Maxis is that bad !

Hello to my dearest readers (if there are still reading this blog)
Anyway , I was browsing Jeff Ooi’s site (yes , I am sorta following his blog ) and one article stumbled me and took my breath away – Maxis’ Broadband rant. I do recommend you to read his whole article and his thoughts in his blog . What caught me is that it seems that Maxis has still not improved their service . That is not something new , I thought that things would have changed , unfortunately its not. Oh , not to mention that I fully agree with Jeff Ooi on this matter that Maxis should not be doing triple-play , just solely focus on one – Voice . That’s enough. This what happens when a teleco tries to be an ISP and fails at it.
Anyway ,what concerns me most is the Maxis Latest Promtoion. I pretty much laughed when I first heard they came up with the whole music concept thingy. Marketing strategy i guess in order to win over people. For instance , Maxis did offer couple of bloggers a test drive of their Dell laptop + Maxis Broadband bundle and blog wherever they can and write up their experience (in other words , just tell how “great” is their service).  Just click here (or do a google search on maxis broadband and blogger). You’ll notice some positive reviews like it , done by people in order to get freebies. Not only that , I was surprised when maxis was promoting their redesigned modem (their limited edition music designs)

Wow - That looks appealing to some but for geeks and those who are looking for real broadband - is it certainly not !

My question is , shouldn’t be maxis focusing on expanding their Broadband and 3G Services by buying more International links and improvising their 3G/HSPDA services nationwide instead of doing such thing. My plea to maxis is that if you’re reading this (chances are yes – I do know) – Just improvise your broadband service , blocking ports and not allowing folks to play online MMORPG (I am not talking about latency here) during normal hours and only allowing it to be played from 1 am to 6 am isn’t the right way to do it as it would discourage people from registring your broadband
I do hope that you take this note and improve on your service. I am happy with P1 , eventhough they might have hiccups here and there. I do get a prompt reply from P1 staff on the issues which I’ve discussed with them via e-mail . Currently , I’ve taken a look at the port forwarding concept and it seems to be that they’ll be releasing the firmware soon – which is great and it puts a smile on gamers face as finally they can play and host games without a problem (or a hitch)
So Maxis , try to improvise your service. Oh yeah just to let my readers know – I am not going to buy the iPhone 3G at all as I think that its not worth it (the package) , as it seem to be overpriced.

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    1. Thanks a l ot dude. I would like to express my gratitude to those who can point out my errors. I was such in a hurry and I didn’t bother to check my own mistakes. !

  1. The iPhone 3G package is a total ripoff. With that amount of money (in accumulated sense), one could get a laptop and a mobile phone (3g, btw). And ‘getting’ famous bloggers to write about the availability of Apple iPhone 3G in Malaysia is just blah…
    And yes, I’m not fond of blogger writing about them using Dell and Maxis broadband too. It’s all to flowery and fake. Maybe they are ‘paid’ (in one way or another) to describe how good Maxis broadband is.
    Chongs last blog post..In Taiwan – Day 15 & Day 16

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