DiGi Broadband – My Analysis

There is a big rave about DiGi’s latest offering – DiGi Broadband. One thing caught me eye – “Broadband done right”. Okay , so I took at look at their packages and hows their offerings and such. For starters , their package seems to be too good to be true (It seems that DiGi has done some homework before rolling out their service). Kudos DiGi

First thing first. The plans :-

The packages which DiGi is offering currently - It starts as low as RM 58 a month - For more details , check out DiGi's site

In other words , the low-end plan starts as RM 58 (as opposed to Celcom’s low end plan and Maxis’ Low end plan which costs roughly around RM 70) and their high-end plan costs RM 188. Both of the plans do have different data limit and the best part is that suppose if you use extra data – you’ll be charged RM 0.15/10 MB for the low-end plan and RM 0.05/10MB  for the medium plan (which has a bigger data limit). However there is a soft limit which has been set , in other words your bill wouldn’t exceed RM 138 for both of the cases. As for RM 188 package , thats the limit – 20GB.
So for instance in a month , if I use additional 1GB of data , I would be paying an additional RM 15.36 (assuming if i am going for the low-end data package). That isn’t so bad considering DiGi allows its customers to use more data for a nominal additional fee ! As usual once you have reached the limit , you’ll be capped at 128Kbps as opposed to P1 @ 400Kbps , Maxis – 64Kbps , Celcom 64Kbps/128Kbps). These are the advantages and uh it seems that there is no contract period or what-so-ever. Let me sum the advantages and disadvantages of it and then we’ll take a look at my in-depth analysis
Advantages : – No up front fees what-so-ever , using HSPA technology instead of HSDPA (I’ll get into this later) , DiGi offers in terms of minimum bandwidth rather then promising speeds up to 3.6Mbps as done by Maxis and Celcom ! . Meaning that at normal times , your minimum throughput should be around 700Kbps/200Kbps (for the low-end package) and of course it can go higher ! Great upload speed !!!
DiGi's Broadband Modem - Alternatively folks may want to buy the modem and pay up installments from DiGi themselves (Picture taken from goldfries.com)

Disadvantages : – Limited coverages (for now). Its still Wireless and its not suitable for playing fps !
That’s about it that I can think. Oh yeah , it doesn’t come along with a modem like Maxis Wireless.
However I don’t include this as an advantage/disadvantage. Its very subjective , some prefer if the ISP bundles the modem and others (myself included) prefer to get our own modem !
Now for the in-depth analysis and my thoughts. I am telling you that this isn’t for the pusillanimous , ! If you want to read go ahead and read. You’ll be learning something new. I’ll try to explain in simple english
What’s this HSPA all about ? Any advantages over Maxis/Celcom HSDPA/3GX , etc ?
The HSPA (High Speed Packet Access/3.5G+)  Technology – Commonly I am sure that you have heard the term HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access – which gives you what our broadband guys call it 3.5). It just gives you faster download speed and crappy upload speed (aka 384Kbps). Basically 3G ‘s bandwidth is 384Kbps for upstream and downstream and then HSPDA allowed speeds up to 14.4Mbps. Now DiGi knows that in order to deliver superb broadband experience , its better to switch to HSPA (In other words combining HSUPA + HSDPA) into one. The reasons why they did this is mainly to enhance user experience. If they are combined together , they further reduce the latency , further improve download speed and not to mention upstream – which allows you to use mission critical applications such as Skype , MSN or even broadcast yourself in HD !
Overall , it will give you a better mobile broadband experience !
Speed/Real-Time Analysis

I managed to grab this speed test posted by my good friend Yong Kai Loon . It clearly shows that the downlink is pretty good and same goes for the uplink
Now there even a YouTube Movie created by this guy to show the greatness of DiGi Broadband.Anyway just take a look. This video describes it all. There is no point for me to put my thoughts in this virtual piece of paper. Picture gives you a thousand words anyway !
Oh yeah good luck waiting for it to buffer. One thing – I am shocked and impressed with the time it takes for it to buffer a HD stream from youtube.It was way faster then P1 , Maxis , Celcom and even streamyx ! One word wow !
That is all that I would like to sum it up. I just hope someone from DiGi reads my thought and may want to give me a review model to review it. I am willing to review your broadband service and write up a good review. My hopes is that , I hope that DiGi keeps up the momentum and their promises. If not , they’ll be having lots of problems just like how Maxis and Celcom are facing right now. I could say that majority of the users aren’t sastified with the services because of several other factors which I’ve mentioned in my previous blog entries !

