Powering Routers and Modems via USB !

This is a neat trick which I’ve discovered recently. I found out that 5V/DC adapter which came along with my USB Notebook cooler does the trick when you want to power up a device or in this case P1 WiMax Modem and my old 802.11b WiFi Router.  The advantage of doing so is that you don’t have to carry the bulky power adapter whenever you’re traveling especially if you plan to build an in-car wifi hotspot or so. Its a neat project anyway. Alternatively , you may use it to say link it up with your PC or you don’t like to have so much of devices connected to a power output or you don’t have enough sockets to connect these devices. There could be many reasons , on why you would like to set it up this way. Oh ,psst scroll down for the photos which I’ve taken !
If you’re thinking of going green , it would be a great way as you’re saving power by using computer’s power. It just drains couple of extra Watts from your CPU (no biggie). Anyway let us get down on what do we need in order to set this up
1. A 5v USB Coaxial DC Power Plug cable (usually you can buy this from Radioshack or it comes along with certain notebook coolers or certain devices. Check your local hardware/comuputer store if they have this kind of cable)  – Click here to check out the Wikipedia link if you want to learn more or if you have doubts !
2. A Router or a modem which uses the DC Power plug cable (Usually there are lots of routers and modems in the market which uses this kind of cable. For instance , P1 WiMax modem , DSL Modems (such as Aztech 600E) , Linksys WRT54G , Prolink 802.11b router
Important Notice – Make sure the device operates normally at 5V. Not all devices would work at this given output, some would fail to work and others would have to work harder in order to operate at its operating voltage. So just do your homework first (physics kicks in , pretty much basically calculations) to determine if it would work or not. I am not held responsible if your device goes kaput after that !

Woot - P1 WiMax modem is being powered by my Fujitsu U1010 Netbook/UMPC. Isn't it great ?

Its not a gimmick
Its not a gimmick - Its really being powered by my Fujisu U1010 via USB !

It works with my 802.11b Prolink router too !

That’s all folks. Do share your experince here . If you have other cool information to add or if there is anything which I’ve missed out. Please , don’t hesitate to comment or even criticize my post !

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