Streamyx Slowdowns again !

What can I say ?  For the whole night of 8th March 2009 , I wasn’t able to access the Internet. Oh wait , I should say it I wasn’t able to access important sites that we use everyday such as Google , Gmail , Digg and other social networking sites. It seems that streamyx got itself divided with zero. When I checked my connection just to determine that its not my fault . Then I found out who was the culprit , it was TM after all. It seemed that certain IP ranges do have issues after all  as in some of the servers are down and not responding.
So I called up TM to inform them about this issue , as usual I was told that their technicians are working on it to rectify the issue (blah blah blah , the same ol’ story , I am sure that you do know the drill) . Yet they refuse to listen to what I want to say. Talk about customer service. Anyway , I hung up with a polite goodbye after that. There is no point of me arguging to them. As my grandad said once , “If they are fools it doesn’t mean we should be fools as well”.
I think lately TM services are going down the hill and this is because of the fact that monopolize the DSL industry here in Malaysia , you can’t just find a good competitor (some may say JARING , however their coverage is pretty limited for their DSL Service) . What our country basically needs is someone that could stand up and bring Malaysian Internet forward to another level. However , I guess people in Malaysia are too busy with the political arnea which is going on.
I guess even politicans such as Jeff Ooi have tried their best , and yet TM is still being TM. I guess we need to gather more force in order to tell TM what we basically want. As for me , I am pissed off as I can’t even use Google (beat that). Slow speeds are accpectable but this is totally way over the limit. Oh yeah , no wonder most of us (Malaysians) are suffering from high blood pressure. I think I can link the cause it with this. Its going to be so great. Before I do that , i need to gather enough evidence !

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  1. as a malaysian who stay and work in sg, i would stay in singapore rather then close border go back to my house in jb, malaysia interet connction even must more worse than india, in singapore, i am currently using a singtel 3g mobile brodband, the speed is 4 times faster then my house in jb, the wired adsl provide by tm, in sg, the highest download speed i expericed is 320kilobyte per second, in malaysia, it seem very hard even for 100kilobyte persecond, i realise that it is not problem for local web access , but if u trying to access those website hosting in europe or usa, then will be at a snail speed
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