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  1. Yeah exactly. The coverage isn’t big. Its just good for you to check it out the prices. That’s one of the disadvantages. I should have added to my entry as well

  2. the thing i dont like is rm58 plan come with 3GB only.. what is the point having better speed, but they give you use 3GB only..
    for each additional 1GB need to pay extra rm15. that mean 2GB extra already rm30 which will total up rm88/month.
    celcom d68 for example, only rm68 with 5GB quota.. i prefer to being throttle my speed, instead of paying for extra usage lol.. also celcom got better coverage.

  3. I like their marketing cue “Broadband done right”. It must be their call for a very good reason, what with so much complaints about our local broadband experiences. If Digi is serious about delivering what they’re trying to preach, then they will surely be a broadband force to be reckoned with. I cant say enough about how much the local ISP sucks when delivering their services. I’m a Maxis Broadband subscriber myself, and I cant wait to change to another. Says that much about Maxis huh?

  4. i been using digi broadband for few months… very happy with their coverage and also speed.. eventhough most area only got edge but way better than maxis and celcom 3g… i experience maxis n celcom speed can drop even below 100kb but digi edge still maintain at 200kb even in centre of town or remote area… those area got 3g coverage im getting speed above 1mb all the time so far… this is the best service i ever experience for mobile broadband… those looking for stability as mobile broadband i would really advice go for digi. for house only if your area got 3g signal

    1. Good to know , sir. I hope if you’ve the time – could you please post speedtests and your input fully and do you think that they can compete with TM and other Wireless service providers

  5. I believe HSDPA that DiGi adopted has a limits of 7.5m and it´s a common pool. No of user that uses the network is the critical factor. For new comer like DiGi, it´s very easy to impress with GOOD result reason is because network is hardy utilized. But when the usage start to take up, quality will be drop. That is the fact. Btw, DiGi haven´t even seriously marketing it..
    Experience tell, most of the ISP fair to deliver when come volume-usage take up. Becareful when make you decision to change. I will monitor for 6’9 month before taking the move.
    I have used 2×3.5Broadband, 2xASDL Maxis , Jaring Broadbank .. terminated.. Fiber Option to Home…
    I must said i have i still believe ASDL is the best technology for serious broadband user, 3.5G is just for mobility. A few thing you need to consider and speed is only one of it
    .. speed, Uplink and Downlink
    .. stability
    .. the latency and response time of wireless broadband. this is important for MMORG player, not the uplink and downlink. Even you get 4M or 2M of uplink and downlink, it can be still very suck when you are playing MMORG.
    Another thing, i don´t trust test lab as the equirment is normally suply by operator, from engineering perspective, a lot of thing can be done to get a good result, but reallife is different . If you want, buy a unit from store and test is urself.
    My 2 cents

  6. i’m also quite impressed with the service. celcom was just killing me with lag time. after doing a speedtest @ digimall i signed up for the extreme package (168 as i already have my own modem)
    i’d like to see something on their site for mac support however, there’s very little there for people that already have a modem.
    i’m also curious how to keep the connection alive, it seems to disconnect often when idle.
    the speeds are good but lets see how they manage with more users. also, 20gb cap is not broadband done right. somewhere between 45 – 85 is more reasonable. download 2 hd movies and you’ve already hit your cap.

