iPhone 3G – Yes or No ? (The Analysis)

Two days ago , as we all do know – Maxis has launched iPhone 3G and they are taking pre-orders. I was tempted with iPhone 3G (the big hype , the cool phone and not to mention that its from Apple) , so I decided to pre-order it and to my surprise I got a conformation letter from Maxis today on the order.

iPhone 3G Status Order

Since I just booked the phone , I am not sure if I should go with it or just stick with my current phone (HTC P3600/Dopod D810). The iPhone certainly looks cool but I do have an iPod Touch (which is actually the iPhone minus the phone functionality). Okay , that’s for that. Now let me do the maths to see if its really worth the money to buy the phone or not
Firstly , lets take a look at the total payment that maxis will get.

  1. iPhone 3G 8GB Black  –                RM 1510
  2. 24 months * RM 100                     RM 2400
  3. SMSes (around 50 a month)    RM 120
  4. Other charges (i.e roaming)     RM 40

Grand Total RM 4,070
iPhone 3G price (approx) RM 2700
Profit by Maxis :- RM 1370

Now let us take a look if I opt for the free iPhone 8GB by registering with Maxis for 24 months

  1. iPhone 3G 8GB Black  –                RM 0
  2. 24 months * RM 375                     RM 9000
  3. SMSes (around 50 a month)    RM 120
  4. Other charges (i.e roaming)     RM 40

Grand Total RM 9160
iPhone 3G price (approx) RM 2700
Profit by Maxis :- RM 6,460 (thats a whopping RM 6000 profit)

I guess they are just trying to be smart (as usual , if its from Maxis. They’ll try by all means to get you registered. For Instance , their broadband service. Now they are just trying to improve their image by going blog-friendly , trying to convince bloggers that they can just blog about anywhere with their Broadband service ! Oh , its one way for them to roll their capital and in order to stay in business in hard times such as this . As for me ,I am still not decided yet to go for not to go for their iPhone 3G Plans. Its a pure rip off thats for sure and not to mention that you’re unable to roll over your minutes to next month and your data usage (for instance if you haven’t used up your talk time , you can’t roll it over to next month and so on) .
What I would like is your humble opinon from my readers (do I even have a reader ?) on your thoughts. It would certainly taken into consideration

5 thoughts to “iPhone 3G – Yes or No ? (The Analysis)”

  1. gosh.
    i admit the iPhone is cool but the subscription is suck.
    i suggest u settle it as soon as possible. so you can do another budget in the future.
    well, u got your reader, pal 🙂

  2. Ya I would not go for it – it’s the first ‘offical’ iPhone service in Malaysia. Surely after not too long there’ll be cheaper options? Otherwise, why not just get one and ‘unlock’ it and use it with any network? That’s possible right, and would probably be cheaper I think?
    julians last blog post..My food fetish – Cili goreng!

  3. Hahah…i being in low yatt last week on decide whether to take HTC or Iphone-3G.
    With it ‘attractive’ price..i give it a ‘NO’…what i want 3g Phone + WIFI + Video Call(WIth my baby)+PDA.
    ONe of the salesmen told me..i-phone need to alway goto internet/apple to download the software..we can’t transfer it through bt/cable…:(
    raymonds last blog post..Today new panic for everyone

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