth Hour. What I wanted to say is that , its not seriously going to help the climate and you shouldn’t really be proud yourself either. One day isn’t seriously going to help at all to reduce global warming significantly. However , if we take steps of going green and venturing into other alternative renewable resources then its possible for us to save our planet so that our grand children wouldn’t rant or put the blame on us for it !
My Question is : Is it a gimmick ? Is it something that would really help planet earth or should I say mother earth ? Will you be participating in it ? Do comment !

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  1. Well. Even if it its just for an hour, if it is possible to help us all realize the importance of saving mother earth then yeah i suppose Earth Hour 60 is good 🙂 Although it would be better to incorporate the importance of this Earth Hour into the advertisements as well :S
    Am in support of Earth Hour as well =)

  2. It’s just a circle jerk for the hippies at the top.
    All energy saved in this campaign are negated by the amount of advertising and campaigning spent on this event. How many posters and advertisement are used for this event?
    Awareness don’t change habit. Economic and price change do.
    If our country really wanted to come out on top on this Earth saving/energy competition, remove oil subsidies. Flash out the true price of oil. Then use the saved money to invest on education, public transport and infrastructure.

  3. Idiot! Earth Hour is an ackowledgement of the crisis the world is facing! GLOBAL WARMING!! Of course an hour a year will not make any changes!! It is an act, a symbolic act that the Earth needs help and sending the message across the world! If there’s not so much hoohah on this, some ppl will still be living in their little ignorant world.

    1. Duh ! If they want to do such a thing on a global scale. Try to educate people on switching to green energy or at least going green completely. The whole event seems to be commercialized. Instead , our government (in Malaysia) and respective organization should be playing a role in educating folks on moving green and steps which they can take.

  4. Well, i guess you don’t read much on what our Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is doing. poor you…so ignorant

    1. Care to explain on what they are doing exactly. I tried browsing their website , but I was not able to find anything on going green or what steps that they are taking exactly. Not to mention that why some of our forests are being cut down and made way for new development ? Some of these developments do stall half way and the damage which have they done to environment – Its tremendous . Thank God For TV3 and other news agencies for reporting such matters to the public and bringing the attention of the respective organization !

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