Slowdowns & Updates on P1 WiMax

Lately , P1 WiMax isn’t up to its standards. Usually sites would load fast , but then for the past week or so. It has been greatly slow. I am not sure why , but I think it has got to do with their user base (which I think its increasing over the time) or they are tweaking their services again which results in slow speeds.Oh yeah , think of it as my 3rd part of the sequel. If you haven’t read my review on P1 WiMax , kindly do so by clicking here. I recommend you to go through it and read it first !

Oh No
Argh ! - Basically this is how a person would react when their Internet is slow

Nevertheless , let me sum up my experience for the past week. It has been awful , I wasn’t able to connect as in there is an IP conflict every time I connect and at times even though its connected , I am not able to browse the Internet. So much so for devices which just works out of the box. Since I can’t do anything as in to tinker with the settings , there is no choice but to restart . I do hope that they keep up to their reputation and hope that they don’t oversell their bandwidth. Speaking of overselling , its common for ISPs to practice this as they would like to make tremendous amounts of profit in order for them to cover up their losses (if any) and to expand their business ! So anyway here are my rants for this week and how P1 should improve it. Not only in services but in terms of how to handle a customer and how to train an agent/reseller properly !
If you’re having issues/trouble connecting to the Internet with P1 WiMax. Just simply issue this (if you’re on Windows) (Go To Start –> Run –> cmd or type cmd in the search bar)

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

That does the trick. If you’re on *nix like systems , I am sure that you do know how to do it. If there is demand for it , I’ll post it up here. For OSX , just simply go to System preferences and hit Network , simply hit Renew DHCP lease. That seem to fixes  it
1. Improve your customer support service – At first they were pretty goo but lately they sucked. Its like they don’t really know what’s truly going on and they aren’t well verse with the situation yet. I do hope that P1 gives them proper training . Here is a tip for you , try to see how other ISPs customer service does it in countries such as Australia , USA and the UK.
2. Update your site to include downtime , planned maintenance , planned upgrades etc – This is very important in order to build up customers confidence. The reason why people hate TM (streamyx) so much is that they don’t alert their users first if there are going to do some upgrades or not. It will take them at least couple of days before they alert. As for Jaring (the only ISP which I’ve seen that does that) , they do put up in their site if there are any downtime and so on. Please P1 , READ THIS !
3. Proper training for resellers and agents alike – Give them the proper trainning , I’ve seen that some agents are willing to lie to their potential customers such as no data cap and unlimited usages and so on. This is not good as once the customers find out that they have been cheated , they would just keep on complaining back to P1. Keep in mind that its the reputation of P1 that goes down the drain. So its recommended for P1 to give them proper trainning and don’t encourage them to lie on facts. Even if you do , people would start to hate your services just like how Maxis Broadband agents  did on lying to their customers on there is no such thing as ‘data cap’
These are some of my things that I would like to share with you and with P1 WiMax represntatives here. I do hope that they look into this seriously. As for me , I am bit disspointed with the services which they have been providing me lately. Its totally unaccpectable ,and I do pray that it doesn’t turn out to be the next Streamyx !

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    1. Yes and No. Yes , in a sense that the modem and setup fees are expensive in the short run but in the long run I don’t think so. It depends on how you view it. I find it very subjective , for some people RM 88 for Broadband a month is already too much !

  1. Oh my god…
    I just got my P1 service today.
    What’s with malaysia being jinxed with lousy broadband…
    Anyhow, so far impression is just fair.
    Website load normal, streaming video not good :-\
    And torrent is definitely throttled…
    Maybe I’ll not last 15 days if it doesn’t impress more soon.
    Will have to go back to streamyx, bend over, grab my ankles…

  2. overall, if you use your mobile phone more often than your house phone, p1 wimax will be more cheaper because it’s rm 89/month for 2 years contract, compare to streamyx rm 88/month + rm 26/month(house phone fee). you can ditch the house phone if you prefer wireless

  3. i have recommended 6 friends to join P1 now they are blaming me for the slowness of P1 lately. i live i USJ area, no matter where i bring my p1 modem to, it got 300 to 400 Kbps meanwhile i am having 2.4 Mbps package. Pay more for nothing!!!! the more funny thing is the reseller who using 1.2 MBps have even 500 kbps but my 2.4 Mbps only got 400 kbps speed tested in the same location…. P1, please credit back money. P1, Please stop accepting the application of new subscriber!!!!!!!!!! Your station is simply cant afford the usage!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yep been reading around all the blogs and looks like P1 has got major problems now and I do agree that all was rosy, I’ve been using it since Aug 08, and it was great, fantastic, but as recent as last week (Apr 28), the service become so shite. I do hope that it does get back to ‘normal’ cos right now I rarely get a connection (like now got after many hours of positioning, resetting modem, sheesh!). As for the customer service, well dunno what to comment about them anymore, they really hire the wrong people for the job, absolutely woeful.

  5. I want to say that P1 Wimax Is A Shit Who Does Not Care About It’s Customers!
    I am very pissed off with P1.
    In August I signed up for P1 Wimax. I test runned it and within the week I found that it is not suitable for my purpose. I signed the cancellation document and told them to write the cheque to my wife or company because I do not have a bank account to deposit the refund cheque.
    Despite the cancellation procedure, I still get billed. I wrote back after a few billings to tell them off them up regarding their inefficiency.
    When no refund was forthcoming after the 45days was up and long after 90 days, I called customer service. Apparently there is no record of my cancellation. They probably lost my documents. They asked that I go to their office to settle this matter! (So I am being penalized for their crappy work)
    I told them I want their phone number to talk to the accounts department. The call centre refused to give me the number! They want me to go there! Not satisfied, I called my Vendor in Subang Jaya and apparently I was right in that they misplaced the document.
    Just few days ago, I got my cheque. Even then, they did not follow instructions despite me given WRITTEN instructions to that effect. It had my name on it and I already told them to put to my company’s or wife’s name.
    Of course that got me pretty mad. I would have been neutral but because they keep fucking up and delayed my refund, I got REALLY MAD.
    To me this is one FUCKED UP COMPANY who DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER’S RELATIONS. The blocked us from reaching administration and customer service so that the directors can sit on their cushy chairs and let the customers be. I am totally pissed off!

  6. pls google for p1 comments be4 subscribe
    dun ever listen to those fking lier the p1 reseller who try to pursue u by cheating.
    (anyway, not all reseller r the fking cheater)

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