SEO – An Easy Way to do it

Just before you read this entry – I bet you’ll be going like. Oh no , not this pile of crap again. I’ve read this whole SEO optimizations and even got spammed by some professional scammers bloggers  on how they managed to optimize their site and generate even more revenue or make your site even more better. Trust me , my guide basically focuses on how I did it – My Way (Oh its such a great song)

SEO is pretty easy to do - Its just like answering a phone call , even a lunatic could do such thing !

To tell you the truth , I  found out my own method which I find it pretty useful for my site in maintaining my page rank and my daily traffic. This is what that kept my site going despite the fact that I don’t write articles everyday nor promote my site like a lunatic on getting more advertisers and revenue . Anyway lets get back to the point shall we
Firstly , you’ll need to know the basics . So what  does SEO stands for anyway. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation – basically a way of optimizing your site and your content/keywords to be search engine friendly in order to get visitors to your site. Basically its a technique of Internet marketing. You’re trying to grab users from search engines after all , you must understand that search engines is the main asset for a blogger or if you want to make money through the internet or to market your product/site. So this causes the rise of the next question – “How do we find out which keywords that users use to find a product and how we can use that to your advantage in order to make it relevant on what the user is searching for ?”. Now here comes the fun part – that is how do you do it !
For this case , lets assume that we have written an article or blog entry on “Playstation 2 Media Center”  , which is on how to play movie files and music files on a playstation 2.
Step 1 – Gather your potential search queries – Fair enough , for our case – we are trying to find out the keywords that will make our site appear in the top 10 list when people are searching for a way to do it. To do this , you’ll have to create a mind map and list down all the keywords that you may use to do a similar search ( Just put in a the searchers shoe or the person that is going to search thing and think that how he/she would search).
Step 2 – Ask your friends or find other related search queries by yourself – If you have no clue , try to ask your friends around . Just ask them how they would search and which choices of words (keywords) they would use to search such an article. This gives you an idea on how people would search on the Internet. Think of it as the sampling method , if you have taken stats in your high school , you’ll know what is sampling all about. If you don’t , I recommend you to click here and read it all about it in wikipedia to get the general idea. Once you have brained storm for an idea , its time for you to list it down . This is what I’ve did. Alternatively , just google around yourself and try to match the relevance of your search queries – you may see that some sites would still end up showing up in Google despite it has no relevance at all. Now you may have an idea on what are the search queries that the author has used !
My Search Map - I've listed all the search queries which I've gathered from my friends and from my own experiences and listed them all !

Step 3 – Create a MindMap – Basically I have listed all my potential search queries and as well as some of the search queries that my friends would use to search my article. Of course I didn’t include other search quries such as “prasys playstation 2 guide” and so on. However if you want , you may include that as well. The reason why I didn’t include is that chances are there would not be much people would search using that query. But if you’re a very-well known person or a figure , then feel free to add that as well !
Step 4 – Derive even more keywords – Now you can think of even more keywords. For instance , I could say SMS Media Player PS2 , Simple media player PS2 Setup. These are just examples , since in your guide you’re talking on how to use SMS Media Player and such. It takes time for you to derive couple of more keywords as well !
Step 5 – Apply’em – If you’re using WordPress. I recommend you to use All In One SEO Pack. Put in all the keywords you have and then profit !
Step 6 – Wait and Wait – If your topic is something hot and something which people search every day , chances are you’ll be getting some new visitors daily ! This way your unique visitor count would increase ! Trust me , it would be growing in no time.
That’s all folks my SEO tip of the day. I’ll see if there is any other ways that I could – especially when you’re going to use maths , a bit of logic and common sense together to team up and to generate even more traffic out of your site. I just want to see if this article becomes a failure or a hit !. Oh , if you don’t believe me , Google it up for “PS2 Media Center”

8 thoughts to “SEO – An Easy Way to do it”

  1. interesting, yeah i also think this is good method if u have no budget in advertising, you must use all source you have but this give extra job to do, like create mindmap (something i believe people hate to do.. why use paper since we r in paperless condition already.. anyway, good post.. thank you..
    lochoes last blog post..Sesi lelongan emas kedua akan bermula

  2. Finally, this is something that I actually read thoroughly unlike other SEO guides out there which is just blahh…
    After reading this, I actually took the liberty to configure my SEO for each post except I’ll skip the mindmapping part. 😛
    Chongs last blog post..Lunch At Yogi Tree, The Gardens

    1. Hello there James
      Firstly thanks for dropping by. My style of SEO mainly focuses on getting genuine traffic. Of course you play being a bad guy and putting it seperate terms. You’ll be still getting traffic however your bounce rate would be high. In order for you to get more readers and to get people spend more time. Try to be genuine. In this case , I would set my keywords as
      PS2 Media center,playstation 2 media center,setting up playstation 2 as media center and so on. You’ll notice I am actually deriving more keywords. Think of it as Calculus !

  3. Well, I don’t know that I agree with your “wait and wait” for step 6. You gotta get the word out about your content! Comment on blogs, contact blog owners, use social media to get the word out! And of course, always be producing more of that great content; just waiting is a bad idea, in my opinion.
    .-= Noah´s last blog ..The Power of Asking Intelligent Questions =-.

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