  7. Hi Guys,
    I have just subscribed Digi 3G Mobile Broadband Extreme Package (2Mbps – download speed) 2 weeks ago and I am staying in the middle of Digi Broadband coverage, guess what I get….download speed average – 0.3 to 0.5 mbps, download speed (average) is 0 mbps to 1.3 mbps. FANTASTIC Digi…..and the support team, slow and sometimes they let you wait on the line forever. check this out http://www.speedtest.net/result/568051550.png http://www.speedtest.net/rank/1010051626.png

  8. u know wat….last week i subscribe digi bb…..rm58 package…..so far so good…..one thing that i want to share is…my signal here not so good…only gprs!!!!actualy im now at sabah…not kk area…but something surprising me is….with my gprs signal….i can surf internet..also downloading from fillehippo with average speed 3KB/s-7KB/s…..just imagine if i got 3g signal….more better than maxis…..AND p1 wimax…..both of this service i already eliminated…..both suxxxx……i havent subscribe celcom yet..;p….if digi performance bocome more bad….maybe i’ll switch up to celcom…that is my last option…hehehe..

  9. im using digi… loving it. my area just reach 3g coveraqge. got package rm108. they only promote in areas where there is strong digi coverage. how do you know. the sales guy explains. if there is a banner telling you digi at your area means is 3g.
    im comfortable when im using at none 3g area. not very good but i can live with it.

  10. Also on the 10gb package. First day since now, Speed and connection no complain except certain days, request time out, just like niamah Maxis. Like today lorr… whole day connection drop every 2 minutes – WHOLE DAY errr beh tahan how to do work, esp if I am doing work at home?? But I must say lerr… still way better than Maxis. Maxis forever Request Time Out. Sumore Maxis Customer Service team are mostly tiang kayu. Grrr… Compare to Digi CS their team are professional and I like the fact that they take their job seriously and they’re passionate about what they’re doing, even after I ‘goreng2’ them… hahaha! I am so bad :p

  11. By the way, does anyone else experience Computer automatic shutdown while using digi broadband? I got this problem, intermittent wan, no warning whatsoever.

  12. By the way, if your area EDGE-supported, please borrow and test the Digi Broadband modem first. When I was in Area #1 covered by Edge, the network selected is EDGE and it was slow. When I was in Berjaya Times Square, Krispy Kreme there, the network selected also EDGE. I specified my network selection as “WDCMA Preferred” though.

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  14. i use DG package for 3 month already. is good. just little bad during weekend. also i hope DG will expand the coverage.

  15. Hi all. I am very senior and have been on the computer for appox 6 years and no doubt, like a lot of you, my lovable laptop has become part of my life. I live in Australia but am on my 3rd visit to KL and love. As the Australian connections to the main providers are very expensive, can I use a wireless modem and take and use it in Australia, just as if I was just travelling around the world. I have a address here which I can use to register with. It is only an idea so as not have to pay the hight rates in Australia and also the 2 year contracts that they use. This may sound impossible but would like someones opinion on it please to see if it is acceptable or not.
    Just hoping this can be understood.
    Can give contact number or email address if wanted
    Thankyou in anticipation,

  16. Ken Scrimgeour :Hi all. I am very senior and have been on the computer for appox 6 years and no doubt, like a lot of you, my lovable laptop has become part of my life. I live in Australia but am on my 3rd visit to KL and love it. As the Australian connections to the main providers are very expensive, could I use a wireless modem to one of your providers here in Malaysia and take and use my laptop in Australia, just as if I was just travelling around the world. I have a friends address here which I can use to register with. It is only an idea so as not have to pay the hight rates in Australia and also the 2 year contracts we have to abide by. This may sound impossible but would like someones opinion on it please to see if it is acceptable and can be done or not.Just hoping this can be understood.Can give contact number or email address if wantedThankyou in anticipation,Ken.

  17. Digi broadband speed is very nice better than mostly other ISP. HSPDA speed all the time, but the connection keep dropping frequently. Anyone have the same issue? There is no solution even i have called-in and walked-in. Even I summit this comment it has dropped 3 times. If anyone have a better solution than Digi technical team please let me know. TQ

  18. you guys!! I got a problem uploading my pictures!!!! the upload speed is so freakin slow, i took me forever to upload the pictures, what’s happening? ohmygod can this be fix? i wanna cry like a freakin baby right now 😥

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